Tome 62, No 2 Février 2017

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  1. Loredana E. NITA, Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Alina DIACONU and Mihai ASANDULESA

Preparation of protein – polyelectrolyte complex by self – assembling

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Key words: protein – polyelectrolyte complex, bovine serum albumin, poly(aspartic acid).


Catalytic systems on metal block carriers for neutralization of exhaust gases of motor transport

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Key words: catalyst, exhaust gases, motor transport, metal block carriers.

3. Jamal STAS, Omar CHINO, Yousef JAMMOAL and Zaher ALBARAKA

Selectivity of vanadium over iron during the extraction of vanadium by TOA from aqueous 100 H2SO4 leaching liquor

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Key words: vanadium, iron, extraction, trioctylamine, modifiers, selectivity.

4. Kun ZHOU, Ke WANG and Feng LIU

Density and Viscosity of tributyl phosphate+trioctylamine+phosphoric acid from (20~60)oC

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Key words: viscosity, density, regression equation, mixture.

5. Razvan ROTARU, Petrisor SAMOILA, Nicoleta LUPU, Marian GRIGORAS and Valeria HARABAGIU

Ferromagnetic materials obtained through ultrasonication. 1. Maghemite/ goethite nanocomposites

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Key words: maghemite-goethite composite, one pot synthesis, ultrasonication.

6. Can Serkan KESKİN

Arsenic and molybdenum ions removal by Fe3O4 embedded acrylamide-triazine hybrid-polymer

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Key words: acrylamide, Fe3O4, polymer, 1,3,5-triacryloylhexahydro-1,3,5- triazine, As(V) and Mo(VI) ions removal.

7. Mervette EL BATOUTI and Abdel-Moneim M. AHMED

Electrodeposition using rotating cylinder electrode of copper in presence of organic compounds

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Key words: electrodeposition, rotating cylinder electrode, copper, organic compounds.

8. Wafa BADULLA and Göksel ARLI

Comparative study for direct evaluation of montelukast sodium in tablet dosage from by multiple analytical methodologies

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Key words: montelukast sodium, osteryoung square wave voltammetry, flow injection analysis, ultraviolet spectrometry.

9. Mihai GUTU, Mihaela AVADANEI, Mihai MARINCA and Cipriana STEFANESCU

Exploratory infrared spectroscopy study of erythrocytes in cancer chemotherapy

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Key words: erythrocytes, infrared spectroscopy, cancer, chemotherapeutic treatment

10. Bouzid NEDJIMI

Some essential trace elements in Salsola vermiculata (Ammaranthaceae) using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)

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Key words: EDXRF, forage analysis, chemical elements, NRC requirements, Salsola vermiculata.


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