No 5 Mai 2009

Tome 54, No 5 Mai 2009

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1. Viorica MELTZER and Elena PINCU

A DSC study for binary mixture of 2-chlorobenzoic acid with salicylic acid

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Key words: phase diagram, DSC, excess functions, 2-chlorobenzoic acid, salicylic acid

2. Niculae I. IONESCU

Kinetic model for heterogeneous catalytic oscillatory reactions

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Key words: oscillations, kinetic model

3. Cristina BOGATU, Rodica VÎLCU, Dan GEANĂ, Anca DUŢĂ, Wim POOT and Theodor W. de LOOS

High pressure phase behaviour of the system R23 + phenylpropane. Experimental results and modeling liquid-vapour equilibrium

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Key words: refrigerant-alkylbenzene system, type III phase behaviour, PR EoS, SRK EoS, van der Waals mixing rules

4. Stelian LUPU, Ion ION and Alina Catrinel ION

Voltammetric determination of phenol at platinum electrodes modified with polypyrrole doped with ferricyanide

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Key words: electrochemical sensor, modified electrode, phenol, square wave voltammetry

5. Toma GALAON, Florentin TACHE and Victor DAVID

Retention behaviour of two biguanidines in liquid chromatography based on cyano stationary phase

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Key words: biguanidines, cyano stationary phase, retention mechanism, liquid chromatography

6. Gheorghe TOMOAIA, Cristina BORZAN, Maria CRISAN, Aurora MOCANU, Ossi HOROVITZ, Liviu-Dorel BOBOS and Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL

Nanostructure formation of collagen and anticancer drugs investigated by atomic force microscopy

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Key words: collagen, anti-cancer drugs, mica surface, nanostructures, atomic force microscopy

7. Mădălina Georgiana ALBU, Mihaela Violeta GHICA, Lăcrămioara POPA, Minodora LECA and Viorica TRANDAFIR

Kinetics of in vitro release of doxycycline hyclate from collagen hydrogels

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Key words: collagen, doxycycline hyclate, rheological behaviour, kinetics of in vitro release

8. Ion SAVA

Polyesther-amides with liquid-crystalline properties

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Key words: polyester-amides, thermotropic behavior, X-ray diffraction

9. Lenuţa STROEA and Emil C. BURUIANĂ

A study on properties of the polymeric composites based on triaziene polyacrylates and silicates

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Key words: nanocomposites, montmorillonite, polyacrylates, X-ray diffraction

10. Mihaela MANEA, Valentina CHIOSA, Ioana STĂNCULESCU and Cristina MANDRAVEL

IR spectral study on nature of 2-pyridine aldoxime methyl chloride interaction with some sterols. III. Lanosterol and 7-dehydrocholesterol

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: 2-PAM, lanosterol, 7-dehydrocholesterol, hydrogen bond, FTIR

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