No 6-7 Juin-Juilliet 2014

Tome 59, No 6-7 Juin-Juilliet 2014

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Professor Eugen SEGAL – In memoriam

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1. Victor FRUTH, Georgeta TANASE, Irina ATKINSON, Jeanina PANDELE CUSU, Gheorghe ALDICA and Maria ZAHARESCU

Synthesis and characterization of glass-ceramic superconductors in (Pb, B)-doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system

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Key words: (Pb, B)-doped BSCCO, glass-ceramic, superconductors.

2. Daniela AILINCAI, Andrei BEJAN, Irina TITORENCU, Mioara DROBOTA and Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU

Imino-chitosan derivatives. Synthetic pathway and properties

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Key words: chitosan, Schiff base, spectroscopy, cell viability.

3. Dorel OLTEAN, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU

New multidentate potential ligands derived from acetylacetone

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Key words: multidentate ligands, NMR spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure, tautomerism.

4. Iulia MATEI, Cristina TABLET, Sorana IONESCU and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Close-lying pKa value of kaempferol determinated by second-derivative synchronous fluorescence

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Key words:  flavonoid, pKa, synchronous fluorescence, second-derivative spectroscopy.

5. Domnina RAZUS, Venera GIURCAN, Maria MITU and Dumitru OANCEA

Physico-chemical parameters of C2 hydrocarbon-air flames resulted from computed and measured laminar burning velocities

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Key words: flame, hydrocarbon, laminar burning velocity, flame thickness, heat release rate.

6. Niculae I. IONESCU

Grain boundary controlled electron transfer in oxide/gas system

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Key words: thermionic emission, logarithmic law.

7. Andreea LUNGU, Anton Alexandru CIUCU, Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Investigations of hydroquinone oxidation inside the reaction layer of banana tissue with scanning electrochemical microscopy and double pulse amperometry

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Key words: SECM, DPA, bananotrode, reaction layer tissue.

8. Cristina CARŞOTE, Petru BUDRUGEAC, Roumiana DECHEVA, Nikifor Stefanov HARALAMPIEV, Lucreţia MIU and Elena BADEA

Characterization of a Byzantine manuscript by infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis

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Key words: parchment and leather, FTIR, DSC, MHT, heritage conservation.

9. Medeea RADULESCU and Victor DAVID

Retention study for some neurotransmitters under ion-pairing liquid chromatographic mechanism

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Key words: neurotransmitters, ion-pairing, liquid chromatography, partition model, electrostatic model, mobile phase composition.

10. Margarita GABROVSKA, Dorel CRIŞAN, Nicolae STĂNICĂ, Dimitrinka NIKOLOVA, Lyubima BILYARSKA, Maria CRIŞAN and Rumeana EDREVA-KARDJIEVA

Co-Al layered double hydroxides as precursors of ceramic pigment CoAl2O4. Part I: Phase composition

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Key words: Co-Al layered double hydroxides, X-ray diffraction, phase composition, spinel-like Co-Al mixed oxides, CoAl2O4 spinel.

11. Margarita GABROVSKA, Nicolae STĂNICĂ, Dorel CRIŞAN, Dimitrinka NIKOLOVA, Lyubima BILYARSKA, Maria CRIŞAN and Rumeana EDREVA-KARDJIEVA

Co-Al layered double hydroxides as precursors of ceramic pigment CoAl2O4. Part II: Magnetic and tint properties

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Key words: Co-Al mixed oxides, magnetic measurements, Co ions coordination symmetry, coloration of the calcined products, CoAl2O4 blue pigment.

12. Ana-Maria RESMERITA and Aurica FARCAS

Polyrotaxane based on polydimethylsiloxane and lower rim modified calix[8]arene derivatives

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Key words: octaallyloxy-para-tertbutylcalix[8]arene, polydimethylsiloxane, inclusion complexes, main-chain polyrotaxanes.

13. Carmen RACLES and Vasile COZAN

New siloxane copolymers with pendant azomethine mesogenic units

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Key words: polysiloxane, azomethine, liquid crystal, thermotropic, side-chain.

14. Alina-Mirela IPATE, Corneliu HAMCIUC, Maria BRUMA, Inga A. RONOVA and Mikail I. BUZIN

Influence of conformational rigidity on physical properties of some poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether)s containing trifluoromethyl groups

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Key words: poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether)s, trifluoromethyl group, Kuhn segment, free volume.

15. Oana Iuliana NEGRU and Mircea GRIGORAS

Oligostyrene grafted poly(4,4’-triphenylamine vinylene)s obtained by combination of ATRP and Suzuki-Heck reactions

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Key words: poly(arylene vinylene)s, atom transfer radical polymerization, Suzuki-Heck polycondensation, graft copolymers, optical properties.


Rheological characterization of several cyan ethylated ketone resins

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Key words: adhesives, amplitude sweep, dynamic moduli, frequency sweep, ketone-based resins.

17. Valentina Elena MUSTEATA, Vasile Cristian GRIGORAS and Virgil BARBOIU

Correlation of dielectric and calorimetric characteristics for an amorphous donor-acceptor copolymer

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Key words: donor-acceptor interactions, glass transition, α relaxation.

18. Mioara DROBOTA, Irena GRIEROSU, Iulian RADU and Cipriana STEFANESCU

Modification of protein conformation can be monitored by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in oncological patients

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Key words: albumin serum, radiotracers, FTIR spectroscopy.

19. Andreea Irina BARZIC

Temperature implications on the rheological percolation threshold in poly(4- vinylpyridine)/barium titanate nanocomposites

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Key words: polymer nanocomposites, rheological percolation, barium titanate nanoparticles.

20. Magdalena AFLORI

Surface characterization of peritoneal dialysis catheter containing silver nanoparticles

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Key words: peritoneal dialysis catheter, helium plasma, silver nitrate, antimicrobial.

21. Raluca Maria HLIHOR, Laura BULGARIU, Dana Luminita SOBARIU, Mariana DIACONU, Teresa TAVARES and Maria GAVRILESCU

Recent advances in biosorption of heavy metals: support tools for biosorption equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism

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Key words: biosorption, desorption, mechanism, modeling and simulation, thermodynamics.

22. Constantin GĂINĂ, Viorica GĂINĂ and Cristian Dragos VARGANICI

Copoly(ester-urethane) networks containing thermoreversible bonds

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Key words: thermoreversible networks, thermal properties, retro-Diels-Alder reaction.

23. Mădălina ZĂNOAGĂ, Yevgen MAMUNYA and Fulga TANASĂ

Conductive properties of some ternary thermoplastic nanocomposites filled with dispersed powders. A comparative study

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Key words: thermoplastic nanocomposites, polyamide, polypropylene, metal, carbon nanotubes.

24. Mihail BÎRZESCU, Marius MILEA, Dan ROŞU, Ionuţ LEDEŢI, Madian RAFAILĂ, Viorel SASCA and Mircea NICULESCU

Synthesis and thermal analysis of the nickel(II) oxalate obtained through the reaction of ethylene glycol with Ni(NO3)2·6H2O

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Key words: ethylene glycol, homopolynuclear coordination compound, nickel(II) oxalate, thermal analysis, nickel oxide.

25. Ana Irina COCÂRŢĂ and Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN

Composite microspheres based on chitosan and poly(vinyl amine)

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Key words: chitosan, composites, adsorption, heavy metal.

26. Angelica VLAD, Mirela-Fernanda ZALTARIOV, Maria CAZACU, Loredana VACAREANU, Sergiu SHOVA and Constantin TURTA

Hydrogen-bonded supramolecular structure built on the basis of ferrocenecarboxylic acid and 4,4’- azopyridine

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Key words: supramolecular structure, ferrocene, azopyridine.

27. Ion SAVA and Thomas KÖPNICK

Synthesis and characterization of new diamines containing side substituted azobenzene groups

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Key words: Williamson reaction, diamine, side azobenzene.

28. Maria IGNAT, Vera MEYNEN, Pegie COOL and Valeria HARABAGIU

Surface chemistry – the key-property of templated mesoporous carbons for sorption

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Key words: templated carbon, surface chemistry, sorption property.

29. Claudia COBZARU, Corina CERNATESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Modified clinoptilolite used for removing azomethines from wastewaters. I. The effect of the time of nitric acid treatment on clinoptilolite properties

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Key words: nitric acid treatment, clinoptilolite, removing azomethines from wastewaters.

30. Alexandra GRUIA, Ramona CURPAN, Ana BOROTA, Liliana HALIP, Maria MRACEC and Mircea MRACEC

Phenyl and imidazole ring rotation in neutral and protonated dexmedetomidine. A semiempirical and ab initio study

Download Art 30 (PDF)

Key words: AM1, PM3, HF/6-31G**, 1D energy profiles, α2-adrenergic receptors.

31. Georgeta Maria MARES, Adrian NICOARĂ, Graziella Liana TURDEAN and 2.0 Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

Electrochemical characterization of Au/L-cysteine/hemin modified electrode

Download Art 31 (PDF)

Key words: hemin, l-cysteine, self-assembled structures on gold electrodes, cyclic voltammetry, square-wave voltametry.



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