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No 3 Mars 2017

Tome 62, No 3 Mars 2017

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  1. Hakan BEKTAS, Canan ALBAY, Emre MENTESE and Neslihan DEMİRBAS

New pyridine derivatives as antiurease inhibitors: synthesis and their evaluation for antimicrobial activities

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Key words: pyridine, 1,3-thiazole, morpholine, 1,3-thiazolidine, Schiff base, antimicrobial activity, antiurease activity.

2. Mervette El BATOUTI

Cadmium removal from wastewater by adsorption using natural bentonite

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Key words: thermodynamic parameters, cadmium. adsorption, wastewater, kinetic models.

3. Hamzeh KIYANI and Maryam BAMDAD

One-pot four-component synthesis of 1,4- dihydropyrano[2,3-C]pyrazole-5-carbonitriles catalyzed by potassium phthalaimide

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Key words: pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole, potassium phthalimide, four-component reaction, green.

4. Abdoul NZEYIMANA, Semra UTKU, Leyla AÇIK and Ayten ÇELEBİ KESKİN

Synthesis, characterization and DNA interaction of novel platinum(II) complexes containing substituted benzimidazole ligands

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Key words: benzimidazole, platinum complexes, synthesis, gel electrophoresis, cisplatin.


New formulation of alkylphenolate lubracant’s additives based on nitrogen, sulfur and carboxylate group

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Key words: lubricating oil, additives, nitrogen, sulfur, alkylphenolate, carboxylate and carbonate.


Physicomechanical properties of petrosorbents of the phytogenesis

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Key words: oil, vegetable sorbents, sorption capacity, rice husk.


One-pot synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-decahydroacridine derivatives by using nano-Fe O as a highly efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalyst under solvent-free conditions

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Key words: 1,8-dioxo-decahydroacridines, nano-Fe2O3, multicomponent reactions (MCRs), solvent-free, one-pot.

8. Xiuang YI, Yanzhu LIU, Chen ZHOU, Hongyan GAO, Xuezhen ZHOU and Yongxiu LI

Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of (C6H5N2)(FeBr4)

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Key words: cyanopyridine, crystal structure, hydrothermal reaction, iron, supramolecule.

9. Leila LATRECHE, Nacereddine HADDAOUI and Maria Esperanza GAGIAO

Calcium carbonate, kaolin and silica filled polypropylene/ polystyrene blends: influence of free quenching

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Key words: free quenching, annealing, blend-composites.

10. Manuela MURARIU, Laura ION, Catalina-Ionica CIOBANU, Brindusa Alina PETRE and Gabi DROCHIOIU

MS, CD and FT-IR characterization of five newly synthesized histidine-containing Ala- and Gly- based peptides

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Key words: protein structure, peptide conformation, FT-IR, CD spectroscopy.

No 2 Février 2017

Tome 62, No 2 Février 2017

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  1. Loredana E. NITA, Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Alina DIACONU and Mihai ASANDULESA

Preparation of protein – polyelectrolyte complex by self – assembling

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Key words: protein – polyelectrolyte complex, bovine serum albumin, poly(aspartic acid).


Catalytic systems on metal block carriers for neutralization of exhaust gases of motor transport

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Key words: catalyst, exhaust gases, motor transport, metal block carriers.

3. Jamal STAS, Omar CHINO, Yousef JAMMOAL and Zaher ALBARAKA

Selectivity of vanadium over iron during the extraction of vanadium by TOA from aqueous 100 H2SO4 leaching liquor

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Key words: vanadium, iron, extraction, trioctylamine, modifiers, selectivity.

4. Kun ZHOU, Ke WANG and Feng LIU

Density and Viscosity of tributyl phosphate+trioctylamine+phosphoric acid from (20~60)oC

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Key words: viscosity, density, regression equation, mixture.

5. Razvan ROTARU, Petrisor SAMOILA, Nicoleta LUPU, Marian GRIGORAS and Valeria HARABAGIU

Ferromagnetic materials obtained through ultrasonication. 1. Maghemite/ goethite nanocomposites

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Key words: maghemite-goethite composite, one pot synthesis, ultrasonication.

6. Can Serkan KESKİN

Arsenic and molybdenum ions removal by Fe3O4 embedded acrylamide-triazine hybrid-polymer

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Key words: acrylamide, Fe3O4, polymer, 1,3,5-triacryloylhexahydro-1,3,5- triazine, As(V) and Mo(VI) ions removal.

7. Mervette EL BATOUTI and Abdel-Moneim M. AHMED

Electrodeposition using rotating cylinder electrode of copper in presence of organic compounds

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Key words: electrodeposition, rotating cylinder electrode, copper, organic compounds.

8. Wafa BADULLA and Göksel ARLI

Comparative study for direct evaluation of montelukast sodium in tablet dosage from by multiple analytical methodologies

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Key words: montelukast sodium, osteryoung square wave voltammetry, flow injection analysis, ultraviolet spectrometry.

9. Mihai GUTU, Mihaela AVADANEI, Mihai MARINCA and Cipriana STEFANESCU

Exploratory infrared spectroscopy study of erythrocytes in cancer chemotherapy

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Key words: erythrocytes, infrared spectroscopy, cancer, chemotherapeutic treatment

10. Bouzid NEDJIMI

Some essential trace elements in Salsola vermiculata (Ammaranthaceae) using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)

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Key words: EDXRF, forage analysis, chemical elements, NRC requirements, Salsola vermiculata.


No 1 Janvier 2017

Tome 62, No 1 Janvier 2017

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  1. Abdulfatai Adabara SIAKA, Adamu UZAIRU, Sulaiman Ola IDRIS and Hamza ABBAH

Mechanism of (E)-2-(4-methoxybenzylidene) hydrazinecarboxamide cyclization: density functional theory approach

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Key words: semicarbazide, kinetic, semi-empirical and transition state.

2. Fatma U. AFIFI, Violet KASABRI, Sagrario BELTRAN, Areej ABUHAMMAD, Ismail F. ABAZA, Orlando GANADO and Ahmad H. Al-GABBIESH

Comparison of different methods in determination of essential oil composition of Origanum syriacum. from Jordan and its modulation of pancreatic enzymes

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Key words: Origanum syriacum L., SPME, SFE, hydro-distillation, pancreatic enzymes, colorectal cancer.

3. Zahed KARIMI-JABERI, Ladan BAZYAR and Mohammad AMIRI

Synthesis of α-aminophosphonates in the presence of R triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate [Et3NH][HSO4] as a highly efficient ionic liquid catalyst

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Key words: α-aminophosphonates, ionic liquid, aldehydes, trimethyl phosphite.

4. Run-Ning ZHAO

Geometries, stabilities and electronic properties of Ge2B2 cluster: a density functional study

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Key words: Ge2B2 clusters; π-π interactions; electronic properties; the density functional method.

5. Mbossé NDIAYE GUEYE, Moussa DIENG, Ibrahima Elhadji THIAM, Mouhamadou Moustapha SOW, Rokhaya GUEYE SYLLA, Aliou Hamady BARRY, Mohamed GAYE and Pascal RETAILLEAU

Synthesis, characterization and antioxidant activity of lanthanide (III) complexes with tridentate Schiff base ligand. X-ray crystal structure of the Ce(III) complex

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Key words: hydrazino, lanthanide, complex, antioxidant, X-ray.

6. Hamideh EMTIAZI and Mohammad A. AMROLLAHI

Mg(ClO4)2 catalyzed preparation of xanthenediones inder solvent-free conditions

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Key words: anthenediones, magnesium perchlorate, 5,5-dimethyl-1,3- cyclohexandione, solvent-free.

7. Julieta D. CHELARU, Călin I. ANGHEL, Maria GAVRILOAE and Liana M. MUREŞAN

Electrochemical and meta-modelling analysis of the inhibiting effect exerted by sulfuric acid diamide on bronze corrosion

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Key words: bronze corrosion, corrosion inhibitors, polarization curves, support vector machine, minnimax approach.

8. Wenxing HE and Xiaojun TAN

Theoretical study on yhe reaction mechanism between silacyclopropenylidene and methyleneimine

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Key words: silylene, silacyclopropenylidene, methyleneimine, reaction mechanism.

9. Sunnapu PRASAD and Krishnamoorthy SUSILA

An overview on Shiff bases and its medicinal chemistry potential for new antitubercular drug molecules research

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Key words: Schiff bases, tuberculosis, multi drug resistance, extreme drug resistance, anti-tubercular activity.

10. Oualid OUKIL, Noureddine TCHOUAR, Salah BELAIDI, Toufik SALAH and Mehmet CINAR

Structural investigation, drug likeness scoring and structure activity/property relationships applied on 1,2,3-thiadiazole derivatives, with kinase inhibitors activity

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Key words: 1,2,3-thiadiazole, kinas inhibitors, MPO, SAR/SPR

11. Andreea Irina BARZIC and Silvia IOAN

Multiphase polymer systems: micro- to nanostructural evolution in advanced technologies

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