No 12, Décembre 2006

Tome 51, No 12, Décembre 2006

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1. Vasile DINOIU

Fluorine chemistry: past, present and future

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Key words: fluorine; medicinal fluorine chemistry; organofluorine compounds

2. Aurica FARCAS and Cristofor I. SIMIONESCU

Conjugated polymers with rotaxane architecture

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Key words: rotaxane architecture; supramolecular chemistry; conjugated polymers; cyclodextrins

3. Aurel PUI

Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of the tetra-chlorosalen and tetra-chlorosalophen copper(II) complexes

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Key words: Schiff based; copper(II) complexes; catalytic activity

4. Carmen PĂDURARU, Geta DAVID, Doina BÎLBA and Ioan SÂRGHIE

Polystyrene latex with partially hydrolyzed PNAI grafts at the surface as Pt(IV) sorbent

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Key words: sorbent; latex; metal recovery; platinum

5. Raluca CIUBĂR, Anişoara CÎMPEAN and Dana IORDĂCHESCU

Effects of nickel(II) on human polymorphonuclear leukocyte function in vitro

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Key words: polymorphonuclear leukocyte; nickel; respiratory burst; phagocytosis

6. Simona PARASCHIV, Maria Cristina MUNTEANU, Andreea Cristina STAICU, Călin TESIO, Diana DINU, Mihaela Rocsana LUCA, Marieta COSTACHE and Anca DINISCHIOTU

Biochemical response in intestine and gills of Carassius auratus gibelio to acute manganese(II) intoxication

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Key words: catalase; gluthatione peroxidase; gluthatione reductase


Coating layers of major storage protein from aleurone cells of barley studied by atomic force microscopy

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Key words: protein coating layers; protein adsoption; storage protein from aleurone cells of barley; AFM

8. Stelian PETRESCU and Mihaela PÎRLOG

Experimental study of gas-solid mass transfer in fixed bed of porous particles

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Key words: gas-solid systems; mass transfer; adsorption; fixed bed

9. Alina Catrinel ION, Ion ION and Luminiţa BARBU

Optimization of preconcentration of cadmium and lead from samples with phosphate matrices using Chelex 100

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Key words: Cd(II); Pb(II); Chelex 100; NPK fertilizers

10. Constantin I. CHIRIAC, Fulga TANASĂ and Marioara NECHIFOR

A novel synthetic pathway for obtaining aromatic carboxylic esters starting from diaryl oxalates

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Key words: synthesis, aromatic esters, condensation

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