Nos 7-8 Juillet-Août 2006

Tome 51, Nos 7-8 Juillet-Août 2006

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In Memoriam Professor Mircea D. Banciu (1941 – 2005)

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Publications list

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1. Mihail BARBOIU and Jean-Marie LEHN

Rack, square and double helical dinuclear metallosupramolecular architectures – coordination behavior, anion binding and stacking interactions

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Key words: heterocyclic ligands; metallosupramolecular complexes; racks; helical structures

2. Daniela ISTRATI, Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Angela POPESCU, Dan MIHĂIESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, George MARTON and Alina SIMION

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 24. Pyrolysis of two dibenzocycloalkanols and their
corresponding acetates

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Key words: flow-vacuum pyrolysis; dibenzocycloheptenols; dibenzocyclohepten acetates

3. Alexandru C. RAZUS, Nina Mirela SURUGIU, Liliana CRISTIAN, Alina NEGOESCU, Oana

Reaction of azulenes with derivatives of aromatic dicarboxylic acids

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Key words: aromatic diacids; lactones; azulenyl-carbonyl aromatics

4. Raluca STAN, Sânziana ROŞCA, Cristina OTT, Sorin ROŞCA, Emile PEREZ, Isabelle

D-sorbitol based organogelators with nitrogen groups

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Key words: organogelator; 1,3 :2,4-bis-O-(p-nitro benzylidene)-D-sorbitol; 1,3 :2,4-bis-O-(p-amino benzylidene)-D-sorbitol; 1,3 :2,4-bis O-(p-alkylamino benzylidene)-D-sorbitols

5. Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Anca MARTON, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Richard A. VARGA
and Mircea D. GHEORGHIU

Crystal and density functional theory molecular structure of the cyclobutanone resulted from the
cycloaddition of t-butylcyanoketene (Moore’s ketene) with indene

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Key words: cycloadditions; Moore’s ketene; indene

6. Vasile DINOIU

Synthesis of new CF3-containing pyridazinone and lactam derivatives

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Key words: trifluoromethyl; γ-Ketothioester; furan; lactam; pyridazinone

7. Eugen ANDREIADIS, George MARTON and Anca MARTON

Silver-tin mediated allylations in aqueous media

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Key words: Barbier allylation; silver nitrate; tin

8. Horia PETRIDE, Andreea CORBU, Cristina FLOREA, Aurica PETRIDE and Silvia UDREA

N-α-cyano derivatives of some N-benzyl azacycloalkanes

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Key words: α-aminonitriles; azacycloalkanes; stereoisomerism; nuclear magnetic resonance

9. Florea DUMITRAŞCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Miron Teodor CĂPROIU, Denisa Dumitrescu and Andrei BĂDOIU

New pyrrolo[2,1-a]phthalazine derivatives by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions

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Key words: 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition; N-ylides, pyrrolo[2,1-a]phthalazine; regioselectivity; NMR spectroscopy

10. Tsutomu ISHI-I, Naoki MATSUMOTO, Tomoyuki HIRAYAMA, Sumio YAMASAKI, Masataka YAMASAKI, Hiroshi TANABE, Kazunori UENO and Shuntaro MATAKA

New electron-transporting and hole-blocking material based on hexaatriphenylenes with six aromatic groups

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Key words: hexaazatriphenylene; hole-blocking; electron-transporting; OLED

11. Ana Cristina RĂDUŢIU, Ion BACIU, Miron Teodor CĂPROIU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Anca NICOLAE, Titus CONSTANTINESCU and Alexandru T. BALABAN

2-(α-aryloxyacetyl)-phenoxathiin derivatives. Synthesis and properties

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Key words: 2-(α-aryloxyacetyl)-phenoxathiin derivatives; crown ethers; NMR spectra; hydrophobicity, RP-TLC

12. Emilia OLTEANU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Marieta PLĂVEŢI

The synthesis and the decomposition of benzonorbornane annelated with methyl (cyclopropylcarbinyl)-N-nitrosourethane

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Key words: nitrosourethane; benzonorbornadiene; rearrangement; alcohols

13. Michaela Dina STĂNESCU, Nicolae DINCĂ and Eugen ŞIŞU

Mass spectrum fragmentation of 10,11-dihydro-5Hdibenzo[a,d]cycloheptene-5-one

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Key words: 10,11-Dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-5-one; MS fragmentation; ion formation energy

14. Luminiţa MARIN and Vasile COZAN

New thermotropic azomethines containing sulfonyl group

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Key words: azomethine; sulfone; liquid crystal; thermotropic

15. Mariana VOICESCU, Gabriela IONIŢĂ, Titus CONSTANTINESCU and Marilena VASILESCU

The oxidative activity of riboflavin studied by luminescence methods: the effect of cysteine, arginine, lysine and histidine amino acids

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Key words: chemiluminescence; fluorescence; riboflavin; amino acids; free radicals

16. Jyoti SINGH, Meenakshi LAKHWANI, Padmakar V. KHADIKAR, Alexandru T. BALABAN,
Brian W. CLARE and Claudiu T. SUPURAN

QSAR study on the inhibition of the human carbonic anhydrase cytosolic isozyme VII

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Key words: carbonic anhydrase; human cytosolic isozyme; aromatic sulfonamides; heterocyclic  sulfonamides; topological index; Balaban-type indices; regression analysis

17. Padmakar V. KHADIKAR, Brian W. CLARE, Alexandru T. BALABAN, Claudiu T. SUPURAN, Vijay K. AGARWAL, Jyoti SINGH, Ashok K. JOSHI and Meenakshi LAKHWANI

QSAR modeling of carbonic anhydrase-I,-II and –IV inhibitory activities: relative correlation potential of six topological indices

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Key words: carbonic anhydrase; isoform I, II, IV; QSAR; sulfonamide; topological indices

18. Francisc POTMISCHIL

Saturated amine oxides: Part 7. Hydroacridines: Part 26. Effects of N-oxidation on the 13C NMR chemical shifts of saturated six-membered azaheterocyclic tertiary amines. Prediction of the chemical shifts of the amine oxides

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Key words: NMR; 13C NMR; chemical shifts; amines, tertiary; amine oxides, saturated

19. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Gheorghe BOGĂŢIAN, Silvia UDREA, Andreea Cristina CORBU,

Pyridines with long alkyl substituents as ligands in oligomerization of isopropene

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Key words: pyridines; ligands; homogeneous catalysts; terpenes

20. Camelia HULUBEI and Maria BRUMĂ

Maleimide type polymers based on N-(3-acetoxy-4-carboxy-phenyl)maleimide

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Key words: maleimide copolymers; azobenzene; metal complexes; crosslinked networks

21. Ion SAVA

Influence of conformational parameters on physical properties of some poly(amide-ester)s

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Key words: poly(amide-ester)s; isopropylidene; benzonitrile; Monte Carlo; conformational parameters

22. Ion SAVA and Corneliu HAMCIUC

Polyisophthalamides with pendent acetoxybenzamide or imide groups

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Key words: polyisophthalamides; pendent; tetrachlorophthalimide; acetoxybenzamide; conformational parameters

23. Elena HAMCIUC, Maria BRUMĂ, Corneliu HAMCIUC and Ramona LUNGU

Aromatic polyimides containing polar nitrile groups

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Key words: aromatic polyimides; nitrile groups; good solubility; high thermal stability

24. Corneliu HAMCIUC, Elena HAMCIUC and Maria BRUMĂ

Heterocyclic polymers containing dimethylsilane units

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Key words: 1,3,4-oxadiazole; benzoxazinone; imide rings; dimethylsilane units; high thermal stability

25. Thomas HÖVETBORN, Markus HÖLSCHER, Helmut KEUL and Hartwig HÖCKER

Poly(ethylene oxide-co-tetrahydrofuran) and Poly(propylene oxide-co-tetrahydrofuran): synthesis and thermal degradation

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Key words: cationic ring opening polymerisation; ring closing depolymerisation; poly(tetrahydrofuran-co-ethylene oxide); poly(tetrahydrofuran-co-propylene oxide)

26. Dana GINGAŞU, Ioana MÎNDRU, Oana CARP, Luminiţa PATRON and Ştefania STOLERIU

Spinelic ferrites from polynuclear compounds as precursors

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Key words: spinelic ferrite; nanoparticles; thermal decomposition; X-ray diffraction; SEM

27. Victor DAVID, Elena-Emilia IORGULESCU and Andrei MEDVEDOVICI

Extrapolations by multiple regressions of the retention parameters for several aromatic hydrocarbons in reversed-phase liquid chromatography

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Key words: liquid chromatography; aromatic hydrocarbons; octanol/water partition constant; extrapolation; polynomial regressions

28. Olga IULIAN, Cristina STOICESCU and Oana CIOCÎRLAN

Properties of the binary and ternary mixtures containing water, 1,4-dioxane and ethylene glycol. Viscosity correlations

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Key words: viscosity; binary and ternary system; excess functions

29. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Florina BRÂNZOI, Luisa PILAN and Cristina ANGHEL

Effects of ammonium dichromate additions on electrochemical behaviour of lead and its alloys in H2SO4 concentrated solutions

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Key words: lead and lead-alloys; potentiodynamic method; ammonium dichromate; impedance spectroscopy; potentiograms

30. Claudia VISINESCU, Francis LEVY and Vasile I. PÂRVULESCU

Photocatalytic degradation of acetone on ZnO-dopped TiO2 films prepared by sputtering

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Key words: ZnO-dopped thin films; dc magnetron sputtering; photocatalytic degradation of acetone

31. Mircea D. BANCIU, Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Daniela ISTRATI and George MARTON

Epoxidation of polycyclic hydrocarbons. 1

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Key words: epoxidation; polycyclic hydrocarbons

32. Yoshiharu MITOMA, Naoyoshi EGASHIRA, Cristian SIMION and Masashi TASHIRO

Rapid and convenient approach to amines: reduction of imines using metallic calcium in ethylalcohol

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Key words: imine; reduction; calcium/ethanol; secondary amines


Enantioselective hydrogenation of exocyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones. Part IV. Hydrogenation with homogeneous catalysts

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Key words: enantioselective hydrogenation; exocyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones; homogeneous catalysts; enantiomeric excess

34. Mihaela Camelia BĂLAŞU and Angela POPESCU

Fluorescent conjugates of casein and ovalbumin with 4,7-diphenyl-1,2,5-oxadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine-
6-carboxylic acid: preparation and analysis

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Key words: fluorescent bioconjugates; ovalbumin; casein; 4,7-diphenyl 1,2,5-oxadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine-6-carboxylic acid, reaction of thiol group of proteins

35. Alberth LARI, Frank ROMINGER and Rolf GLEITER

Synthesis of a cyclic tetraselenadiyne containing aromatic building blocks

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Key words: cyclic selenaalkynes; Van der Waals forces; hydrogen bonds; selenium-selenium interactions