Tome 53, No 9, Septembre 2008

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1. Elena HAMCIUC, Camelia HULUBEI, Maria BRUMĂ, Inga A. RONOVA and Ekaterina A. SOKOLOVA

Influence of conformational parameters on physical properties of some poly(imide-ether-amide)s based on Epiclon

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Key words: poly(imide-ether-amide)s, Epiclon, conformational rigidity, thermal properties, good solubility

2. Camelia HULUBEI

Functional maleimide-based structural polymers

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Key words: maleimides, polymaleimides, crosslinking, thermogravimetric analysis.

3. Marieta CONSTANTIN, Gheorghe FUNDUEANU and Marieta NICHIFOR

Synthesis and characterization of novel flavonoid based biomaterials

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Key words: polyamide fabric, troxerutin, graft polymerization, drug delivery system

4. Ecaterina AVRAM and Gabriela LISA

Thermal degradation behaviour and kinetic analysis of polystyrene with pendent viologen groups

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Key words: polyacrylonitrile, physical gelation, viscoelastic parameters

5. Maria BERCEA, Simona MORARIU and Cristina-Eliza BRUNCHI

Influence of non-solvent on the gelation phenomenon of polymer solutions

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Key words: polyacrylonitrile, sol-gel transition, viscoelastic paramet

6. Nicolae HURDUC, Ramona ENEA, Ioana MOLEAVIN, Elena-Emilia IORGULESCU and Victor DAVID

Characterization of some polysiloxanes containing nucleobases and azobenzene groups in their sidechain
or crown azo-ether within polymeric chains by means of negative-ionization mass spectrometry with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization

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Key words: polysiloxanes, nucleobases, azobenzene, crown ether, mass spectrometry, fragmentation

7. Mircea GRIGORAŞ, Loredana STAFIE and Marian TOTOLIN

Polyimines containing N-hexyl 3,6-carbazolyl-diyl and 1,4-phenylene units in the main polymer chain

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Key words: polyimines, solution polycondensation, linear polymer, macrocyclic compounds

8. Ion SAVA

Synthesis and characterization of some poly(amideimide)s by direct polycondensation

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Key words: poly(amide-imide)s, direct polycondensation, high thermal stability, thin films

9. Maria BRUMĂ, Ion SAVA, Mariana Dana DĂMĂCEANU, Nataliya M. BELOMOINA and Jenifer ROBISON

New polyimides containing siloxane groups in the main chain

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Key words: polyimides, siloxane groups, high thermal stability, thin films, green photoluminescence

10. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Mircea VINATORU, Gheorghe BOGĂŢIAN, Filip CHIRALEU, Mărioara GODEANU and Călin DELEANU

Artificial membranes by the self-assembly of pyridinium salts with a free amino group derived from pyrilium salts with long alkyl substituents

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Key words: pyridinium salts, artificial membranes, optical microscopy, DLS

11. Cristina PRISACARIU and Elena SCORTANU

Morphology of polyurethanes based on the chain extender ethylene glycol and aromatic flexible diisocyanates, as revealed by scanning electron microscopy

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Key words: polyurethanes, diisocyanates, morphology, crystallinity

12. Mihaela SILION (FRUNZA), Marcel Ionel POPA, Gabriela LISA and Doina HRITCU

New hybrid compounds containing intercalated ciprofloxacin into layered double hydroxides: synthesis and characterization

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Key words: layered double hydroxides, ciprofloxacin, coprecipitation, ion exchange

13. Constantin I. CHIRIAC, Fulga TANASA and Mariora NECHIFOR

A new alternative method for the synthesis of cinnamic acids from aromatic aldehydes and zinc acetate

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Key words: cinnamic acid, synthesis, zinc acetate, C-Cforming

14. Emilia OLTEANU, Constantin DRĂGHICI and Miron T. CĂPROIU

The synthesis and the spectral characterization of new bicyclo[2.2.1]heptadiene derivatives

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Key words: norbornadiene; bistosylhydrazone; Bamford Stevens reaction

15. Mirela ENACHE and Elena VOLANSCHI

Fluorescence study of the interaction of antitumor drug actinomycin D with double stranded DNA

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Key words: antitumor drug-DNA interaction, actinomycin D, fluorescence spectroscopy

16. Mihaela SCHULZ, Maria MRACEC, Eugen ŞIŞU, Ludovic KURUNCZI and Mircea MRACEC

PM3 conformational analysis of the (3S,5R,6R)-6 acetylamidopenicillanic acid. I. Geometrical properties

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Key words: (3S,5R,6R)-6-acetylamidopenicillanic acid, conformational analysis, geometrical properties, PM3

17. Gabriela LISA, Silvia CURTEANU and Cătălin LISA

Prediction of excess thermodynamic properties from experimental refractive index of binary mixtures. 2. Artificial neutral network modeling

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Key words: neural networks, excess thermodynamic properties, binary mixtures

18. Cristina STAN, Constantin P. CRISTESCU and Dumitru ALEXANDROAEI

Coherence resonance in excitable systems: activator-inhibitor dynamics

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Key words: excitable systems, coherence resonance, chemical oscillator, electric double layer

19. Alexandru CECAL, Oana HAUTĂ, Ada MACOVEI, Evelini POPOVICI, Ioana RUSU and Nicoleta MELNICIUC-PUICA

Hydrogen yield from water radiolysis in the presence of some pillared clays

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Key words: catalysis, clays, hydrogen, radiolysis, water

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