No 1 Janvier 2012

Tome 57, No 1 Janvier 2012

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1.   Adina Elena STANCIU

Radionuclides in targeted therapy of cancer

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Key words: radionuclide, radiopharmaceutic product, targeted radionuclide therapy, cancer therapy

2.  Marcela-Corina ROŞU, Ramona-Crina SUCIU, Simina-Virginia DREVE, Teofil-Dănuţ SILIPAŞ, Ioan BRATU and Emil INDREA

The influence of PEG/PPG and of the annealing temperature on TiO2-based layers properties

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Key words: nanocrystalline TiO2, photocatalyst, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol

3. Maria COCU, Alexandra CILOCI, Jana TIURINA, Svetlana LABLIUC, Steliana CLAPCO, Maria STRATAN, Jiulieta GRADINARU and Ion BULHAC

The influence of nickel(II) and copper(II) coordination compounds based on benzoylacetone S-methylisothiosemicarbazone on enzymatic
activity of micromycete Aspergillus niger CNMNFD10

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Key words: metal complexes, nickel(II), copper(II), cellulosolytic activity, micromycete

4. Gabriela Elena BADEA, Cornel ANTAL, Marcel ROŞCA and Aurel SETEL

Autocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) on platinum electrode in acid solution

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Key words: chromate, sulphuric acid solutions, platinum, reduction, mechanism

5.  Laura-Madalina POPESCU, Roxana Mioara PITICESCU, Giovanni DONI and Andrea DANANI

Interfacial interactions of Fe3+ with PAMAM dendrimer in different pressure conditions. Molecular dynamics

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Key words: PAMAM dendrimer, Fe3+-PAMAM interactions, molecular dynamics, radial distribution function

6. Daniela MARGAN, Ana BOROTA, Maria MRACEC and Mircea MRACEC

3D homology model of the human prostaglandin E2 receptor EP4 subtype

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Key words: GPCR, 3D homology model, PE2R4, EP4, adenosine receptor A2a template.

7. Cristina STAN, Constantin P. CRISTESCU and Dana Andreea NEACSU

Using chaos game representation for similarity studies on albumin amino acids sequences

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Key words: chaos game representation, protein sequences, albumin

8.  Florina BRÂNZOI, Viorel BRÂNZOI, Alina PRUNĂ

Characterization of electrochemical properties of poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) – poly(N,N-dimethyl aniline) and copolymer

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Key words: poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene), poly(N,N-dimethyl aniline), copolymerization, cyclic voltammetry, dopant, cyclic voltammetry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

9. Eugen SEGAL

Kinetic graphs as a useful tool for the kinetic description of catalytic and chain reactions

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Key words: complex reaction mechanisms, kinetic graphs, steady state approximation

10.  Medeea RADULESCU, Emilia-Elena IORGULESCU, Constantin MIHAILCIUC and Victor DAVID

Comparative study of the retention of pyridinium and imidazolium based ionic liquids on octadecylsilica stationary phase under ion pairing mechanism with alkylsulphonate anions

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Key words: ionic liquids, ion pairing, liquid chromatography, octadecylsilica, alkylsulphonate

11.  The 3rd Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry: South‐East Europe

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12.  Strengthening the Roumanian research capacity in multifunctional polymeric materials (FP7-REGPOT-2010-1-STREAM)

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