No 10-11 Octobre-Novembre 2011

Tome 56, No 10-11  Octobre-Novembre 2011

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ROMPHYSCHEM-14, June 2-4, 2010: the crisis edition

Dr. Vlad Tudor Popa “Ilie Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry

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1. Irina DUMITRIU, Radu Claudiu FIERĂSCU, Raluca Ioana BUNGHEZ, Simona Florentina POP, Sanda Maria DONCEA, Mihaela Lucia ION and Rodica Mariana ION

Analytical methods for artefacts complex analysis

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Key words: artefacts, analytical methods, spectroscopic techniques, radiation-based techniques

2. Carmen RACLEŞ, Mihaela ALEXANDRU, Alexandra NISTOR and Maria CAZACU

Surface properties of siloxane-based surfactants containing tromethamol units

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Key words: siloxane, surfactants, wetting behaviour, dynamic vapor sorption.

3. Maria IGNAT and Evelini POPOVICI

Synthesis of mesoporous carbon materials via nanocasting route – comparative study of glycerol and sucrose as carbon sources

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Key words: nanocasting, carbon precursor, mesoporous carbon.

4. Nicolae DOCA, Nicolina POP, Alin MOGOŞ, Paul ALBU and Titus VLASE

Selective activation of heterogeneous systems: a consequence of the Jahn-Teller effect

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Key words: activation mechanism, Morse oscillators, vibrational energy transfer, supersymmetry, thermal decomposition

5. Adriana FULIAŞ, Alina BOBRIC, Gabriela VLASE, Titus VLASE and Nicolae DOCA

Thermal stability and biological interactions of some cephalosporins

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Key words: cephalosporins, thermal behaviour, Drosophila melanogaster

6.  Adriana FULIAŞ, Nicolae DOCA, Gabriela VLASE, Bogdan TIŢA, Dumitru TIŢA and Titus VLASE

Thermal decomposition kinetics of cefadroxil

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Key words: cefadroxil, thermal analysis, kinetic parameters, NPK method.

7. Liana Simona SBÎRNĂ, Aurora REISS, Anisoara PREDA, Florina CIOLAN and Irina NICOLAESCU

Stereochemistry of various complexes containing a bidentate Schiff base that is able to change denticity

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Key words: complex compounds, Schiff bases, bi- and tridentate ligands, changeable, denticity, tetra- and hexa-coordination, d8 and d10 metal ions

8. Liudmila GUSINA, Ion BULHAC, Diana DRAGANCEA, Yurii A. SIMONOV and Sergiu SHOVA

Structural and spectroscopic characterization of dioxomolybdenum(VI) complexes with Schiff bases derived from isonicotinoylhydrazide

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Key words: Schiff base ligands, molybdenum(VI) complexes, X-Ray structure

9. Dan CONSTANTINESCU,Mariella CONSTANTINESCU, Constanţa MARIN-PERIANU, Horia PETRAN, Cristian PETCU, Angela-Gabriela CARACAŞ and Elena Maria ANGHEL

Principles and method of determining the thermal diffusivity of homogeneous and isotropic materials

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Key words: thermal diffusivity, conduction heat transfer, sensitivity analysis, unitary thermal response

10.  Bogdan TUTUNARU, Adriana SAMIDE, Adina CIUCIU and Ioana PRUNARU

The effect of N-(2-hydroxybenzilidene) thiosemicarbazide on corrosion resistance of electrodeposited tin layer onto carbon steel in acidic media

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Key words: tin coatings, electro-deposited, N-(2-hydroxybenzilidene) thiosemicarbazide, surface structure, SEM.

11.  Nicoleta CIOATERĂ, Adriana SAMIDE, Aurelia MAXUT, Rose-Noëlle VANNIER and Michel TRAISNEL

Electrodeposition of Ni-Ceria nanocomposite coatings and their corrosion behavior

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Key words: electrodeposition, nanostructured ceria, nickel, composite coating, corrosion resistance.

12.  Maria-Laura SOARE, Magdalena-Rodica BUJDUVEANU, Eleonora-Mihaela UNGUREANU, Emilian GEORGESCU and Liviu BIRZAN

Comparative electrochemical studies on substituted benzoyl indolizine-1-carboxylates

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Key words: ethyl 3-(4-bromobenzoyl) indolizine-1-carboxylate, ethyl 3-(4- chlorobenzoyl) indolizine-1-carboxylate, ethyl 3-(4- methylbenzoyl) indolizine-1-carboxylate, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry

13.  Gabriela Maria OPREA, Angela Mariana MICHNEA and Cristina MIHALI

Adsorption kinetics of 8-hydroxyquinoline on smithsonite

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Key words: smithsonite, kinetic, 8-hydroxyquinoline, adsorption.

14. Dan CONSTANTINESCU,46 Mariella CONSTANTINESCU, Horia PETRAN, Cristian PETCU, Angela-Gabriela CARACAŞ and Elena Maria ANGHEL

Analysis on the thermal behaviour of the thermal storage units for phase change materials

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Key words: Stefan equation, phase change, latent heat, phase change front velocity.

15.  Gheorghe TOMOAIA, Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL, Lacrimioara-Bianca POP, Alexandru POP, Ossi HOROVITZ, Aurora MOCANU, Nicolae JUMATE and Liviu-Dorel BOBOS

Synthesis and characterization of some composites based on nanostructured phosphates, collagen and chitosan

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Key words: hydroxyapatite, silicon substituted hydroxyapatite, nanopowders, collagen, chitosan

16.  Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL, Roxana-Diana PASCA, Ossi HOROVITZ and Aurora MOCANU

Surface potentials of cholesterol and dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine monolayers at the air/water interface

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Key words: dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine, DMPC, cholesterol, monolayers, surface potential, dipole moments.

17.  Veronica BRĂTAN, Paul CHESLER, Anca VASILE, Ligia TODAN, Maria ZAHARESCU and Monica CĂLDĂRARU

Surface properties and catalytic oxidation on V2O5-CeO2 catalysts

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Key words: CeVO4, electrical conductivity, EPR, UV-Vis, propylene oxidation

18.   Dora LUCACI, Maria VIŞA and Anca DUŢĂ

Copper removal on wood–fly ash substrates – thermodynamic study

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Key words: sawdust, biosorption, heavy metals, wastewater treatment

19.  Ionuţ POPOVICI, Dana PERNIU, Luminiţa ISAC, Raluca CIOC and Anca DUŢĂ

Surfactant assisted control over morphology and surface properties of sprayed TiO2 thin films

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Key words: TiO2, spray pyrolysis deposition, surfactant, morphology

20.  L. V. EL’NIKOVA

Lattice model calculations on aqueous solutions of acetone and tetramethylurea

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Key words: aqueous acetone, aqueous tetramethylurea, mixing schemes, lattice modeling, Monte Carlo