No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2014

Tome 59, No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2014

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Professor Candin LITEANU – In memoriam

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1. Ionel HAIDUC

Inorganic (carbon-free) cyclic structures. Covalent rings and cyclic supermolecules

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Key words: inorganic rings, homo and heterocycles, chelate rings, cyclic supermolecules

2. Irina STANCIU, Luminita PREDOANA, Crina ANASTASESCU, Daniela C. CULITA, Silviu PREDA, Jeanina PANDELE CUSU, Cornel MUNTEANU, Adriana RUSU, Ioan BALINT and Maria ZAHARESCU

Structure and properties of vanadium doped TiO2 powders prepared by sol-gel method

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Key words: diorganotin(IV), solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure, intermolecular interaction

3. Adrian-Alexandru SOMEŞAN, Richard A. VARGA and Cristian SILVESTRU

[2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]SnMeCl2 and its hydrolysis product, [{2(Me2NCH2)C6H4}SnMe(OH)(OH2)]22+·2Br− – solution and solid state characterization

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Key words: diorganotin(IV), solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure, intermolecular interaction.

4. Gabriela MARINESCU, Augustin M. MADALAN and Marius ANDRUH

Polynuclear zinc(II) complexes with adamantane- dicarboxylato-bridges. Crystal structure and luminescence properties

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Key words: zinc(II) complexes, adamantane-1,3-dicarboxylato bridges, polynuclear complexes, crystal structures, luminescence properties

5. Balazs BREM, Emese GAL, Luiza GAINA, Castelia CRISTEA and Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU

Synthesis of novel (phenothiazinyl)dipyrrolylmethanes

Close-lying pKa value of kaempferol determinated by second-derivative synchronous fluorescence

Key words: N-alkyl-phenothiazine, meso-aryl-dipyrromethane, borondifluorodipyrromethene BODIPY.


New triphenyltelluronium salts of organophosphorus ligands

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Key words: triorganotellurium(IV) compounds, organophosphorus ligands, NMR spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure.

7. Tiberiu FRENTIU, Michaela PONTA, Sergiu CADAR and Maria FRENTIU

Excitation mechanism of atomic and ionic species in the argon capacitively coupled plasma in annular-coaxial geometry with single and two ring electrodes

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Key words: capacitively coupled plasma, optical emission spectrometry, plasma-chemical model, excitation mechanism.

8. Ioana Anamaria SIMA, Dorina CASONI and Costel SÂRBU

Rapid screening method for the diagnosis of adrenal tumors

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Key words: normetanephrine, metanephrine, 3-methoxytyramine, pheochromocytoma, HPTLC/DPPH· detection.

9. Rodica Domnica NAŞCU-BRICIU, Ioana Anamaria SIMA and Costel SÂRBU

The lipophilicity of some drugs with tricyclic structure estimated by thin-layer chromatography and computed by various methods

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Key words: antidepressants, phenothiazines, lipophilicity, TLC, pH influence, pKa.

10. Carmen MÂNZATU, Boldizsár NAGY, Anamaria TÖRÖK, Cerasella INDOLEAN and Cornelia MAJDIK

Biosorption of Cd(II) on untreated fir cone powder: kinetic and equilibrium isotherm studies

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Key words: biosorption, cadmium, fir cone powder, kinetics, isotherms.

11. Monica M. VENTER, Firuţa GOGA, Vasile N. BERCEAN, Mircea NASUI and Gheorghe BORODI

Spectroscopic and thermal studies on the iron(III) mercapto-thiadiazol-thiosuccinate precursor for iron(III) oxides

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Key words: iron(III) carboxylate, thermal decomposition, hematite.

12. Raluca ŞEPTELEAN, Gabriela NEMEŞ and Petronela M. PETRAR

Synthesis of novel functionalized dibenzostannepine derivatives

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Key words: (phosphaalkenyl)stannepine, dihalostannepine, phosphastannapropenes.

13. Ioan BRATU, Constantin MARUTOIU, Laura TROSAN, Zaharie MOLDOVAN, Irina KACSO and Daniela TOADER

Complex investigation of component materials of triptych Icon “Mother of God” from the patrimony of Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania

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Key words: wooden icon, FTIR and EI-MS spectroscopy, DSC thermal analysis.

14. Veronica AVRAM, Cezara VOICA, Anamaria HOSU, Claudia CIMPOIU and Constantin MĂRUŢOIU

ICP-MS characterization of some Roumanian white wines by their mineral content

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Key words: white wine, metal content, 206Pb/207Pb and 206Pb/208Pb, 87Sr/86Sr, ICP-Q-MS.

15. Mihail Simion BELDEAN-GALEA, Virginia COMAN, Florina COPACIU, Didier THIÉBAUT and Jérôme VIAL

Simultaneous identification of Fenton degradation by-products of diclofenac, ibuprofen and ketoprofen in aquatic media by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

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Key words: Fenton oxidative process, diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, GC×GC-qMS.

16. Andreea DRĂGUŞ, Mihail Simion BELDEAN-GALEA and Virginia COMAN

Determination of triazine herbicides in soil samples by ultrasound-assisted extraction followed by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic droplet and HPLC-UV analysis

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Key words: triazine herbicides, soil samples, ultrasound-assisted-extraction, dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction, solidification of floating organic droplet, high performance liquid chromatography.

17. Florin SOPONAR, Mihaela SANDRU and Victor DAVID

Quantitative evaluation of aripiprazole and its five related chemical impurities from pharmaceuticals using a HPLC-DAD method

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Key words: aripiprazole, HPLC-DAD, pharmaceutical preparations, related impurities, validation.

18. Elena Emilia IORGULESCU, Florin ALBU, Florentin TACHE and Andrei MEDVEDOVICI

On the HPLC/MS-MS assay of ephedrines in urine: an experimental appraisal

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Key words: ephedrines, urine matrix, LC/MS-MS, method validation, method’s comparison.

19. Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Manuela T. NISTOR and Loredana E. NITA

An investigation on multi-layered hydrogels based on poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide-co-3,9-divinyl- 2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane)

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Key words: poly(N, N-dimethylacrylamide – co – 3, 9-divinyl-2, 4, 8, 10-tetraoxaspiro (5.5) undecane), multi-layer hydrogel, imprinting effect.

20. Ana-Maria CATARGIU and Mircea GRIGORAS

A comparative study of optical and electronic properties of arylenevinylene and aryleneethynylene polymers containing 2,7 and 3,6 substituted carbazole units

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Key words: poly(arylene vinylene), poly(arylene ethynylene), optical properties, redox behaviour.

21. Mihai MEDELEANU, Maria MRACEC, Oana Raluca POP, Liviu MOCANU and Mircea MRACEC

Aromatic λ3-heterocycles. 19. Thermodynamic stability of alternant conjugated heterocycles (λ3-X- λ3-Y)3 (X,Y = CH, N, P, As, Sb, Bi) calculated by semiempirical MO, ab initio and DFT methods

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Key words: aromatic λ3-hetrocycles, PM3, PM6, ab initio, DFT.

22. Claudia COBZARU, Corina CERNATESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Modified clinoptilolite used for removing azomethines from wastewaters. II. Adsorption
of azomethines from wastewaters on clinoptilolite

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Key words: dealuminated clinoptilolite, adsorption process, azomethine dyes, wastewater purification.

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