No 6 Juin 2011

Tome 56, No 6 Juin 2011

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1.  Catalysis in Roumania 2011


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2. Gabriela BLĂNIŢĂ, Ovidiu ARDELEAN, Dan LUPU, Gheorghe BORODI, Maria MIHEŢ, Maria COROŞ, Mircea VLASSA, Ioan MIŞAN, Ioan COLDEA and Gabriel POPENECIU

Microwave assisted synthesis of MOF-5 at atmospheric pressure

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Key words: metal-organic framework, MOF-5, microwave synthesis at ambient pressure

3.  Emil INDREA, Ecaterina BICA, Elisabeth-Jeanne POPOVICI, Ramona-Crina SUCIU, Marcela Corina ROŞU and Teofil-Danuţ SILIPAŞ

Rietveld refinement of power X-ray diffraction of nanocrystalline noble metals – tungsten trioxide

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Key words: photocatalysts, tungsten trioxide, sol-gel, microstructure, Rietveld method

4. Natasza KRAWCZYK, Izabela WITOŃSKA, Aleksandra KRÓLAK, Magdalena FRAJTAK and Stanisław KARSKI


Catalytic hydrogenation of nitrates on Pd-In/TiO2 catalysts

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Key words: nitrate removal, Pd-In/TiO2 catalysts, catalytic denitrification.

5. Marcela-Corina ROŞU, Ramona-Crina SUCIU, Simina-Virginia DREVE, 3.0 Teofil-Dănuţ SILIPAŞ, Ioan BRATU and Emil INDREA


The influence of TiO2 content in preparation of TiO2/ITO nanostructured films

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Key words: TiO2, photocatalyst, photocatalytic activity, nanostructured films


6. Ramona-Crina SUCIU, Marcela-Corina ROŞU, Teofil-Dănuţ SILIPAŞ, Alexandru Radu BIRIŞ, Ioan BRATU and Emil INDREA

TiO2 thin films prepared by spin coating technique

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Key words: sol-gel, titanium diethanolamine complex, photocatalysts, microstructure, TiO2


7.  Emil INDREA, Ramona-Crina SUCIU, Marcela-Corina Roşu and Teofil-Dănuţ SILIPAŞ


Rietveld analysis of nanocristalline titania prepared by sol-gel method

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Key words: photocatalysts, nanocrystalline titania, sol-gel, microstructure, Rietveld method

8. Vladislav V. STYROV and Sergei V. SIMCHENKO


A means for insight into the nonequlibrium electronic processes during heterogeneous chemical reactions

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Key words: selenium, p-n junction, chemicurrent, atomic hydrogen, nonequilibrium states in catalysis

9.  Aleksandra KRÓLAK, Izabela WITOŃSKA, Natasza KRAWCZYK, Magdalena FRAJTAK and Stanisław KARSKI

Stability of Pd/SiO2 and Pd-Tl/ SiO2 catalysts in hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol

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Key words: catalytic dehydrogenation, Pd-Tl/SiO2 catalysts, hydrodechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol

10.  Magdalena FRAJTAK, Izabela WITOŃSKA, Aleksandra KRÓLAK, Natasza KRAWCZYK and Stanisław KARSKI

The influence of tellurium addition to supported palladium catalysts on their catalytic properties in glucose oxidation

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Key words: catalytic oxidation, Pd-Te/SiO2 catalysts, oxidation of glucose

11. Mihaela D. LAZAR, Monica DAN, Maria MIHET, Valer ALMASAN, Vasile REDNIC and George BORODI


Hydrogen production by low temperature methane steam reforming using Ag and Au modified alumina supported nickel catalysts

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Key words: hydrogen, methane steam reforming, Ni-Au catalysts, Ni-Ag catalysts

12.  Monica DAN, Mihaela D. LAZAR, Vasile REDNIC, Valer ALMASAN


Methane steam reforming over Ni/Al2O3 promoted by CeO and La O

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Key words: hydrogen, methane steam reforming, oxide promoted Ni catalysts

13.  Stefania ŞIMON, Alexandru R. BIRIŞ, Dan M. LUPU, Ioan MIŞAN, Alexandru S. BIRIŞ, Simona CLICHICI and Cornel IANCU


Carbon nanotubes via catalytic chemical vapor deposition method using induction heating – an advantageous route

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14.  Ovidiu ARDELEAN, Gabriela BLĂNIŢA, Maria MIHEŢ, Ioan COLDEA, Dan LUPU, and Petru PALADE

Supported Pt and Pd catalysts as additive for hydrogen adsorption enhancement in MOFs

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Key words: metal-organic frameworks, spillover, hydrogen adsorption

15. Maria MIHEŢ, Mihaela D. LAZĂR, Valer ALMĂŞAN and Gheorghe BORODI


Low temperature hydrogen selective catalytic reduction of NO and Pd/Al O 23

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Key words: NOx, H2-SCR, Pd/Al2O3, NO-TPD

16.  Adriana VULCU, Camelia BERGHIAN GROSAN, Maria CHIRIAC and Valer ALMASAN


The 15N labelled L-glutamic acid: experimental and computational NMR studies

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Key words: L-[15N]-glutamic acid, biosynthesis, NMR, DFT, B3LYP

17.  Ahmed MOUSSAIF, Roberto MARTIN, Youssef RAMLI, Rachid ZNIBER, Redouane ACHOUR, Mostafa EL GHOUL, Mercedes ALVARO and Hermenegildo GARCIA



Chiral bis(oxazoline)copper(II) covalently anchored to single wall carbon nanotube as recoverable catalyst for enantioselective Friedel- Crafts hydroxyalkylation

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: single wall carbon nanotubes, soluble single wall carbon nanotubes, enantioselective catalysts, chiral bisoxazolines, recoverable homogeneous catalysts

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