Tome 55, No 5 Mai 2010

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1. Cornelia PANAITESCU and Georgeta PREDEANU

Petrographic research applied to carbon materials.

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Key words: optical texture, coal-tar pitch, needle petroleum coke, grafitized electrode, calcinated anthracite

2. Georgeta PREDEANU and Cornelia PANAITESCU

Optical properties of some carbons types

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Key words: activated carbon, graphite intercalated compounds, vitreous carbon, mesophase, porosity

3. Ana Maria POPESCU, George NIPAN, Suzana MIHAIU, Virgil CONSTANTIN, Mircea OLTEANU and Nikolai SHUMILKIN

Structure and behaviour of ceramic materials based on SnO2 used as inert anodes in electrowining processes.

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Key words: aluminium electrolysis, inert anodes, SnO2-based ceramic anodes, polarization, current efficiency, corrosion, cyclic voltammetry in molten salts, solubility of SnO2

4. Alina CRISTIAN, Emilia Elena IORGULESCU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical studies using activated glassy carbon. I. Meloxicam.

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Key words: meloxicam, anodically activated GCE, accumulation, Cyclic voltametry

5. Ming-Jen CHENG, Ming-Der WU, Ih-Sheng CHEN, Ping-Shin YANG and Gwo-Fang YUAN

Secondary metabolites isolated from the fungus Monascus pilosus

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Key words: Monascus pilosus; fungus; fermented Rice (red mold rice); 2H-pyrone derivative; monascuspyrone

6. Liliana OSTOPOVICI-HALIP, Ana BOROTA, Alexandra GRUIA, Maria MRACEC, Ramona RAD CURPAN and Mircea MRACEC

3D homology model of the α2B-adrenergic receptor subtype

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Key words: homology; 2rh1 PDB template; GPCR; 3D-model; α2B-adrenergic receptor

7. Marian VÎRGOLICI, Irina PETROVICIU, Eugenia TEODOR, Simona LIŢESCU, Mihaela MANEA, Corneliu PONTA, Gheorghe NICULESCU, Costel SÂRBU and Andrei MEDVEDOVICI

TD/CGC/MS and FT-IR characterization of archaeological amber artefacts from Roumanian collections (Roman age)

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Key words: archaeological amber; thermal desorbtion; GC/MS; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; principal components analysis

8. Dumitru Petru IGA, Silvia IGA, Alina NICOLESCU and Nicoleta-Aurelia CHIRA

Synthesis of a new substrate for exo- galactofuranosidases, 2-hydroxy-4-nitrobenzene 1-yl β-D-galactofuranoside

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Key words: nitrocatechol β-D-galactofuranoside, β-D-galactofuranosepentaacetate, NMR spectra

9. Niculae I. IONESCU and Monica CĂlDĂRARU

Adsorption kinetics in the system ZnO fine powder/O2

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Key words: adsorption, logarithmic rate law

10. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Florina BRÂNZOI, Luisa PILAN and Nicoleta DONISAN

The characterization of some nanocomposites based on conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes obtained by co-polymerization

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Key words: nanocomposite films, polypyrrole, poly (o-phenylenediamine), polyaniline, carbon nanotubes, cyclic voltammetry, SEM, EIS

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