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No 11-12, Novembre-Decembre 2009

Tome 54, No 11-12 Novembre-Decembre 2009

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1. Centennial of acad. Ecaterina Ciorănescu-Nenitzescu’s birthday

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2. Angela POPESCU, Elena ANDREI, Daniela ISTRATI, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Crinu CIUCULESCU and Mircea D. BANCIU

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 27. Pyrolysis of 8,9-dihydro-14H- tetrazolo[1,5a]dibenzo[c,f]azonine and 6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-tetrazolo[1,5a]benzo[c]azocine.

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Key words: flow-vacuum pyrolysis, tetrazoloazonine, tetrazoloazocine, N-cyanoderivatives.

3. Emilia OLTEANU, Angela POPESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI and Crinu CIUCULESCU

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds.28. Pyrolysis of 1a,2,2a,6b,7, 7a-hexahydro-1β-

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Key words: flow-vacuum pyrolysis, benzotetracyclic primary alcohol, tetrahydro-hydroxymethyl-benzo[e]azulenes.


Two isomeric bis-dinitrocarboxyphenyl-Kriptofix-22 derivatives: synthesis and characteristics.

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Key words: K22 Isomers derivatives, 1H- and 13C-NMR, theoretical structural investigation, hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance.

5. Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Anca MARTON, Marina MIHAI, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Richard A. VARGA and Mircea D. GHEORGHIU

6,6-dimethyl- and 6,6-diphenylfulvene as cycloaddents in reaction with Moore’s ketene.

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Key words: ketenes, fulvenes, cycloadditions.

6. Sandra REEMERS, Helmut KEUL and Martin MÖLLER

Synthesis and films of dendritic poly(ε-caprolactone) hybrids.

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Key words: HDI-uretdione, dendritic hybrids, hydrophobic surfaces, oleophobic, scaning force microscopy.

7. Alexandru C. RAZUS, Liviu BIRZAN, Mihaela CRISTEA, Eleonora-Mihaela UNGUREANU and

Electrochemical behaviour of bis diazenyls containing azulenyl moieties.

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Key words: azo–azulene compounds, cyclic voltammetry, ionization potentials, molecular orbital calculations.

8. Florea DUMITRAŞCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Miron T. CĂPROIU, Dan G. DUMITRESCU, Marcel Mirel POPA

New pyrrolo[1,2-b]pyridazine derivatives.

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Key words: pyrrolo[1,2-b]pyridazine, pyridazinium N-ylides, multicomponent reaction.

9. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Anca HÎRTOPEANU, Alina NICOLESCU, Gheorghe BOGĂŢIAN, Călin DELEANU, Maria MAGANU and Petru FILIP

Pyrylium salts with long alkyl substituents. 2,6-dipalmitoyl- and 2,6-distearoyl-3,4-dimethyl pyrylium salts, derived pyridines and pyridinium salts.

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Key words: pyrylium and pyridinium salts with long alkyl substituents, regioselectivity.

10. Paul Cătălin BALAURE, Ion COSTEA, Florin IORDACHE, Constantin DRĂGHICI and Cristian ENACHE

Synthesis of new dibenzo[b,f]azepine derivatives.

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Key words: dibenzo[b,f]azepine, 10,11 dihydrodibenzo[b,f]azepine, antiepileptic drugs.

11. Michaela Dina STĂNESCU, Beatrice CALMUSCHI-CULA and Cornelia GURAN

Dibenzobicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivatives. II. Structure and decomposition evidenced by X-ray analysis.

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Key words: dibenzobicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivatives, X-ray study, decomposition at complexation.

12. Magdalena Cristina STANCIU, Marieta NICHIFOR and Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU

New biocompatible polyesters based on bile acids.

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Key words: polyester, bile acid, thermal behaviour, cristallinity.

13. Ion SAVA

FeS2/polyimide composite films. Synthesis and characterization.

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Key words: FeS2/polyimide composite film, thermal stability, dynamic mechanical behaviour.

14. Cristina PRISACARIU and Elena SCORTANU

The thermal behaviour of selected crosslinked polyurethanes as revealed by thermogravimetry and static compression tests.

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Key words: isocyanates, polyurethane elastomers, thermogravimetry, static compression tests.

15. Elena SCORTANU and Cristina PRISACARIU

New heterocyclic polymers with vicinal parabanic structures.

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Key words: heterocyclization reaction, parabanic structure, thermal stability, transformation degree.

16. Simona MORARIU, Irina-Elena LĂMĂTIC and Maria BERCEA

Rheological behavior of smectite aqueous dispersions.

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Key words: bentonite, smectite, viscoelastic properties, clay dispersion.

17. Irina-Elena LĂMĂTIC, Maria BERCEA and Simona MORARIU

Intrinsic viscosity of aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solutions.

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Key words: polyvinyl alcohol, viscosity, Mark-Houwink relationship.

18. Constantin I. CHIRIAC, Fulga TANASA and Marioara NECHIFOR

A novel direct boron-mediated synthesis of cinnamic acids from aromatic aldehydes and aliphatic carboxylic acids.

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Key words: direct condensation reaction, sodium tetraborate-lithium chloride, cinnamic acids.

19.  Emil C. BURUIANĂ, Mirela ZAMFIR and Tinca BURUIANĂ

Evidence for a fluorescence enhancement of some dansyl and stilbene derivatives used as optical

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Key words: stilbene, dansyl, fluorescence, “turn-on” sensors.

20.  Tinca BURUIANĂ, Violeta MELINTE, Florentina JITARU and Emil C. BURUIANĂ

Evaluation of some multifunctional monomers for use in dental purposes.

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Key words: dimethacrylate, carboxyl, dental formulation, mechanical parameters.

21.  Elena HAMCIUC, Corneliu HAMCIUC and Maria CAZACU

Comparative evaluation of some properties of two poly(ether-imide) thin films with/without fluorine in the structure.

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Key words: poly(ether-imide)s, thin films, thermal stability, contact angles, water vapors sorption capacity.

22.  Radu-Dan RUSU, Mariana-Dana DAMACEANU and Maria BRUMĂ

Comparative study of soluble poly(keto-naphthylimide)s.

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Key words: soluble poly(keto-naphthylimide)s, high thermostability, thin films, photoluminiscence.

23. Irina BACOŞCĂ, Elena HAMCIUC, Maria BRUMĂ and Marta SZESZTAY

Modified aromatic polyimides with flexible groups.

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Key words: polyimides, good solubility, thin films, thermal stability.

24. Marieta CONSTANTIN and Gheorghe FUNDUEANU

Cyclodextrin-containing poly(vinyl alcohol) as non-viral gene delivery systems. 1. Preparation of polymers.

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Key words: cationic polymers, poly(vinyl alcohol), β-cyclodextrin, gene delivery system.

25. Violeta NEAGU and Ion BUNIA

Synthesis and morphologic characterization of ethylacrylate : acrylonitrile : divinylbenzene

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Key words: acrylic copolymers, suspension polymerization, porous structure determination, swelling.

26. Sergiu COSERI

Diisocyanates reactivity with diols under pseudo-high dilution condition.

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Key words: diisocyanate, diol, reactivity, oligomer, alcohol.

27. Cornel MUNTEANU, Niculae I. IONESCU, Marcel FEDER, Lucian DIAMANDESCU and

Catalytic and electrical properties of iron oxide in deep propane oxidation.

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Key words: hematite, propane oxidation, electrical conductivity.

28. Mirela ENACHE and Elena VOLANSCHI

The influence of ionic strength on the binding of antitumor drug actinomycin D to double stranded DNA.

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Key words: actinomycin D, DNA binding, ionic strength.

29. Ioana STĂNCULESCU and Cezar BENDIC

In silico study of hydroxyl radical reaction with 1,2-dimethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines.

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Key words: hydroxyl radical, tetrahydroisoquioline, transition state, AM1, IRC, CHN.

30. Marin MICUTZ, Teodora STAICU, Minodora LECA and Corneliu GHICA

Adsorption complexes of collagenous polypeptide-ionic surfactant in aqueous medium. 1. The formation of micellar structure of ionic surfactant adsorbed onto collagenous polypeptide chain.

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Key words: collagen, collagen hydrolyzate, polypeptide, ionic surfactant, adsorption complexes.

31. Dorin ŞULEA and Minodora LECA

Collagen-Thuja tincture biomaterials for wound treatment. 1. Analysis of the volatile fraction from Thuja columnaris tincture by GC/MS.

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Key words: volatile compounds of Thuja occidentalis var. columnaria tincture, GC-MS analysis, antimicrobial activity, wound treatment.

32. Mihaela Violeta GHICA, Mădălina Georgiana ALBU, Lăcrămioara POPA, Minodora LECA,
Lavinia BRĂZDARU, Cosmin COTRUŢ and Viorica TRANDAFIR

Drug delivery systems based on collagen-tannic acid matrices.

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Key words: collagen, tannic acid, FT-IR spectral characteristics, in vitro release, enzymatic degradation.

33. Ionel POPESCU, Akos REDEY, Ioan-Cezar MARCU, Bogdan POPESCU, Eva MAKO and Ioan SĂNDULESCU

Catalytic combustion of methane over unsupported and γ-Al2O3 supported Sr2FeTaO6  and Sr2Fe0.7Co0.3TaO6 double perovskites.

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Key words: double perovskites, methane, catalytic combustion.

34. Maria-Gabriela ALEXANDRU, Ioana JITARU, Polina BOUROSH, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Erwann JEANNEAU, Victor Ch. KRAVTSOV and Yurii A. SIMONOV

Two new hydrogen bonded networks obtained in MCl2·xH2O (M=Mn, Cu)- N,N’-ethylenebisacetamide system.

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Key words: N,N’-ethylenebisacetamide, cocrystals, Cu(II), Mn(II), tridimensional frameworks.

35. Alexandru CECAL, Florica IONICĂ, Gheorghe NEMŢOI and Karin POPA

Use of β-rays absorption in the study of steel corrosion.

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Key words: β-rays absorption, corrosive solutions, kinetics, steel, 204 Tl-radionuclide.

36. Cătălin LISA, Gabriela LISA and Silvia CURTEANU

Neural networks used for the prediction of the structure-thermal stability relation.

Download Art 36 (PDF)

Key words: feedforward neural networks, modular neural networks, thermal stability, polyimides.

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No 10, Octobre 2009

Tome 54, No 10 Octobre 2009

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1. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Luisa PILAN and Florina BRÂNZOI

Amperometric glucose biosensor based on electropolymerized carbon nanotube/polypyrrole composite film.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: nanocomposite films, polypyrrole, carbon nanotubes, amperometric biosensor, glucose.

2. Ioan BALDEA, Dana-Maria SABOU and Alexandra CSAVDARI

Oxidation of 2-mercaptopropionic acid by hexacyanoferrate-(III). Mechanistic interpretation on the basis of one-plus rate equation.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: thiol oxidation, hexacyanoferrate-(III), one-plus rate equation.

3. Alexandra MORARU, Istvan SVAB and Dan Florin MIHĂILESCU

Charmm force field parameterization of bacterial lipopolysaccharides.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: lipopolysaccharide, lipid A, Gram negative, outer membrane, molecular model.

4. Loredana Elena VIJAN

The interaction of vancomycin with DNA.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: vancomycin, calf thymus DNA, UV-Vis absorption.

5. Shoujun LAI, Xijun CHANG, Sui WANG, Jie MAO and Lei TIAN

Studies on the interaction between CdS quantum dots and organic dyes: absorbtion and fluorescence spectroscopy.

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Key words: quantum dots, organic dyes, reaction mechanism, spectrum.

6. Ali Reza ASHRAFI, Farhad REZAEI and Amir LOGHMAN

PI index of the C4C8(S)-nanotorus.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: PI index, C4C8(S) nanotorus.


Influence of the conditions of the thermal treatment on the electrical properties of cobalt oxide layers.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: electrical properties, thin films, conductivity, thermal treatment.

8. Béla KISS, Daniela-Saveta POPA, Marius BOJIŢĂ, Felicia LOGHIN

Devepolment and validation of a HPLC-DAD/FLD method for the determination of MDMA, MDA, methamphetamine, morphine, morphine-glucuronides and 6-monoacetylmorphine in human plasma.

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Key words: heroin, morphine, metabolites, amphetamines, chromatography.

9. Ioan Marius MIHAESCU and Gabi DROCHIOIU

Cyanide reaction with ninhydrin: the effect of pH changes and UV-VIS radiation upon the analytical results.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: cyanide determination; pH effect; UV-Vis effect; ninhydrin reaction.

10. Daniela ISTRATI, Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Angela POPESCU, Dan MIHĂIESCU, Elena ANDREI and Florin BADEA

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of dibenzocycloheptane annelated derivative on zeolites catalysts.

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Key words: flow-vacuum pyrolysis, zeolite catalyst, dibenzocycloheptane derivatives.

No 9, Septembre 2009

Tome 54, No 9 Septembre 2009

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1. Ştefania RACOVIŢĂ, Silvia VASILIU, Marcel POPA and Cornelia LUCA

Polysaccharides based on micro- and nanoparticles obtained by ionic gelation and their applications as drug delivery systems.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: polysaccharides beads, ionotropic gelation method, drug delivery.

2. Eugen I. SEGAL

Applications of an algorithm to derive rate equations by means of kinetic graphs.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: kinetic graph, quasisteady state approximation, linear mechanism.

3. Doroteia VULPEŞ, Mihai V. PUTZ and Adrian CHIRIAC

QSAR study on the anaesthetic activity of some barbiturates and thiobarbiturates.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: QSAR, regression analysis, anaesthetic activity, electronic and geometric descriptors, model with predictive power.

4. Tanţa SPĂTARU

Electrochemical deposition of hydrous ruthenium oxide on conductive diamond films and its application to phenol oxidation in acidic media.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: hydrous ruthenium oxide, composite materials, conductive diamond, phenol oxidation.

5. Manuela MURARIU, Karin POPA, Ecaterina-Stela DRĂGAN and Gabi DROCHIOIU

Synthetic cysteine-peptide and its relation with heavy and radioactive metals.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: peptide synthesis, mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, atomic force microscopy, Mercury-203, radiotoxicity, glutathione.

6. Roxana DONE, Ioana STĂNCULESCU and Cristina MANDRAVEL

Actual trends in threshold limit values evaluation: application to halogen containing compounds using multilinear regression method.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: Threshold Limit Values (TLV’s); multilinear regression method (MLR); halogenated alkanes; molecular modeling.

7. Laura MUREŞAN, Mihaela NISTOR, Elisabeth CSÖREGI and Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

Reagentless amperometric biosensor for NADH detection.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: amperometric biosensors, NADOx, NADH detection, Os-redox polymer.

8. Daniela GRĂDINARU, Denisa MARGINĂ and Claudia BORŞA

In vitro studies regarding the antioxidant effects of procaine, Gerovital H3 and Aslavital.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: antioxidant, superoxide radical, conjugated dienes.

9. Viorica-Niculina STĂNESCU, Mihaela OLTEANU, Manuela FLOREA-SPIROIU and Zina VULUGA

Fractal properties of collagen/chitosan/montmorillonite membranes.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: fractal dimension, collagen, chitosan, montmorilonite.

10. Jae Young BAE, Tae Kwan YUN, Sung Soo HAN, Byung Gil MIN, Imre BAKO and Soong-Hyuck SUH

Fabrication and characteristics of variable crystalline TiO2 for photocatalytic activities.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: nanocrystalline, anatase, rutile, catalysis, photodegradation.

No 8, Août 2009

Tome 54, No 8 Août 2009

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Progress in characterization, modeling and control of aerobic bioprocess. Part II. Aerobic bioprocess modeling and control.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: aerobic bioprocess; modeling; control, case study.

2. Carmen LIMBAN, Alexandru-Vasile MISSIR, Ileana Cornelia CHIRIŢĂ, George Mihai NIŢULESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Miron T. CĂPROIU, Mariana Carmen CHIFIRIUC and Olguţa Nicoleta DRĂCEA

New 2-(4-ethyl-phenoxymethyl)benzoic acid thioureides. Synthesis, spectral analyses and microbiological assay.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: 2-(4-ethyl-phenoxymethyl)benzoic acid thioureides, 1H-NMR, C-NMR , antimicrobial.

3. Rachid ZNIBER, Ahmed MOUSSAIF, Redouane ACHOUR, Mostafa EL GHOUL, Abdelkrim FILALI MALTOUF, Abdel Illah MEKKAK et Abdelkamel HARRATA

Activité biologique de dérivés du benzimidazole.

Biologic activity of benzimidazole derivatives.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: benzimidazole, Escherichia coli W 3350, DH 5α, bacillus subtillis, polyethylene glycols, catalyse par trasfert de phase.

4. Maria MRACEC, Alexandra GRUIA, Ana BOROTA, Ramona CURPĂN RAD, Liliana HALIP OSTOPOVICI and Mircea MRACEC

QSAR study of a series of quinoline derivatives active on the alpha2 adrenergic receptor subtypes.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: QSAR, MLR, quinoline derivatives, alpha2-adrenergic receptors.

5. Sergiu Adrian CHICU and Georgeta Maria SIMU

Hydractinia echinata test system. I. Toxicity determination of some benzenic, biphenylic and
naphthalenic phenols. Comparative SAR-QSAR study.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: phenols, Hydractinia echinata, M/Clog1/MRC50, Mlog1/IC50, ESIP, SAR, QSAR models, standard toxicity, limited isotoxicity, push-pull electronic mechanism, total molecular symmetry, pseudo-meta conjugation.

6. Emilia AMZOIU, Manuel Ovidiu AMZOIU and Paul Gabriel ANOAICA

Molecular descriptors for the study of lipophilicity in catecholamine class.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: partition coefficient, catecholamines, QSAR, molecular descriptors.

7. Mihaela AVĂDĂNEI, Elena Gabriela HITRUC and Cornelia LUCA

Spectral and AFM studies on UV-crosslinked films of poly(4-vinylpyridine) derivatives.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: poly(4-vinylpyridine), quaternized poly(4-vinylpyridine), photocrosslinking; photoresist.

8. Manuela CIOBANU, Cristina-Eliza BRUNCHI, Elena PERJU, Vasile COZAN and Maria BRUMĂ

New copoly(ether-imide-sulfone) oligomers having pendant ionic groups.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: polycondesation, copoly(ether-imide-sulfone), pendant ionic groups, viscosity.

9. Ioan CĂLINESCU, Daniel IGHIGEANU, Diana MARTIN, Constantin MATEI, Adrian TRIFAN and Constantin OPROIU

VOCs removal by combined use of electron beam, microwave and catalyst.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: Volatile Organic Compounds, electron beam, microwave, catalyst.

10. Dana GINGAŞU, Ioana MÎNDRU, Luminiţa PATRON, Lucian DIAMANDESCU, Corneliu Bazil CIZMAŞ and Ioana FIRĂSTRĂU

Lithium ferrites obtained by thermal decomposition of ureate complex compounds.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: lithium ferrite, XRD patterns, Mössbauer spectra.

No 7, Juillet 2009

Tome 54, No 7 Juillet 2009

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0.  The 8th French-Roumanian Seminar on Polymers

Download Art 0 (PDF)

1. Virginie BOSCHER, Renaud HELLEBOID, Thierry LASUYE, Bernard STASIK and Gérard RIESS

On line characterisation by acoustic spectroscopy of “model emulsions” stabilised by poly (vinyl alcohol).

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: PVA, emulsion stabilization, on line acoustic attenuation spectroscopy, droplet size distribution, interfacial properties.

2. Cornelia ILIE, Marieta BALCAN, Adriana BĂRAN, Alina IOVESCU, Gabriela STÎNGA et Dan F. ANGHEL

Le comportement du Carbopol 980 dans les solutions aqueuses des surfactifs non-ioniques. I.         L’étude de la tension superficielle, de la viscosité 45 et du pH.

The behavior of Carbopol 980 in aqueous solution of the nonionic surfactants. I. The study of the           surface tension, viscosity and pH.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: surfactif non-ioniques; Pluronic F68; l’acide polyacrylique réticulé (Carbopol 980)/surfactif l’interaction.

3. Ovidiu NOVAC, Marcel Ionel POPA, Nicolae AELENEI et Viorel MELNIG

Complexes polyioniques à base d’alginate et de chitosan pour la libération controlée de la ciproploxacine
Polyionic complexes based on alginate and chitosan for the controlled release of ciprofloxacin.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: chitosan, alginate, complex polyionique, ciprofloxacine, systèmes à libération contrôlée.

4. Russell TAYOUO, Ghislain DAVID, Bruno AMÉDURI et Bernard BOUTEVIN

Synthèse d’oligomères de l’acide vinyl phosphonique par voie radicalaire à partir d’un agent de transfert halogéné.

Oligomers of vinyl phosphonic acid obtained by radical polymerization in the presence of halogenated chain transfer agent.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: télomérisation, agent de transfert, acide vinyl phosphonique.

5. Oana Sorina NASTASESCU, Marcel Ionel POPA, Gabriela LISA et Liliana VERESTIUC

Films à base de chitosan et collagène : influence de la masse moléculaire du chitosan sur la compatibilité du biopolymère.

Chitosan and collagen composite films : chitosan molecular weight influence upon the biopolymer compatibility.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: collagène, chitosan, dégradation in vitro, compatibilité des polymères, films.

6. Abdelkader BENDAHOU, Youssef HABIBI Hamid KADDAMI, et Alain DUFRESNE

Matériaux composites à base de fibres lignocellulosiques et de matrices thermoplastiques (PP at PEBD).
Composite materials based on lingo-cellulosic fibres and thermoplastic matrices (IPP and LDPE).

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: fibres cellulosiques, palmier dattier, composites polymères, polyoléfines, interfaces.

7. Anca BEJENARIU, Marcel POPA, Luc PICTON et Didier LE CERF

Synthèse d’hydrogels à base de xanthane. Influence des parametres de synthèse sur le comportement des hydrogels.

Synthesis of xanthan based hydrogels. Influence of the synthesis parameters on hydrogels behavior.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: xanthane, hydrogels, séquestration et libération contrôlée.

8. Abdelkader BENDAHOU, Hamid KADDAMI, Mustapha RAIHANE, Youssef HABIBI et Alain DUFRESNE

Matériaux nanocomposites à base de whiskers de cellulose du palmier dattier

Nanocomposite materials based on date palm tree cellulose whiskers.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: cellulose, palmier dattier, nanocomposites, caoutchouc naturel,                                 whiskers.

9. Leonard-Ionut ATANASE, Virginie BOSCHER, Thierry LASUYE, Bernard STASIK and Gérard RIESS

Colloidal characteristics of vinyl alcohol-vinyl acetate copolymers by complex formation with sodium dodecyl sulphate.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: PVA “pseudo-micelles”, sodium dodecyl sulphate, complex formation, particle size determination, cloud point.

10. Carmen RACLEŞ, Mihaela ALEXANDRU, Maria CAZACU, Aurelia IOANID et Thierry HAMAIDE

Obtention des elastomeres silicones en nanoreacteurs siloxane-organiques.

Synthesis of silicone elastomers in siloxane-organic nanoreactors.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: polysiloxanes, nanoparticules, sol-gel, tensioactif siloxane,                                   nanoréacteur.

11. Carmen RACLEŞ

Polysiloxanes aux groupes mesogenes azo-aromatiques.

Polysiloxanes with azo-aromatic mesogenic groups.

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: polysiloxanes, modification chimique, chromophore azo-aromatique, comportement mesomorphe.


L’hydroxyle de triméthylammonium, fonctions ioniques de membranes à squelette polyépichlorydrine pour pile à combustible alcaline.

Anionic membrane based on polyepichlorydrin matrix and hydroxytrimethylammonium as ionic function for alkaline fuel cell.

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: electrolyte polymère, pile à combustible alcaline, poly(épichlorhydrine-co-allyl glycidyl éther), conductivité ionique.

13. Carmen NISTOR, Sergey SHISHATSKIY, Marcel POPA and Suzana Pereira NUNES

CO2 selective membranes based on epoxy silane.

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: polyether amine, epoxy silane, sol gel, organic- inorganic membranes, gas separation.

14. Mihaela-Nicoleta IANCU, Marcel POPA, Valeriu SUNEL et Thierry HAMAIDE

Nouveaux conjugués a base de polysaccharides et dérivés d’aminoacides.

New conjugates based on polysaccarides and aminoacid derivarives.

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: conjugués, polysaccharides, dérivés aminoacides, libération contrôlée.

No. 6, Juin 2009

Tome 54, No 6 Juin 2009

Download summary (PDF)

1. Young Roumanian Scientists

Guest editors: Ana-Nicoleta Bondar, Petre T. Frangolpol

Download Art 1 (PDF)

2. Narcis AVARVARI

Tetrathiafulvalene-oxazolines (TTF-OX) and derivatives: valuable precursors for chiral conductors and electroactive complexes

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: chirality, tetrathiafulvalenes, molecular conductors, oxazolines, catalysis.

3. Yves-Marie LEGRAND, Florina DUMITRU, Carole ARNAL-HERAULT, Mathieu MICHAU and Mihail D. BARBOIU

Dynamic constitutional materials. Crystallization-and sol-gel-driven self-sorting of functional supramolecular architectures

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: dynamic constitutional materials, supramolecular chemistry, dynamic combinatorial libraries, selection, evolution.

4. Ana-Nicoleta BONDAR

Bacteriorhodopsin proton pumping mechanism: insights from computer simulations

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: proton transfer; bacteriorhodopsin; QM/MM.

5. Dragos HORVATH

The pharmacophore approach in chemoinformatics

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: pharmacophore fingerprints, molecular similarity, machine learning, in silico drug design.

6. Tudor LUCHIAN

Dipole potential-induced modulation of the interactions between reconstituted lipid membranes and certain pore-forming peptides

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: dipole potential, antimicrobial peptides, single-molecule recordings.

7. Sorinel A. OPRISAN

Reducing the complexity of computational models of neurons using bifurcation diagrams

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:bifurcation diagram, dopamine neuron, L-type calcium current, small conductance potassium current, slowly-activating potassium current.

8. Sofia I. PASCU

CO/alkene copolymerisation reactions catalysed by chelating diphosphine, diimine and hemilabile N/O, P/O and P/N late transition metal complexes revisited

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: CO / ethylene copolymerisation catalysis, group 10 complexes, hemilabile ligands.

9. Cristina POP

Molecular mechanisms of caspase activation and folding

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: caspase, protease, apoptosis, protein folding.


Nitric oxide and nitrite reduction by metalloenzymes

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: nitrite reductase, nitric oxide reductase, linkage isomerism, density functional calculations, heme.

No 5 Mai 2009

Tome 54, No 5 Mai 2009

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1. Viorica MELTZER and Elena PINCU

A DSC study for binary mixture of 2-chlorobenzoic acid with salicylic acid

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Key words: phase diagram, DSC, excess functions, 2-chlorobenzoic acid, salicylic acid

2. Niculae I. IONESCU

Kinetic model for heterogeneous catalytic oscillatory reactions

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Key words: oscillations, kinetic model

3. Cristina BOGATU, Rodica VÎLCU, Dan GEANĂ, Anca DUŢĂ, Wim POOT and Theodor W. de LOOS

High pressure phase behaviour of the system R23 + phenylpropane. Experimental results and modeling liquid-vapour equilibrium

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Key words: refrigerant-alkylbenzene system, type III phase behaviour, PR EoS, SRK EoS, van der Waals mixing rules

4. Stelian LUPU, Ion ION and Alina Catrinel ION

Voltammetric determination of phenol at platinum electrodes modified with polypyrrole doped with ferricyanide

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Key words: electrochemical sensor, modified electrode, phenol, square wave voltammetry

5. Toma GALAON, Florentin TACHE and Victor DAVID

Retention behaviour of two biguanidines in liquid chromatography based on cyano stationary phase

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Key words: biguanidines, cyano stationary phase, retention mechanism, liquid chromatography

6. Gheorghe TOMOAIA, Cristina BORZAN, Maria CRISAN, Aurora MOCANU, Ossi HOROVITZ, Liviu-Dorel BOBOS and Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL

Nanostructure formation of collagen and anticancer drugs investigated by atomic force microscopy

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Key words: collagen, anti-cancer drugs, mica surface, nanostructures, atomic force microscopy

7. Mădălina Georgiana ALBU, Mihaela Violeta GHICA, Lăcrămioara POPA, Minodora LECA and Viorica TRANDAFIR

Kinetics of in vitro release of doxycycline hyclate from collagen hydrogels

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Key words: collagen, doxycycline hyclate, rheological behaviour, kinetics of in vitro release

8. Ion SAVA

Polyesther-amides with liquid-crystalline properties

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Key words: polyester-amides, thermotropic behavior, X-ray diffraction

9. Lenuţa STROEA and Emil C. BURUIANĂ

A study on properties of the polymeric composites based on triaziene polyacrylates and silicates

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Key words: nanocomposites, montmorillonite, polyacrylates, X-ray diffraction

10. Mihaela MANEA, Valentina CHIOSA, Ioana STĂNCULESCU and Cristina MANDRAVEL

IR spectral study on nature of 2-pyridine aldoxime methyl chloride interaction with some sterols. III. Lanosterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol

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Key words: 2-PAM, lanosterol, 7-dehydrocholesterol, hydrogen bond, FTIR

No 4 Avril 2009

Tome 54, No 4 Avril 2009

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1. Jana Petre, Vasile Iancu and Victor David

Benzene / water partition constants and thermodynamic parameters estimated from liquid chromatography retention of some herbicides using phenyl-silica stationary phase.

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Key words: benzene/water partition constants, liquid chromatography, phenyl-silica, herbicides, thermodynamics

2. Stelian LUPU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrodeposition, characterization and application of Pt/P3MT/CoHCF modified electrode

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Key words: ascorbic acid, cobalt(II)-hexacyanoferrate, poly(3-metylthiophene), bilayer electrode, differential pulse voltammetry

3. Mihai V. POPA, Cristina DONATH, Niculae ENE and Elena NEACŞU

Chemical and electrochemical stability of some molybdenum compounds in molten alkali electrolytes

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Key words: molybdenum, cyclic voltammetry, molten electrolytes, chemical stability, electrode kinetics

4. Florin CRIŞAN and Ervin SALLO

Dynamic behavior of zinc anode in nitric acid – potassium dichromate media. Influence of the electrolyte composition

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Key words: nitric acid, potassium dichromate, oscillations

5. Octavian STAICU, Valentin MUNTEANU and Dumitru OANCEA

Transition from kinetic to diffusion control during the catalytic ignition of alkane/ air mixtures on platinum

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Key words: catalytic combustion, platinum wire, alkane/air mixture, kinetic and diffusion control

6. Victor MALYSHEV, Angelina GAB, Ana-Maria POPESCU and Virgil CONSTANTIN

Electrochemical surface plating based on tungsten carbide and zirconium diboride

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Key words: surface plating, molten salts, tungsten carbide, zirconium diboride

7. Monica IHOŞ, Florica MANEA, Gligor BOCEA et Maria JITARU

Le comportement electrochimique des anodes en SnO2 modifiées en presence des polluants phénoliques
Electrochemical behaviour of modified SnO2 anodes in the presence of phenolic polluants

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Key words: anodes en SnO2, nonylphénols éthoxylés, voltammétrie cyclique

8. Radu Adrian CÂRCEL, Luminiţa ANDRONIC and Anca DUŢĂ

Cd2+ modified TiO2 for methyl orange photodegradation

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Key words: titanium dioxide, photocatalysis, cadmium, doping

9. Rodica PODE, Evelini POPOVICI, Aurelia VASILE, Laura COCHECI and Emiliana DVININOV

Sorption and photocatalytic degradation of azoic dyes on TiO2-pillared montmorillonitic clay

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Key words: sorption, photocatalytic degradation, pillared clay, azoic dye

10. Stela FLORESCU, Gabriela CRISTESCU and Minodora LECA

Alternative surfactants for LAS in environmentally friendly detergent compositions

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Key words: environment friendly detergent compositions, alkylethersulphate, secondary alkanesulphate,
sulphatated fatty alcohol, protease

No 3 Mars 2009

Tome 54, No 3 Mars 2009

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1. Lăcrămioara BĂLĂIŢĂ and Marcel POPA

Polymer magnetic particles in biomedical applications

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Key words: medical applications, targeting drug, magnetic particles, polymers

2. Vasile BĂDESCU, Laura Elena UDREA, Ovidiu ROTARIU, Rodica BĂDESCU and Gabriela APREOTESEI

On preparation of magnetic microbeads by two microfluidic emulsification techniques and polymerization

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Key words: magnetic microbeads, ferrofluid, microfluidic emulsification

3. Simona CONDURACHE-BOTA, Gheorghe I. RUSU, Nicolae ŢIGĂU, Romana DRAŞOVEAN and

Structural and optical characterization of thermally oxidized bismuth films

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Key words: bismuth, thermal oxidation, optical measurements, XRD spectra

4. Zaki AJJI

Radiation-induced preparation of polyester/gypsum/ composite

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Key words: unsaturated polyester-styrene, gypsum, composite, gamma radiation

5. Simona-Antoanela GĂVAN and Dan F. ANGHEL

Fluorescent labels grafted on poly(acrylic acid) accounting for conformational changes through non-radiative energy transfer

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Key words: poly(acrylic acid), naphthalene, pyrene, non-radiative energy transfer, pH

6. Simona-Antoanela GĂVAN, Françoise M. WINNIK, Monica Elisabeta MAXIM, Gabriela STÎNGĂ, Cornelia ILIE and Dan F. ANGHEL

Effects induced by ethoxylated nonionic surfactants on pyrene-labeled hydroxypropyl cellulose in aqueous solution

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Key words: hydroxypropyl cellulose, pyrene, label, surfactant, ethoxylate

7. Cristina BOGATU, Mihaela VOINEA, Anca DUŢĂ, Irina Mihaela PELIN and Gabrielle Charlotte CHIŢANU

The electrochemical deposition of Cu/CuOx solar selective coatings with controlled morphology

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Key words: solar absorbers, electrodeposition, voltammetry, copper oxides, maleic anhydride copolymers

8. Violeta VASILACHE, Sonia GUTT, Gheorghe GUTT, Traian VASILACHE, Constantin FILOTE and Ion SANDU

Studies of hardness for electrodeposited nickel from Watts baths with addition of polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP)

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Key words: nickel electroplating, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, hardness, Watts bath

9. Mihaela ARTIMON, Ion Gh.TĂNASE and Gina VASILE

The validation of the method for iron determination in Roumanian wines using flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Key words: FAAS, robustness, Shewhart control charts

No 2, Février 2009

Tome 54, No 2 Février 2009

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1. Cornelia LUCA, Cristina Doina VLAD and Ion BUNIA

Trends in organic weak base anion exchangers resins

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Key words: organic weak base anion exchangers, polymeric ligands, sorbents for acids

2. Andrei CUCOŞ, Elena MELNIC, Yurii A. SIMONOV and Marius ANDRUH

A heterotrimetallic chain constructed from binuclear [Cu(II)Mn(II)] nodes and trans-[Cr(NCS)4(pyz)2]- spacers

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: heterotrimetallic complexes; copper(II) complexes; manganese(II) complexes, chromium(III) complexes; crystal structure

3. Andrada BUT, Carmen BATIU, Yvan RAMONDENC and Mircea DARABANTU

Serinolic approach in the synthesis of the 3-oxa-7-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane skeleton functionalised at the C-5 position

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: cysteinols, 1,3-oxazolines, 3-oxa-7-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane, serinols, thionation

4. Iulia MATEI, Laura SOARE, Cristina TABLET and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Characterization of simvastatin and its cyclodextrin inclusion complexes by absorption and circular dichroism spectroscopies and molecular mechanics calculations

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: simvastatin, cyclodextrin, inclusion complex, UV absorption, circular dichroism, semiempirical, molecular mechanics, binding parameters

5. Ion Gh. TĂNASE, Alexandru PANĂ and Mihaela PANĂ

Data analysis of variance in atomic absorption spectrometry for determination of hazardous microelements Ni, Pb, Cd from polyether polyols

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: Ni, Pb, Cd, analysis of variance, repeatability, linearity, population, F test

6. Anca MOANŢĂ and Stelian RADU

Spectroscopic analysis and antimicrobial activity of some 4-phenylazo-phenoxyacetic acids

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Key words: 4-phenylazo-phenoxyacetic acid, 1H NMR spectra, mass spectra, antimicrobial activity

7. Liliana OSTOPOVICI HALIP, Ana BOROTA, Maria MRACEC, Ramona CURPAN, Alexandra GRUIA and Mircea MRACEC

3D homology model of the alpha2A adrenergic receptor subtype

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: homology; 2RH1 PDB template; GPCR; 3D-model; alpha2A adrenergic receptor

8. Ovidiu DUMITRESCU et Dorel RADU

Systèmes cristallins silico-alcalins : l’influence de la basicité sur certaines propriétés thermodynamiques
Silica-alkali crystalline systems : the influence of basicity on some thermodynamic properties

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: énergie libre de réaction Gibbs, basicité, systèmes silico-alcalins

9. Cristina STOIAN, Mihaela OLTEANU, Gheorghe ZGHEREA et Sandu PERETZ

Stabilité des émulsions doubles réalisées en présence des polymères
Stability of double emulsions prepared in the presence of polymers

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: émulsion double, acide polyacrylique, destruction, diffusion

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