Tome 61, No 3 Mars 2016

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1. Hassan Abazied SHINDY, Ali Kamel KHALAFALLAH, Maha Mubark GOMA and Afifi Hussein EED

Polyheterocyclic compound in the synthesis and spectral studies of some novel methine cyanine dyes

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Key words: cyanine dyes, spectral studies, synthesis, monomethine cyanine dyes, trimethine cyanine dyes, mixed methine cyanine dyes.

2. Lawrence L. GRIFFIN and Alexandru T. BALABAN

A DFT and MP2 study of trends in para-substituted aryldiazenium-diolate (cupferron) derivatives

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Key words: density functional theory, Møller-Plesset-2, aryldiazeniumdiolates, cupferron, N-Aryl-N-nitroso-nitroxides, nitric oxide.

3. Narges ABDOLLAHI, Ali Reza KIASAT and Seyyed Jafar SAGHANEZHAD

Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4@melamine sulfonic acid nanocomposite as a novel magnetically recyclable nano catalyst in one-pot preparation of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidinones/thiones

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Key words: nano catalyst, magnetically recyclable, nanocomposite, biginelli reaction, dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones.

4. Zsigmond PAPP

Morphological and microchemical characterization of Himalayan salt samples

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Key words: Himalayan salt, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometry, surface analysis, microchemistry

5. Leila DADDI OUBEKKA, Nacer-Eddine DJELALI, Vincent CHALEIX and Vincent GLOAGUEN

Adsorption of lead (II) and cadmium (II) on raw and modified date pits by TEMPO/NaBr/NaOCl as adsorbent

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Key words: date pits, heavy metals, adsorption, isotherms, chemical modification.

6. Nesrin KARAALI and Emre MENTEŞE

Synthesis and study of antitumor activity of some new 2-(4-methoxybenzyl)-1H-benzimidazole derivatives bearing triazole, oxadiazole and ethanol moiety

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Key words: benzimidazole, carbothioamide, 1,2,4-triazole, 1,3,4-oxadiazole,
antitumor activity.


Microwave-assisted efficient and mild synthesis  of Azlactone derivatives

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Key words:  green synthesis, Azlactone, calcium hydrogen phosphate, catalysis.

8. Bogdan Nicolae MANOLESCU, Eliza OPREA, Maia BODOLICA and Cristian SIMION

Is wine industrialization lowering natural qualities of white wines?

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Key words: antioxidant capacity, Folin-Ciocâlteu, TEAC, traditionally-manufactured
white wine, total phenol content.

9. M. Emin GÜVEN, M. Salih AĞIRTAŞ, Sadin ÖZDEMIR and Abdurrahman DÜNDAR

Synthesis, characterization, aggregation behavior, antioxidant activity, and antibacterial activity of metallophthalocyanines carrying four phthalonitriles group

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Key words: antioxidant activity, antibacterial activity, phthalocyanines, phthalonitriles.

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