No 3-4 Mars-Avril 2014

Tome 59, No 3-4 Mars-Avril 2014

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1. Zuzana MELICHOVÁ, Ladislav HROMADA and Andrea LUPTÁKOVÁ

Removal of Pb2+ ions from aqueous solutions by Slovak bentonites

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Key words: adsorption, bentonite, lead.

2. Sanda-Maria DONCEA and Rodica-Mariana ION

FTIR (DRIFT) analysis of some printing inks from the 19th and 20th centuries

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Key words: FTIR (DRIFT), inks, paper documents, 19th-20th centuries.

3. Aurelia VISA, Bianca MARANESCU, Mircea MRACEC

Electronic properties of Cu2+ vinylphosphonate estimated by PM3 semiempirical method

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Key words: metal organic frameworks, PM3 semi-empirical, vinylphosphonates, structural properties, electric properties.


Template structure selection for comparative modeling of orphan G-protein coupled receptors

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Key words:  GPCRs, homology modeling, template selection.


Approaches to G-protein coupled receptors deorphanization: the GPR32 case study

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Key words: GPR32, orphan GPCR, resolvins.

6. Irina FIERASCU, Rodica Mariana ION, Mihai RADU, Stefan Ovidiu DIMA, Ioana Raluca BUNGHEZ, Sorin Marius AVRAMESCU and Radu Claudiu FIERASCU

Comparative study of antifungal effect of natural extracts and essential oils of Ocimum basilicum on selected artefacts

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Key words: Ocimum basilicum, essential oil, antifungal effect, artefacts.

7. Radu Claudiu FIERASCU, Ioana Raluca BUNGHEZ, Raluca SOMOGHI, Irina FIERASCU and Rodica Mariana ION

Characterization of silver nanoparticles obtained by using Rosmarinus officinalis extract and their antioxidant activity

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Key words: green synthesis, silver nanoparticles, Rosmarinus officinalis, antioxidant activity.

8. Maya SHOPSKA, Georgi KADINOV and Iskra SHTEREVA

Determination of metal dispersion in cobalt-palladium catalysts

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Key words: metal dispersion of Co-Pd catalysts, hydrogen chemisorption, temperature-programmed reduction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, diffuse-reflectance infrared spectroscopy.

9. Selvihan CITAK, Zuleyha OZER SAGIR, Sema CARIKCI, Turgut KILIC and Akın AZIZOGLU

Experimental and theoretical study on linearol isolated from Sideritis species

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Key words: diterpene, DFT, ab-initio, NMR.

10. Kledi XHAXHIU, Teodor KOTA, Arjan XHELAJ and Hans-Jörg DEISEROTH

Thermal behavior and decomposition of mixed valence solids In5Ch5Cl (Ch = S, Se)

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Key words: thermal behaviour, XRD, DTA, isostructural compounds.

11. Adelaida ANDONI

High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy for studying planar model catalyst: a test of NO on Rh(100)

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Key words: high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy, NO adsorption, Rh catalyst.

12. Silviya TODOROVA, Plamen STEFANOV, Anton NAYDENOV and Hristo KOLEV

Catalytic oxidation of methane over Pd-MeOx (Me = Mn, Co, Ni, Ce) catalysts – influence of metal oxides

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Key words: methane combustion, palladium, Co-Ce, Co-Mn mixed oxides, nickel oxides, cobalt oxide, promotion effect.


Cobalt-manganese supported oxides as catalysts for complete n-hexane and methane oxidation: relationship between structure and catalytic activity

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Key words: complete oxidation, n-hexane, methane, Co – Mn oxides, supported catalysts.

14. Oana Catalina MOCIOIU, Irina ATKINSON, Jeanina PANDELE, Lucica BOROICA, Bogdan SAVA, Ana Maria MOCIOIU and Maria ZAHARESCU

Protective coatings for the silicate glasses containing Fe2O3

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Key words: historical glasses preservation, sol-gel film, structure, morphology, water stability test.

15. Natalia GORINCHOY

Jahn-Teller and pseudo Jahn-Teller origin of structural distortions of coordinated molecules

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: Jahn-Teller effects, weak coordinated systems, stereochemistry, formaldehyde, allene.



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