No 1 Janvier 2013

Tome 58, No 1 Janvier 2013

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1. Ernő E. KISS and Goran C. BOSKOVIC 


Influence of the alumina origin on the reducibility of NiO catalyst

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Key words: nickel oxide, catalyst, alumina, interaction, reducibility 

2. Manuela ROMAŞ, Daniel MARECI, Silvia CURTEANU and Daniel SUTIMAN 


Influence of caffeine on the passivity of cobalt- chromium-molybdenum alloy in artificial saliva

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Key words: CoCrMo alloys, caffeine, corrosion inhibition, polarization curves, EIS

3. Silvia BURCĂ, Maria STANCA, Cerasella INDOLEAN, Cornelia MAJDIK and Andrada MĂICĂNEANU 

Fe-Zn-ZVT catalyst used in advanced oxidation processes of organic pollutants from wastewaters

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Key words:  organic pollutants, phenol, heterogeneous Fenton, Fe-Zn-ZVT catalyst. 



Preparation, characterization and use of vanadatesulfuric acid as a new and eco-benign nanocatalyst for the synthesis of 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j] xanthenes under solvent-free conditions

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Key words:  nanorod vanadatesulfuric acid, 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j] xanthenes, solvent-free. 

5. Violeta PURCAR, Dan DONESCU, Ilie Catalin SPATARU, Marius GHIUREA, Simona CAPRARESCU, Cristian PETCU and Cristina Lavinia NISTOR 


Surface modification of sol-gel hybrid films using fluorinated silica nanoparticles

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Key words:  sol-gel process, fluorinated silica nanoparticles, water contact angle, morphology, FTIR. 

6. Samadani Langeroodi NARGES 


Study of the adsorption of acetic acid on silica gel in aqueous solution

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Key words:  silica gel, adsorption isotherms, thermodynamics, kinetics. 

7. Florina BRÂNZOI, Viorel BRÂNZOI and Zoia PAHOM 


Monolayer and bilayer conducting polymer coatings for corrosion protection of copper in 0.5 M H SO solutions

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Key words:  conducting polymer, corrosion protection, copper, electropolymerization, coatings. 

8. Iuliana RAUT, Mariana CALIN, Florin OANCEA, Melania Liliana ARSENE and Luiza JECU 


Isolation and identification of microbial strains involved in industrial systems materials corrosion in aquatic environment

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Key words: 

microbial induced or influenced corrosion, MIC, microorganism, biofilm, bacteria.

9. Zsigmond PAPP and Ildikó KOVÁCS 


Surface analysis of a modern silver coin: SEM/ EDS measurements

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Key words: scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometry, surface analysis, microchemistry, silver coin. 

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