Nos 6-7 Juin-Julliet 2016

Tome 61, Nos 6-7 Juin-Julliet 2016

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1. Professor Dumitru OANCEA at his 75th anniversary List of publications

2. Susana MIHAIU, Oana Cătălina MOCIOIU, Alexandra TOADER, Irina ATKINSON, Jeanina PANDELE CUŞU,

Structural and morphological investigations of ZnO nanostructures obtained by hydrothermal methods at different reaction times

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Key words: zinc oxide, hydrothermal synthesis, nanorods, nanotubes.

3. Roxana A. POPA, Alexandra POP, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU

New hypervalent organoselenium compounds with O→Se intramolecular interactions

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Key words: hypercoordinated organoselenium(II) compounds, dithiophosphorus ligands, NMR spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure.

4. Anca VASILE, Cristian HORNOIU, Cornel MUNTEANU, Niculae I. IONESCU, Tatiana YUZHAKOVA and Ákos RÉDEY

In situ impedance spectroscopy measurements for CeO -SnO mixed oxides catalysts

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Key words: tin-cerium mixed oxide catalysts, impedance spectroscopy, grain boundary conductivity.

5. Maria-Gabriela ALEXANDRU, Diana VISINESCU, Carmen PARASCHIV, Catalin MAXIM and Marius ANDRUH

Crystal structure and thermal analysis of an oxalato-based Co(III) complex

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Key words: Co(III) heteroleptic complex, oxalato, hydrogen bonds.

6. Venera GIURCAN, Maria MITU, Codina MOVILEANU and Domnina RAZUS

Temperature, pressure and dilution effect on laminar burning velocity of propane-air

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Key words: propane, deflagration, burning velocity, reaction order, overall activation energy.

7. Mariana TEODORESCU and Vlad Tudor POPA

Solution and excess molar enthalpies for 1-butyl-3- methylimidazolium chloride + water system at (303.15 and 318.15)K

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Key words: 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride, water, solution, excess, enthalpy.

8. Elena BACALUM, Maria TANASE, Mihaela CHEREGI, Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN and Victor DAVID

Retention mechanism in zwitterionic hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (ZIC-HILIC) studied for highly polar compounds under different elution conditions

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Key words: ZIC-HILIC. sulfobetaine. polar compounds. retention mechanism.

9. Silvia BURCĂ, Andrada MĂICĂNEANU and Cerasella INDOLEAN

A green approach: malachite green adsorption onto waste green tea biomass. Isotherm and kinetic studies

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Key words: malachite green, waste green tea, adsorption, equilibrium, kinetics.

10. Mara CRIȘAN and Gheorghe MARIA

Modular simulation to check performances of various reactors for the enzymatic D-glucose oxidation

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Key words: D-glucose oxidation, enzymatic reactor selection, optimization.

 11. Marilena PETRESCU, Raul-Augustin MITRAN, Cristian MATEIa and Daniela BERGER

Mesoporous silica-ceria composites as carriers for drug delivery systems

Key words: drug delivery systems; mesoporous silica-ceria composite; MCM-41; oxytetracycline.

12. Nita TUDORACHI, Waldemar KNAUER, Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Loredana E. NITA, Iordana NEAMTU and Manuela T. NISTOR

Upon thermal characterization of a magnetic composite in relation with poly(succinimide)-b- poly(ethylene glycol) shell properties

Key words: PSI-b-PEG copolymers, PSI-b-PEG/magnetite composites, thermal stability, thermokinetic parameters.

13. Iuliana STOICA , Andreea Irina BARZIC and Camelia HULUBEI

Polyimide embedding in lyotropic polymer matrix for surface-related applications: rheological and microscopy investigations

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Key words: polyimide, liquid crystal, shear, rheology, morphology.

14. Emil Ghiocel IOANID, Cătălin TĂNASE, Dorina RUSU, Ana Maria VLAD, Georgeta CAZACU, Tiberius BALAEŞ and Simona DUNCA

Decontamination effects of ratio frequency low-temperature plasma on paper-based materials

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Key words: paper decontamination, RF plasma, biological analysis, cultural heritage.

15. Corina CERNATESCU, Claudia COBZARU, Gabriela Antoneta APOSTOLESCU, Nicolae APOSTOLESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Quaternization of N-methylated phenyl benzimidazole azomethines to benzimidazolium salts

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Key words: benzimidazole derivative, quaternization, azahemicyanines, benzimidazolium salt.

16. Mihai MEDELEANU, Mihai-Cosmin PASCARIU, Eugen ȘIȘU, Tudor OLARIU, Doina GEORGESCU, Maria MRACEC and Mircea MRACEC

Entropic effect and thermodynamic properties for the conformers of (3R,5S,6R)-6-acetylami- and PM7 semiempirical MO methods

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Download Art 16 (PDF) – sup

Key words: (3R,5S,6R)-6-acetylamidopenicillanic acid, entropic effect, thermodynamic property, semiempirical MO methods: PM3, PM6, PM7.