No 3 Mars 2011

Tome 56, No 3 Mars 2011

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1. Irina POPESCU, Dana Mihalea SUFLET, Irina Mihaela PELIN and Gabrielle Charlotte CHIŢANU

Biomedical applications of maleic anhydride copolymers

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Key words: maleic anhydride copolymers, antitumor activity, controlled drug delivery

2. Namrata Tripathi SHALINI and Vinod Kumar SHARMA

Synthesis, characterization and biological aspects of iron(III) and cobalt(III) complexes with Schiff bases derived from substituted mercaptotriazole

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Key words: iron(III), cobalt(III), mercaptotriazole, spectroscopic studies, antifungal activity


Isomerization of chloro-olefins of allyl structure by heterogeneous catalysis

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Key words: Fe2O3, chloroalkenes, isomerization, Mössbauer spectroscopy

4. Florica Papa, Dana GINGAŞU, Luminiţa PATRON, Akane MIYAZAKI and Ioan BALINT

Impact of the catalyst basicity on the mechanism of OCM reaction performed over alkaline Nd2O3 mixed oxides

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Key words: oxidative coupling of methane, methane oxidative conversion, basicity of oxide surface, lanthanide-alkaline-earth oxide catalysts

5. Camelia HULUBEI and Dumitru POPOVICI

Novel polyimides containing alicyclic units. Synthesis and characterization

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Key words: polyimides, alicyclic dianhydride thermostablility, solubility

6. Cristina ONIŞOR, Mihalj POŠA and Costel SÂRBU

Modeling of chromatographic lipophilicity indices of bile acids and their derivatives

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Key words: bile acids and their derivatives, HPLC, lipophilicity, QSPR, genetic algorithm

7. Mirela CĂLINESCU, Daniela MANEA and Gabriela PAVELESCU

Synthesys and spectroscopic properties of new complex compounds of europium(III) and terbium(III) with 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde acetylhydrazone and heterocyclic bases

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Key words: europium(III), terbium(III), lanthanides, luminescence, metal complexes

8. Marilena VASILESCU, Alina LATUS, Rodica D. BǍRǍŢOIU, Marioara BEM and Titus CONSTANTINESCU

Pluronic copolymer nanostructure for solubilization of hydrophobic benzofurazan derivatives in water. A spectrophotometric study

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Key words: micellar solubilization, 4-amino-7-nitrobenzoxadiazole derivatives, Pluronic L64, UV-Vis absorptrion, fluorescence

9. Alexandru Ioan CHIVULESCU, Mihaela BADEA DONI, Mihaela-Carmen CHEREGI, Andrei Florin DANET

Determination of amoxicillin, ampicillin and penicillin G using a flow injection analysis method with chemiluminescence detection

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Key words: flow injection analysis, chemiluminescence, β-lactam antibiotics analysis, luminol, UV irradiation

10. Dumitru OANCEA, Valentin MUNTEANU, Domnina RAZUS and Maria MITU

Temperature and pressure effect on the isothermal catalytic ignition of n-hexane/air mixtures on platinum

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Key words: atalytic ignition, induction period, platinum wire, n-hexane-air


Transylidation of 3-methyl-phenacylpyridazinium ylides with phenylisocyanate. Influence of triethylamonium cation over prototropic rearrangement

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Key words: pyridazinium N-ylides, phenylisocyanate, triethylamonium cation, prototropic rearrangement

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