No 2, Février 2009

Tome 54, No 2 Février 2009

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1. Cornelia LUCA, Cristina Doina VLAD and Ion BUNIA

Trends in organic weak base anion exchangers resins

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Key words: organic weak base anion exchangers, polymeric ligands, sorbents for acids

2. Andrei CUCOŞ, Elena MELNIC, Yurii A. SIMONOV and Marius ANDRUH

A heterotrimetallic chain constructed from binuclear [Cu(II)Mn(II)] nodes and trans-[Cr(NCS)4(pyz)2]- spacers

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Key words: heterotrimetallic complexes; copper(II) complexes; manganese(II) complexes, chromium(III) complexes; crystal structure

3. Andrada BUT, Carmen BATIU, Yvan RAMONDENC and Mircea DARABANTU

Serinolic approach in the synthesis of the 3-oxa-7-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane skeleton functionalised at the C-5 position

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Key words: cysteinols, 1,3-oxazolines, 3-oxa-7-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]octane, serinols, thionation

4. Iulia MATEI, Laura SOARE, Cristina TABLET and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Characterization of simvastatin and its cyclodextrin inclusion complexes by absorption and circular dichroism spectroscopies and molecular mechanics calculations

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Key words: simvastatin, cyclodextrin, inclusion complex, UV absorption, circular dichroism, semiempirical, molecular mechanics, binding parameters

5. Ion Gh. TĂNASE, Alexandru PANĂ and Mihaela PANĂ

Data analysis of variance in atomic absorption spectrometry for determination of hazardous microelements Ni, Pb, Cd from polyether polyols

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Key words: Ni, Pb, Cd, analysis of variance, repeatability, linearity, population, F test

6. Anca MOANŢĂ and Stelian RADU

Spectroscopic analysis and antimicrobial activity of some 4-phenylazo-phenoxyacetic acids

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Key words: 4-phenylazo-phenoxyacetic acid, 1H NMR spectra, mass spectra, antimicrobial activity

7. Liliana OSTOPOVICI HALIP, Ana BOROTA, Maria MRACEC, Ramona CURPAN, Alexandra GRUIA and Mircea MRACEC

3D homology model of the alpha2A adrenergic receptor subtype

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Key words: homology; 2RH1 PDB template; GPCR; 3D-model; alpha2A adrenergic receptor

8. Ovidiu DUMITRESCU et Dorel RADU

Systèmes cristallins silico-alcalins : l’influence de la basicité sur certaines propriétés thermodynamiques
Silica-alkali crystalline systems : the influence of basicity on some thermodynamic properties

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Key words: énergie libre de réaction Gibbs, basicité, systèmes silico-alcalins

9. Cristina STOIAN, Mihaela OLTEANU, Gheorghe ZGHEREA et Sandu PERETZ

Stabilité des émulsions doubles réalisées en présence des polymères
Stability of double emulsions prepared in the presence of polymers

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Key words: émulsion double, acide polyacrylique, destruction, diffusion

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