No 7-8 Juillet-Août 2015

Tome 60, No 7-8 Juillet-Août 2015

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1. Monica Irina REDNIC, Szabolcs SZIMA, Elena BOGDAN, Niculina D. HĂDADE, Anamaria TEREC and Ion GROSU

Podands with 3,7,10-trisubstituted phenothiazine units: synthesis and structural analysis

Key words: phenothiazines, podands, Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling, N-protecting groups.

2. Ion CHIRCĂ, Albert SORAN, Anca SILVESTRU and Cristian SILVESTRU

Homoleptic organometallic compounds of heavy pnicogens. Crystal and molecular structure of [2-(i Pr2NCH2)C6H4]3M (M = Sb, Bi)

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Key words: triorganopnicogen(III) compounds, antimony, bismuth, solution NMR spectroscopy, X-ray molecular structure.

3. Gabriela STRÎMB, Ciprian I. RAŢ and Cristian SILVESTRU

Synthesis and characterization of 2-[Mes(Me)NCH2]C6H4Br and 2-[Mes{(O)CH}NCH2]C6H4Br – precursors for novel one pendant arm ligands

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Key words: one pendant arm ligand, imine reduction, Eschweiler–Clarke methylation, solution NMR spectroscopy, X-ray molecular structure.

4. Hermina PETKES, Emese GAL, Cristina BISCHIN, Iulia LUPAN, Cornelia MAJDIK, Castelia CRISTEA and Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU

Estimation of radical scavenging capacity of some diaryl- and phenothiazinyl-nitrones

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Key words: nitrone, free radical scavenging capacity, DPPH colorimetric assay, EPR spectroscopy, DNA interaction.

5. Ioana Anamaria SIMA, Mircea V. DIUDEA and Costel SÂRBU

Prediction of lipophilicity of catecholamine related compounds based on the hypermolecule concept

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Key words: QSPR, log P, catecholmines, genetic algoritms.

6. Alexandra TOMA, Denisa LEONTE, Valentin ZAHARIA, Costel SÂRBU and Dorina CASONI

Heterocycles 37. Lipophilicity of new polyheterocyclic Schiff bases and Mannich bases estimated by thin-layer chromatography and computational methods

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Key words: polyheterocyclic bases, lipophilicity, TLC, computational methods.

7. Ileana Elisabeta SILAI, Ioana C. FORT, Dorina CASONI and Graziella L. TURDEAN

Epinephrine detection at Pt-nanoparticles modified graphite electrode by square-wave voltammetry

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Key words: epinephrine, platinum nanoparticles, cyclic voltammetry, square- wave voltammetry, real sample.

8. Aglaia Raluca DEAC, Liviu Cosmin COTET, Graziella Liana TURDEAN and Liana Maria MURESAN

Carbon paste electrode modified with Bi nanoparticles-carbon xerogel for Pb2+ determination by square wave anodic stripping voltammetry

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Key words: anodic stripping voltammetry, carbon paste electrode, Bi-modified carbon xerogel, Pb2+ determination.

9. Melinda KAKES, Daniela CIOLOBOC, Adrian-Raul TOMSA, Radu SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU and Grigore DAMIAN

Redox and ligand binding reactivity in iron and chromium-substituted polyoxometalates

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: polyoxometalate, (POM), reducing agent, UV-vis spectroscopy, EPR-spectroscopy.

10. Aurora MOCANU, Ossi HOROVITZ, Csaba Pal RACZ and Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL

Green synthesis and characterization of gold and silver nanoparticles

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: gold nanoparticles, silver nanoparticles, β-cyclodextrin.

11. Teodora E. HARSA, Alexandra M. HARSA, Mircea V. DIUDEA and Beata SZEFLER

QSAR and docking studies of dopamine derivatives by similarity cluster prediction

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Key words: dopamine, QSAR, hypermolecule, molecular docking, 1CJM (protein (arylsulfotransferase)).

12. Dalila G. KOVACS, James E. JACKSON and Dennis J. MILLER

Mechanistic investigation of glycerol hydrogenolysis

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: glycerol, hydrogenolysis, mechanisms, computational modeling.

13. Igor V. SEVONKAEV, John I. NJAGI, Marco LOPEZ and Dan V. GOIA

Core-shell Ni-Pt electrocatalysts with controlled depth-gradient of platinum

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: Pt seeds, NiPt alloy shell, core-shell electrocatalyst, epitaxial growth.

14. Gheorghe ROMAN

Selected Michael additions to thiophene-containing analogues of chalcone

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: chalcone, thia-Michael addition, hydrogenation, Stetter reaction, cyclopropanation.

15. Viorica E. PODASCA, Florentina JITARU and Emil C. BURUIANA

Hybrid polymer composites containing silver nanoparticles for (thermo)photosensitive coating materials

Download Art 15 (PDF)

Key words: silver nanoparticles, photopolymerization, poly(propylene glycol), hybrid nanocomposites.

16. Violeta MELINTE, Tinca BURUIANĂ, and Emil C. BURUIANĂ

Effect of organomodified montmorillonite on the properties of some piperazinium polyurethanes

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: cationic polyurethane, hybrid composite, film/nanocomposite properties, antimicrobial.

17. Simona MORARIU and Maria BERCEA

Viscoleastic properties of Laponite RD dispersions containing PEO with different molecular weights

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: smectite, Laponite RD, poly(ethylene oxide), clay dispersion, viscoelastic properties.

18. Maria BERCEA, Loredana Elena NITA, Simona MORARIU and Aurica CHIRIAC

In-situ gelling system based on Pluronic F127 and poly(vinyl alcohol) for smart biomaterials

Download Art 18 (PDF)

Key words: sol-gel transition, Pluronic F127, poly(vinyl alcohol), bovine serum albumin, biomaterials.

19. Mirela-Fernanda ZALTARIOV, Valeriu RUDIC, Ludmila RUDI, Tatiana CHIRIAC, Sergiu SHOVA, Angelica VLAD and Maria CAZACU

Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of antioxidant activity of a new ferrocenyl-imine containing siloxane sequence

Download Art 19 (PDF)

Key words: Schiff base, ferrocene, siloxane diamine, Spirulina platensis, antioxidant activity.

20. Andreea Irina BARZIC and Razvan Florin BARZIC

Thermal conduction in polystyrene/carbon nanotubes: effects of nanofiller orientation and percolation process

Download Art 20 (PDF)

Key words: polystyrene, nanocomposites, heat transfer.

21. Andreea Irina BARZIC, Iuliana STOICA and Razvan Florin BARZIC

Microstructure implications on surface features and dielectric properties of nanoceramics embedded in polystyrene

Download Art 21 (PDF)

Key words: polystyrene, nanoceramics, ashesion, dielectric constant.

22. Magdalena AFLORI

Polylactic acid containing silver particles

Download Art 22 (PDF)

Key words: polylactic acid, plasma, silver particles.

23. Claudia COBZARU, Adriana MARINOIU, Corina CERNATESCU and Gabriela APOSTOLESCU

The behaviour of dealuminated natural zeolites in sorption process with Cu(II) ions studied by mathematical model

Download Art 23 (PDF)

Key words: adsorption process, clinoptilolite, analcime, mathematical model.

24. Corina CERNATESCU, Gabriela Antoaneta APOSTOLESCU, Claudia COBZARU, Ramona Elena TĂTARU-FĂRMUS, Nicolae APOSTOLESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Synthesis and physico-chemical behaviour studies for a new benzimidazole azodye

Download Art 24 (PDF)

Key words: azobenzimidazole dye, characterization, photo degradation, CeO2-ZnO catalyst, clinoptilolite, functionalized materials.

25. Ioana BARBUL and Richard Attila VARGA

Molecular structure of [SnCl4(N=CH-C6H5)(2,6-iPr2)C6H3], a tin tetrachloride complex with an (imino)aryl ligand

Download Art 25 (PDF)

Key words: (imino)aryl ligand; structure determination; X-ray diffraction, tin.


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