Tome 57, No 11 Novembre 2012

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1. Abdullah Soliman Al-AYED, Ali KHALFALLAH and Mohamed Tahar KADDACHI 

Reactions of 3-amino-5-methylisoxazole with enol ethers: synthesis of new isoxazolylenamines derivatives and substituted isoxazolo[2,3-a]pyrimidinones

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Key words: 3-amino-5-methylisoxazole, ethoxymethylenemalonate, ethoxymethylenecyano-acetate, isoxazolo[2,3]pyrimidinones, isoxazolylenamines.

2. Emre MENTEŞE, Fatih İSLAMOĞLU and Bahittin KAHVECİ

Microwave-assisted synthesis of some new benzylidenamino compounds and potentiometric determination of their pKa

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Key words: benzylidenamino, microwave, acidity, potentiometric titrations, pKa.

3. Andrei I. SIMION, Paula E. DOBROVICI, Lăcrămioara RUSU, Lidia FAVIER-TEODORESCU and Domnica CIOBANU 

Mathematical modelling of the process of sugar beet pulp valorisation by acid hydrolysis

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Key words: sugar beet, beet-pulp, hydrolysis, mathematical modelling, optimization.

4. Mariana VOICESCU, Adrian BETERINGHE, Marilena VASILESCU and Aurelia MEGHEA 

Spectroscopic study on the antioxidant activity of riboflavin in the presence of bilirubin

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Key words: chemiluminescence, fluorescence, molecular dynamics, riboflavin, bilirubin.

5. Mitica SAVA 

Bismaleimide monomers with various structures and polyaspartimides

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Key words: bismaleimides, polyaspartimides, thermal and physical properties.


Kinetics of the thermal disappearance of radicals formed during the radiolysis of ammonium paramolybdate (APMO)

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Key words: thermal disappearance, gamma irradiation, hyperfine splitting, paramagnetic species.

7. Aysel BÜYÜKSAĞIŞ, Fikriye Nur AKAN, Yusuf KAYALI and Emine BULUT 

Corrosion behaviours of hydroxyapatite coated by biomimetic method of Ti6Al4V, Ti and AISI 316L SS substrates

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Key words: corrosion, biomimetic method, biomaterials, hydroxyapatite, SBF solution.

8. Marius PELMUS, Angela POPESCU, Beatrice-Anamaria TEODORU, Daniela ISTRATI, Constantin DRAGHICI, Dan MIHAIESCU and Florin BADEA 

Thermal decomposition of annelated 1,5-tetrazoles with mono- and dibenzocycloalkane skeleton over HZSM-5 zeoltite in flow-vaccum conditions

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Key words: flow-vacuum thermal decomposition, tetrazoloazocines, HZSM-5 zeolite.

9. Alexandru TĂNASE and Adriana MIU 

Assay of nickel in magnesium stearate by GF-AAS without sample mineralisation

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Key words: assay of nickel, magnesium stearate excipient, GF-AAS, method development and validation.

10. Alexandru C. RAZUS, Liviu BIRZAN, Victorita TECUCEANU, Mihaela CRISTEA and Anamaria HANGANU 

Benzo- and dibenzo-crown ethers substituted with (azulene-1-yl) azo chromophores. Synthesis and properties

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Key words: azulene, crown ethers, diazene, azo coupling, liophilicity.


“Textbook of Organic Chemistry” (Valeriu Dragutan)

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