Tome 53, No 12 Décembre 2008

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1. Oana CARP

The influence of the central metallic ion on the thermal behaviour of solid coordination compounds

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Key words: coordination compound, metallic ion, thermal behaviour

2. Gabriela RĂU, Anca MOANŢĂ and George-Dan MOGOŞANU

Novel azoderivatives as liquid crystals

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Key words: azoderivatives, synthesis, liquid crystals

3. Hanene NAJAR, Mongia SAÏD ZINA et Abdelhamid GHORBEL

Effet de la désalumination du support zéolithique sur l’activité du palladium dans la combustion du méthane
Zeolitic support dealumination effect on methane combustion over palladium catalyst

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Key words: Zéolithe-Y, désalumination, catalyse, combustion du methane

4. Magdalena BOŞOMOIU, Grigore BOZGA and Gheorghe SOARE

Methane combustion over a commercial platinum on alumina catalyst: kinetic and catalyst deactivation

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Key words: methane combustion, catalyst, platinum on alumina, kinetics, deactivation

5. Cristina STOICESCU, Olga IULIAN and Florinela SÎRBU

Liquid+liquid equilibrium data for the ternary mixtures of 1-propanol+water with 1-butanol, 1-hexanol, 1-octanol, or 1-decanol at 294.15 K

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Key words: liquid + liquid equilibrium data, water + n-alcohol ternary systems, cloud-point method

6. Olga IULIAN, Florinela SÎRBU and Cristina STOICESCU

Density and apparent molar volume prediction in some ternary electrolyte solutions

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Key words: density prediction, apparent molar volume

7. Alina LATUS and Elena VOLANSCHI

Electrochemical and spectral study of the redox behavior and cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs with antraquinone structure: quinizarin

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Key words: antraquinone drugs, cyclic voltammetry, UV-VIS spectroelectrochemistry, MO- calculations, cardiotoxicity

8. Silvia CURTEANU and Maria CAZACU

Optimization of a polysiloxane synthesis process using artificial intelligence methods

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Key words: genetic algorithms, neural networks, polysiloxane, optimization


The “push” effect of the thiolate axial ligand in superoxide reductase: a density functional study

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Key words: DFT/ iron/ superoxide reductase/ thiolate push/ enzyme