No 3 Mars 2009

Tome 54, No 3 Mars 2009

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1. Lăcrămioara BĂLĂIŢĂ and Marcel POPA

Polymer magnetic particles in biomedical applications

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Key words: medical applications, targeting drug, magnetic particles, polymers

2. Vasile BĂDESCU, Laura Elena UDREA, Ovidiu ROTARIU, Rodica BĂDESCU and Gabriela APREOTESEI

On preparation of magnetic microbeads by two microfluidic emulsification techniques and polymerization

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Key words: magnetic microbeads, ferrofluid, microfluidic emulsification

3. Simona CONDURACHE-BOTA, Gheorghe I. RUSU, Nicolae ŢIGĂU, Romana DRAŞOVEAN and

Structural and optical characterization of thermally oxidized bismuth films

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Key words: bismuth, thermal oxidation, optical measurements, XRD spectra

4. Zaki AJJI

Radiation-induced preparation of polyester/gypsum/ composite

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Key words: unsaturated polyester-styrene, gypsum, composite, gamma radiation

5. Simona-Antoanela GĂVAN and Dan F. ANGHEL

Fluorescent labels grafted on poly(acrylic acid) accounting for conformational changes through non-radiative energy transfer

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Key words: poly(acrylic acid), naphthalene, pyrene, non-radiative energy transfer, pH

6. Simona-Antoanela GĂVAN, Françoise M. WINNIK, Monica Elisabeta MAXIM, Gabriela STÎNGĂ, Cornelia ILIE and Dan F. ANGHEL

Effects induced by ethoxylated nonionic surfactants on pyrene-labeled hydroxypropyl cellulose in aqueous solution

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Key words: hydroxypropyl cellulose, pyrene, label, surfactant, ethoxylate

7. Cristina BOGATU, Mihaela VOINEA, Anca DUŢĂ, Irina Mihaela PELIN and Gabrielle Charlotte CHIŢANU

The electrochemical deposition of Cu/CuOx solar selective coatings with controlled morphology

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Key words: solar absorbers, electrodeposition, voltammetry, copper oxides, maleic anhydride copolymers

8. Violeta VASILACHE, Sonia GUTT, Gheorghe GUTT, Traian VASILACHE, Constantin FILOTE and Ion SANDU

Studies of hardness for electrodeposited nickel from Watts baths with addition of polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP)

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Key words: nickel electroplating, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, hardness, Watts bath

9. Mihaela ARTIMON, Ion Gh.TĂNASE and Gina VASILE

The validation of the method for iron determination in Roumanian wines using flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Key words: FAAS, robustness, Shewhart control charts

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