Nos 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2016

Tome 61, Nos 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2016

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1. Carmen ZORZONEL, Sorana IONESCU, Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Cyclic voltammetry and DTF studies of some triphenylhydrazine

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Key words: CV, DPV, hydrazine derivatives, DFT.

2. Florina BRANZOI, Viorel BRANZOI and Zoia PAHOM

Modified electrodes obtained by electrochemical codeposition of some conducting polymers on metallic substrate

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Key words: nanocomposite films, electropolymerization, SEM, EIS, capacitance.

3. Florina BRANZOI, Viorel BRANZOI and Angela STANCA

Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel by some anionic surfactants in 0.5M H2SO4

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Key words: organic inhibitor, anionic surfactant, carbon steel, potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and FT-IR.

4. Simona POPA and Sorina BORAN

Heat transfer during boiling of some aqeous-alcohol systems

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Key words: heat transfer coefficient, boiling, heat flux.


Effect of the solvent on the morphology and the size of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized in polyol medium

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Key words: defects, solvent, nanomaterials, zinc compounds, II-VI semiconductor.

6. Nassima BENFERRAH, Mohamed HAMMADI and Florian BERTHIOL

Application of microwave heating of dry organic reactions: new condensation products from triacetic acid lactone (TAL)

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Key words: microwaves irradiation, arylidene compounds, dry organic reaction, triacetic acid lactone, catalyst free.

7. Shereen ARABIYAT, Yusuf AL-HIARI, Yasser K. BUSTANJI, Hiba ZALLOUM and Violet KASABRI

In vitro modulation of pancreatic lipase and proliferation of obesity related-colorectal cancer cell line panel by novel synthetic triazoquinolones

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Key words: triazoloquinolones, fluoroquinolones, pancreatic triacylglycerol lipase, orlistat, colorectal cancer, cisplatin.

8. Constantin MUSCALU and Gheorghe MARIA

Pareto optimal operating solutions for a catalytic reactor for benzene oxidation based on safety indices and extended process kinetic model

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Key words: catalytic reactor, Pareto optimal solutions, safety limits, failure probability, uncertainty.

9. Gheorghe ROMAN

Synthesis and ring opening reactions of (3-aryloxiran-2-yl)(thiophen02-yl)methanones

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Key words: chalcone, chalcone epoxide, ring opening, hydroxypyrazoline, α-hydroxy acid.

10. Nicoleta DAMIAN, Silvia PATACHIA and Ioan SCARNECIU

Influence of the polypropylene [PPR] pipes characteristics on the drinking water quality

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Key words: polypropylene random, pipes, drinking water quality, microbiological analysis.


A thermochemical study of gamma irradiated serine stereoisomers

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Key words: gamma rays, DSC, TG, FTIR, serine isomers, decomposition.

12. Mihaela FILIP, Mihaela MURESEANU, Gabriela PAUN and Viorica PARVULESCU

Biocatalysts obtained by enzyme immobilization on functionalized mesoporous silica supports

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Key words: mesoporous silica; functionalization; enzyme immobilization; biocatalyst; oxidative degradation.

13. Oumelkheir MOKHTARI, Bouzid NEDJIMI and Mohamed TOUMI

Soil-plant transfer factors of chemical elements in Artemisia campestris L. (Asteraceae) using INAA technique

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Key words: medicinal plants, Artemisia campestris, neutron activation analysis, trace elements, translocation factor.

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