No 2 Fevrier 2012

Tome 57, No 2 Fevrier 2012

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1.   Monica DRAGOMIRESCU, Gabriela PREDA, Teodor VINTILĂ, Beatrice VLAD-OROS, Despina BORDEAN and Cecilia SAVII

The effect of immobilization on activity and stability of a protease preparation obtained by an indigenous strain, Bacillus licheniformis B 40

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Key words: protease, Bacillus, immobilization, inorganic support, silica gel, sol-gel.

2.  Loredana Elena VÎJAN and Mihaela NEAGU

Adsorption isotherms of phenol and aniline on activated carbon

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Key words: adsorption, activated carbon, phenol, aniline, adsorption isoth


Hydroacridines. Part 31. Saturated amine oxides. Part 9. Study of a procedure for N-demethylation of saturated azaheterocyclic tertiary N- methylamines via their N-oxides

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Key words: tetradecahydroacridines, amine oxides, N-demethylation, nitrogen heterocycles, stereochemistry

4. Simona BUNGǍU, Ildiko SZABO, GabrielaElenaBADEAand Alexandrina FODOR

Biotin determination by using a kinetic method

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Key words: biotin, p-aminobenzoic acid, bromate, bromine, Landolt method.

5.  Yogesh K.VYAWAHARE, Vilas R. CHUMBHALE and Anand S. ASWAR

Alkylation of benzene to cumene over MOR zeolite catalysts

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Key words: MOR zeolite, alkylation, cumene, isopropanol, propylene.

6. Ştefania RACOVIŢĂ, Silvia VASILIU and Marcel POPA

Sorption isotherms and kinetics of cefotaxime sodium salt on chitosan-polybetaine complexes

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Key words: chitosan, polybetaines, cefotaxime sodium salt, equilibrium isotherms, kinetic characterization

7. Daniela MARGAN, Gheorghe ILIA, Ana BOROTA and Mircea MRACEC

Conformational analysis for prostaglandin E2. I

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Key words: conformational analysis, PM3, PGE2 (dinprostone), EP prostanoid receptors, ligand-receptor interaction.

8. Toma GALAON and Victor DAVID

The influence of mobile phase pH on the retention and selectivity of related basic compounds in reversed-phase liquid chromatography

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Key words: pH, reversed-phase mechanis, basic compounds, selectivity, modeling

9. Adinuţa PĂUN, Aurora NEAGOE and Ion BACIU

The role of fungi on alleviating the stress induced by heavy metals uptake in rye plants (Secale cereale L.) cultivated in soil from a Roumanian industrial area

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Key words: Glomus intraradices, heavy metals, phytostabilization, phytoextraction, Secale cereale L.

10. Virgil BARBOIU, Anca Giorgiana GRIGORAS, Vasile Cristian GRIGORAS and Gabriela Liliana AILIESEI

Some characteristics specific to copolymers containing donor and acceptor side groups

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Key words: donor-acceptor copolymers, association constant, donor-acceptor interaction effects in molecular spectra, Tg vs. polymer composition.

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