Tome 54, No 9 Septembre 2009

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1. Ştefania RACOVIŢĂ, Silvia VASILIU, Marcel POPA and Cornelia LUCA

Polysaccharides based on micro- and nanoparticles obtained by ionic gelation and their applications as drug delivery systems.

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Key words: polysaccharides beads, ionotropic gelation method, drug delivery.

2. Eugen I. SEGAL

Applications of an algorithm to derive rate equations by means of kinetic graphs.

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Key words: kinetic graph, quasisteady state approximation, linear mechanism.

3. Doroteia VULPEŞ, Mihai V. PUTZ and Adrian CHIRIAC

QSAR study on the anaesthetic activity of some barbiturates and thiobarbiturates.

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Key words: QSAR, regression analysis, anaesthetic activity, electronic and geometric descriptors, model with predictive power.

4. Tanţa SPĂTARU

Electrochemical deposition of hydrous ruthenium oxide on conductive diamond films and its application to phenol oxidation in acidic media.

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Key words: hydrous ruthenium oxide, composite materials, conductive diamond, phenol oxidation.

5. Manuela MURARIU, Karin POPA, Ecaterina-Stela DRĂGAN and Gabi DROCHIOIU

Synthetic cysteine-peptide and its relation with heavy and radioactive metals.

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Key words: peptide synthesis, mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, atomic force microscopy, Mercury-203, radiotoxicity, glutathione.

6. Roxana DONE, Ioana STĂNCULESCU and Cristina MANDRAVEL

Actual trends in threshold limit values evaluation: application to halogen containing compounds using multilinear regression method.

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Key words: Threshold Limit Values (TLV’s); multilinear regression method (MLR); halogenated alkanes; molecular modeling.

7. Laura MUREŞAN, Mihaela NISTOR, Elisabeth CSÖREGI and Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

Reagentless amperometric biosensor for NADH detection.

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Key words: amperometric biosensors, NADOx, NADH detection, Os-redox polymer.

8. Daniela GRĂDINARU, Denisa MARGINĂ and Claudia BORŞA

In vitro studies regarding the antioxidant effects of procaine, Gerovital H3 and Aslavital.

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Key words: antioxidant, superoxide radical, conjugated dienes.

9. Viorica-Niculina STĂNESCU, Mihaela OLTEANU, Manuela FLOREA-SPIROIU and Zina VULUGA

Fractal properties of collagen/chitosan/montmorillonite membranes.

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Key words: fractal dimension, collagen, chitosan, montmorilonite.

10. Jae Young BAE, Tae Kwan YUN, Sung Soo HAN, Byung Gil MIN, Imre BAKO and Soong-Hyuck SUH

Fabrication and characteristics of variable crystalline TiO2 for photocatalytic activities.

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Key words: nanocrystalline, anatase, rutile, catalysis, photodegradation.