No 11, Novembre 2007

Tome 52, No 11, Novembre 2007

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1. Ileana DRĂGUŢAN, Valerian DRĂGUŢAN, Lionel DELAUDE, Albert DEMONCEANU and Alfred F. NOELS

N-heterocyclic carbene ruthenium complexes: synthesis and catalytic properties

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Key words: ruthenium complexes, N-heterocyclic carbenes, homogeneous precatalysts, olefin metathesis, cyclopropanation

2. Nenad Dj. LAZAROV, Vojislav SPASOJEVIĆ, Vladimir M. MATIĆ, Vladan KUSIGERSKI and

Magnetic properties of asymmetric Co(II) dimer at low temperatures

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Key words: transition metal complex, exchange and superexchange, ising model, high field magnetization

3. Elena-Mihaela SEFTEL, Eveline POPOVICI, Vasile PODE and Geza BANDUR

Synthesis, characterization and thermal behavior of hydrotalcite-type MgxZnxAl

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Key words: hydrotalcite-type MgxZnyAl; XRD patterns; FTIR spectra; UV DR spectra; thermal analysis

4. Mihaela PUIU, Adina RĂDUCAN and Dumitru OANCEA

Kinetics of copper(II) catalyzed oxidation of 2-aminophenol in a continuous stirred tank reactor

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Key words: 2-aminophenol, continuous stirred tank reactor, oxidation

5. Lucian COPOLOVICI and Ioan BALDEA

Kinetics of the phenol oxidation by permanganate in acidic media

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Key words: phenol, permanganate, kinetics, mechanism, oxidation

6. Ioan GĂINAR, Daniela BALA and Costinel I. LEPĂDATU

High pressure solubility of carbon dioxide in some C4 esters

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Key words: solubility of gases, high pressure, critical phenomena

7. Geta CÂRÂC, Cătălina ITICESCU, Lidia BENEA, Thomas LAMPKE and Siegfried STEINHAUSER

The effect of nano-Al2O3 dispersed phase in nickel matrix electrocodeposited

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Key words: nanostructured, composite coatings, nickel, alumina oxide

8. Camelia HULUBEI, Elena HAMCIUC and Maria BRUMĂ

New polyimides based on epiclon

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Key words: epiclon, aliphatic dianhydride polyimides, thermostability, solubility


Synthesis of polyacrylamide – based hydrogels by simultaneous polymerization/crosslinking

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Key words: acrylamide, crosslinking polymer, simultaneous polymerization/crosslinking, swelling degree

10. Liviu Cosmin COTEŢ, Virginia DANCIU, Veronica COŞOVEANU, Ionel Cătălin POPESCU, Anna ROIG and Elies MOLINS

Synthesis of meso- and macroporous carbon aerogels

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Key words: carbon aerogels, sol-gel processing, meso-macrostructures

11. Beatrice VLAD-OROS, Monica DRAGOMIRESCU, Gabriela PREDA, Francisc PETER and Adrian CHIRIAC

Characterization of silica-based biomaterials containing microbial amylases

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Key words: microbial amylases, sol-gel, tetrathoxysilane, methyltriethoxysilane, phenyltriethoxysilane