No 5-6 Mai-Juin 2015

Tome 60, No 5-6 Mai-Juin 2015

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The 2nd International Conference on Analytical Chemistry. Analytical Chemistry for a Better Life.


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1. Partners for progress and prosperity: celebrating diversity together!

Key words: inorganic rings, homo and heterocycles, chelate rings, cyclic supermolecules


Consensus science and the impact on analytical chemistry

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3. Jacobus (Koos) Frederick VAN STADEN

Analytical continuous flow systems. Where two worlds collide! From gravimetry and test tubes to flow systems to FIA to SIA to PAT and from Orsat to control room to PAT to TAP

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Key words: 4-hydroxybiphenyl derivatives, QSAR, ERβ subtype antagonist, AM1.

4. Andrei A. BUNACIU, Şerban FLESCHIN and Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN

Cancer diagnosis by FT-IR spectrophotometry

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Key words: FTIR spectrum, biomedical analysis, early detection of cancer, cancer diagnosis.

5. Cansu YAKAR, Burcin BOZAL-PALABIYIK, Burcu DOGAN-TOPAL, Sibel A. OZKAN and Bengi USLU

Recent analytical applications on antihypertensive drugs

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Key words: antihypertensive drugs, drug analysis, determination, analytical applications.

6. Iuliana MOLDOVEANU, Raluca-Ioana STEFAN-VAN STADEN, Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN, Camelia STANCIU GAVAN and Costel SAVLOVSCHI

Platform based on microsensors used for the screening of HER-1 in peritoneal fluid

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Key words: microsensor, screening, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanopowder, peritoneal fluid.

7. Sevinc KURBANOGLU and Levent TOPPARE

Ethanol biosensor based on immobilization of alcohol oxidase in a conducting polymer matrix via crosslinking with glutaraldehyde

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Key words: amperometric biosensor, conducting polymer, enzyme immobilization, alcohol oxidase, ethanol determination.

8. Ramona GEORGESCU, Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Raluca-Ioana STEFAN-VAN STADEN

Detection of folic acid from orange juice using amperometric dot microsensors based on graphite and graphene

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Key words: folic acid, amperometric dot sensors, orange juice, graphite, grapahene.


Electrochemical oxidation mechanism of anticancer drug Nilotinib

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Key words: nilotinib, glassy carbon electrode, voltammetry, electrochemical mechanism, drug.

10. Mehmet GUMUSTAS, Gokce COSKUN and Sibel A. OZKAN

Selective and sensitive determination of repaglinide in pharmaceuticals by voltammetric and LC methods

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Key words: repaglinide, HPLC, UPLC, square wave voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry, determination, validation.

11. Sevinc KURBANOGLU, Burcin BOZAL- PALABIYIK, Mehmet GUMUSTAS, Bengi USLU and Sibel A. OZKAN

Investigation of voltammetric behavior and electroanalytical determination of anticancer epirubicin via glassy carbon electrode using differential pulse and square wave voltammetry techniques

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Key words: epirubicin, glassy carbon electrode, voltammetry, determination, oxidation mechanism, pharmaceutical dosage forms.

12. Ioana DIACONU, Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN, Andrei A. BUNACIU, Elena RUSE, Cristina MIREA and Gheorghe NECHIFOR

Aspects of the diffusive transport of acetaminophen through bulk liquid membranes

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Key words: acetaminophen, liquid membranes, diffusive transport.

13. Diana STEGARUS, Violeta NICULESCU, Cecilia GEORGESCU, Ramona IANCU, Ecaterina LENGYEL and Ovidiu TITA

Techniques for extraction and enhancing flavour substances in Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc grapes by enzyme substrate

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Key words: enzyme, flavours, grapes, GC-MS.

14. Ioana Raluca BUNGHEZ, Radu Claudiu FIERASCU, Ovidiu DUMITRESCU, Irina FIERASCU and Rodica Mariana ION

Characterization of silver nanoparticles obtained by Lavandula angustifolia extract

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Key words: lavender extract, silver nanoparticles, phytosynthesis, antioxidant activity.

15. Ioana DIACONU, Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN, Andrei A. BUNACIU, Elena RUSE, Cristina MIREA and Gheorghe NECHIFOR

Selective separation of acetaminophen from pharmaceutical formulations through membrane techniques

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Key words: acetaminophen, liquid membrane, selective transport, pharmaceutical formulations.

16. Gurkan OZEN, Mehmet GUMUSTAS, Hayriye Eda SATANA KARA, Nilgun GUNDEN GOGER, Bengi USLU and Sibel A. OZKAN

Quantitative determination of isoconazole nitrate and diflucortolone valerate in pharmaceutical creams by UPLC, HPLC and improved derivative UV spectrophotometry

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Key words: nitrate, diflucortolone valerate, derivative UV spectrophotometry, HPLC, UPLC, simultaneous analysis.

17. Iuliana MANEA, Valentina COATU, Laur Constantin MANEA and Daniela ŢIGĂNUŞ

Evaluating the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in meat products by using

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Key words: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pork, beef, smoked products.

18. Nazan YUCE-ARTUN, Erguvan Tuğba Özel KIZIL, Bora BASKAK, Halise Devrimci ÖZGÜVEN, Yalçın DUYDU and Halit Sinan SUZEN

Determination of sertraline and its metabolite by high-pressure liquid chromatography in plasma

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Key words: sertraline, desmethylsertraline, HPLC, therapeutic drug monitoring.

19. Andrei CHILIAN, Oana-Roxana BANCUTA, Iulian BANCUTA, Rodica-Mariana ION, Radu SETNESCU, Tanta SETNESCU, Anca GHEBOIANU, Virgil MARINESCU and Cristiana RADULESCU

Characterization of ZnO and SnO2:F materials by SEM for their use in the manufacture of DSSC

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Key words: TCO materials, SEM, dye-sensitized solar cell, ZnO, SnO2:F.

20. Banan Elshiekh Alsied BASHEIR, Abdalla A. ELBASHIR and Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN

Development and validation of spectrophotometric method for the determination of levodopa (L-dopa) in pharmaceutical formulations

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Key words: spectrophotometric, L-dopa, pharmaceutical analysis, alizarin red.

21. Ramona GEORGESCU and Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN

Comparison of fluorescein and potassium permanganate in fast low cost screening methods for determination of folic acid in pharmaceutical tablets

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Key words: folic acid, optical sensors, screening method, pharmaceutical tablets.

22. Oana-Roxana BANCUTA, Andrei CHILIAN, Iulian BANCUTA, Rodica-Mariana ION, Radu SETNESCU, Tanta SETNESCU, Anca GHEBOIANU and Marius LUNGULESCU

FT-IR and UV-Vis characterization of grape extracts used as antioxidants in polymers

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Key words: resveratrol, total phenolic index, UV-VIS spectrophotometry, FT-IR spectroscopy.

23. Adina CĂTA, Marinela MICLĂU, Ioana IENAŞCU, Daniel URSU, Cristian TĂNASIE and Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ

Chemical recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste using sub- and supercritical water

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Key words: depolymerization, polyethylene terephthalate, subcritical, supercritical, terephthalic acid.

24. Paul ALBU, Alin MOGOŞ, Gabriela VLASE and Titus VLASE

Thermal behaviour and drug-excipient interaction studies for quinidine

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Key words: quinidine, thermal behavior, excipient interactions, DSC analysis, FTIR.

25. Daniel DUNEA, Ştefania IORDACHE and Cornel IANACHE

Relationship between airborne particulate matter and weather conditions in Târgovişte urban area during cold months

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Key words: factor analysis, air pollution, meteorological factors, correlation.

26. Mariana Nela ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Adina CĂTA and Ioana IENAŞCU

Comparative antioxidant activity of some Prunus genus fruits

Download Art 26 (PDF)

Key words: antioxidant activity, anthocyanins, total phenolics, HPLC-DAD, MS.

27. Idris ZEMBOUAI, Mustapha KACI, Stéphane BRUZAUD, Aida BENHAMIDA, Yves-Marie CORRE and Yves GROHENS

A study on the effects of reprocessing cycles on PHBV/PLA blends

Download Art 27 (PDF)

Key words: PHBV, PLA, polymer blends, recycling and degradation.

28. Ioana M. C. IENAŞCU, Iuliana M. POPESCU, Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Adina CĂTA, Cristian TĂNASIE and Ionel BALCU

Synthesis and characterization of some new 5-bromo-2-hydroxy-benzamide derivatives

Download Art 28 (PDF)

Key words: 5-bromo-salicylamide derivatives, methyl/ethyl esters, hydrazides, hydrazones, potential biologically active compounds.

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