No. 6, Juin 2008

Tome 53, No. 6, Juin 2008

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1. Krassimira KUMBILIEVA and Lachezar PETROV

Reaction mechanism and deactivation modes of heterogeneous catalytic systems.

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Key words: catalysis, kinetics, deactivation, reaction mechanism

2. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Anca HÎRTOPEANU, Alina NICOLESCU, Filip CHIRALEU, Maria MAGANU, Mircea VÎNĂTORU, Demetra SIMION and Călin DELEANU

Pyrylium salts with long alkyl substituents and derived pyridinium salts.

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Key words: N-phenylpyridinium chlorides, surfactants, CMC

3. Gabriela IONIŢĂ

Inclusion complexes between β-cyclodextrin and biradicals with a rigid aromatic skelet.

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Key words: biradicals, EPR spectroscopy, cyclodextrin

4. Constantin MIHAILCIUC and Stelian LUPU

Electrodeposition, characterization and application of Pt/CoHCF modified electrode.

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Key words: ascorbic acid, cobalt(II)-hexacyanoferrate, differential pulse voltammetry

5. Constantin MIHAILCIUC and Stelian LUPU

Electrodeposition, characterization and application of Pt/P3MT modified electrode.

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Key words: ascorbic acid, poly(3-metylthiophene), conducting polymer, differential pulse voltammetry

6. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Florina BRÂNZOI, Angela STANCA and Liviu MITITEANU

Corrosion protection of industrial cooling water systems by using new organic polymers as inhibitors.

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Key words: antiscaling and corrosion inhibitors, microwave field, potentiodynamic polarizations, metallography analysis

7. Ioan-Răducan STAN, Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL, Aurelia STAN and Cristina BORZAN

The effect of surface active compound adsorption on free drop deformations.

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Key words: interfacial tension gradient, Marangoni force, Marangoni effect, free drop deformations, dynamic instability, hydrodynamic model

8. Teodora STAICU, Marin MICUTZ, Gabriela CRISTESCU and Minodora LECA

Temperature influence on surfactants adsorption onto poly(vinyl acetate) latices prepared via surfactant-free emulsion polymerization.

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Key words: surfactant-free emulsion polymerization, monodispersed latices, surfactant adsorption, fluorescence probes


Chemical transformation of poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) with p-amino-N, N-diethylaniline.

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Key words: poly (styrene-alt-maleic anhydride), chemical transformation, FTIR analyses

10. Daniela ISTRATI, Angela POPESCU, Dan MIHAIESCU, Ioana SARAMET and Mihaela C. BALAŞU

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 25. Pyrolysis of some 3-mercapto-5-substituted-

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Key words: flow-vacuum pyrolysis (FVP), substituted-1,2,4-triazoles

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