No 4 Avril 2009

Tome 54, No 4 Avril 2009

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1. Jana Petre, Vasile Iancu and Victor David

Benzene / water partition constants and thermodynamic parameters estimated from liquid chromatography retention of some herbicides using phenyl-silica stationary phase.

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Key words: benzene/water partition constants, liquid chromatography, phenyl-silica, herbicides, thermodynamics

2. Stelian LUPU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrodeposition, characterization and application of Pt/P3MT/CoHCF modified electrode

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Key words: ascorbic acid, cobalt(II)-hexacyanoferrate, poly(3-metylthiophene), bilayer electrode, differential pulse voltammetry

3. Mihai V. POPA, Cristina DONATH, Niculae ENE and Elena NEACŞU

Chemical and electrochemical stability of some molybdenum compounds in molten alkali electrolytes

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Key words: molybdenum, cyclic voltammetry, molten electrolytes, chemical stability, electrode kinetics

4. Florin CRIŞAN and Ervin SALLO

Dynamic behavior of zinc anode in nitric acid – potassium dichromate media. Influence of the electrolyte composition

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Key words: nitric acid, potassium dichromate, oscillations

5. Octavian STAICU, Valentin MUNTEANU and Dumitru OANCEA

Transition from kinetic to diffusion control during the catalytic ignition of alkane/ air mixtures on platinum

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Key words: catalytic combustion, platinum wire, alkane/air mixture, kinetic and diffusion control

6. Victor MALYSHEV, Angelina GAB, Ana-Maria POPESCU and Virgil CONSTANTIN

Electrochemical surface plating based on tungsten carbide and zirconium diboride

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Key words: surface plating, molten salts, tungsten carbide, zirconium diboride

7. Monica IHOŞ, Florica MANEA, Gligor BOCEA et Maria JITARU

Le comportement electrochimique des anodes en SnO2 modifiées en presence des polluants phénoliques
Electrochemical behaviour of modified SnO2 anodes in the presence of phenolic polluants

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Key words: anodes en SnO2, nonylphénols éthoxylés, voltammétrie cyclique

8. Radu Adrian CÂRCEL, Luminiţa ANDRONIC and Anca DUŢĂ

Cd2+ modified TiO2 for methyl orange photodegradation

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Key words: titanium dioxide, photocatalysis, cadmium, doping

9. Rodica PODE, Evelini POPOVICI, Aurelia VASILE, Laura COCHECI and Emiliana DVININOV

Sorption and photocatalytic degradation of azoic dyes on TiO2-pillared montmorillonitic clay

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Key words: sorption, photocatalytic degradation, pillared clay, azoic dye

10. Stela FLORESCU, Gabriela CRISTESCU and Minodora LECA

Alternative surfactants for LAS in environmentally friendly detergent compositions

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: environment friendly detergent compositions, alkylethersulphate, secondary alkanesulphate,
sulphatated fatty alcohol, protease

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