Tome 52, No 7, Juillet 2007

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1. Ana Aurelia CHIRVASE, Ioan DUMITRACHE and Mihai Dan CARAMIHAI

Progress in characterization, modeling and control of aerobic bioprocess. Part I. Aerobic bioprocess and bioreactor characterization

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Key words: aerobic bioprocess, modelling, bioreactor characterization

2. Bianca FURDUI, Rodica DINICĂ, Martine DEMEUNYNCK, Ioan DRUŢĂ and Alexandru VLAHOVICI

New reactive pyridinium-indolizines fluorophores

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Key words: indolizine, flourophores, 4,4’-bipyridine, ylides, cycloaddition

3. Liliana BÎRLĂ, Beatriz PRIETO, Thierry NOGUEL, Jean VIGO and Anne-Cécile RIBOU

Comparative study of the interaction between BSA and three fluorescent probes: investigation of some critical parameters

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Key words: fluorescence, BSA, binding

4. Gabriela LISA and Cătălin LISA

Prediction of excess thermodynamic properties from experimental refractive index of binary mixtures. 1. Water-propionic acid mixtures at 290.15, 300.15 and 310.15 K

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Key words: excess thermodynamic properties, prediction, water – propionic acid mixtures

5. Gheorghe NEMŢOI, Marius Sebastian SECULA and Igor CREŢESCU and Stelian PETRESCU

Voltammetric characterization of copper and aluminum behavior in concentrated aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid

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Key words: anodic dissolution, voltammetry, rotating disc electrode technique, charge transfer, mass transport

6. Florin CRIŞAN and Ervin SALLO

Zinc anodization in acidic media. Oscillations influenced by nitrate ions

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Key words: oscillations, steady state, chaos, bifurcation

7. Andreea Irina COŞUŢCHI, Camelia HULUBEI, Manuela BUDA, Toni BOŢILĂ and Silvia IOAN

Theoretical and experimental study of dielectric and optical properties of some epiclon based polyimides

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Key words: polyimides, refractive index, dielectric constant

8. Viorica MUŞAT, Elvira FORTUNATO, Ştefan DIMA and Cătălina ITICESCU

Mesoporous sol-gel silica-based nanocomposite thin films

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Key words: cobalt oxide-SiO2, zinc oxide-SiO2, mesoporous thin films, nanocomposite, sol-gel

9. Dorel RADU, Mihai EFTIMIE and Mariana RADU

Assessing properties of silicate glasses at nano level

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Key words: silicate glasses, nanometric structure, melts properties

10. Ludovic SAYTI, Lidia TAUBERT, Mihai MILOS and Valentin CAREJA

Crystallization of magnesium trihydrate carbonate in presence of surfactants

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Key words: magnesium trihydrate carbonate, electrostatic potential, influenced crystallization, crystal habitus

11. Message from IUPAC

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