No 10 / 2018

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1. Hamza EL-KOUCH and Larbi EL FARH

Electronic and optical properties of TiS2 determined from Modified Becke–Johnson GGA Potential (mBJ-GGA) study

Key words: optical and electronic properties, TiS2, DFT, band structure, density of state.

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2. Meltem Betul SAGLAM, Kadriye INAN BEKTAS, Ahmet UYSAL, Halil Ibrahim GULER, Aykut SAGLAM and Zekeriya BIYIKLIOGLU

Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical properties of metal-free and metallophtalocyanines bearing 2-benzylphenoxy substituents and investigation of their biological activities

Key words: phthalocyanine, electrochemistry, cyclic voltammetry, anti-microbial activity, mutagenicity.

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3. Amin EBADI

Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure determination of a pyrazine-2-carboxamide-bridged two-dimensional polymeric cipper(II) complex

Key words: Cu(II) complex, pyrazine-2-carboxamide ligand, crystal structure, thermal gravimetric analysis.

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4. Stefan-Adrian STRUNGARU, Mircea NICOARA, Antoneta Dacia PETROAIE and Gabriel PLAVAN

Heavy metals in common tobacco brands from legal market and black market of Iaşi – Roumania

Key words: toxic metals, tobacco, health risk, HR-CS GF-AAS.

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5. Yang LIAO, Yunfei QIU, Yujia WANG, Ting ZHANG, Xin FENG, Hongyan SHANG, Shilin ZHAO, Jun MA and Hui MAO

Cowhide collagen fibers as biotemplates for preparation of fibrous SO42-/ZrO2-NiO solid acid catalyst and their application in esterification

Key words: biotemplating, cowhide collagen fibers, solid acid catalyst, esterification.

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6. Fatima A. I. AL-KHODIR

Four new complexes of Mg(II), Ca(II), Sr(II), and Ba(II) indomethacin anti-inflammatory drug: synthesis, physicochemical and biological studies

Key words: indomethacin, antimicrobial, IR, 1H-NMR, divalent metal ions, TEM, nanoscale.

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Qsar Techniques on several Bortezomib compounds as proteasom inhibitor anticancer drug

Key words: Bortezomib compounds, antitumor drugs ,QSAR, genetic algorithm.

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8. Fatma Bayrakceken NISANCI and Bilal YILMAZ

Electrochemically grown bismuth (III) oxide nanoparticles on gold as sensor for quantification of methimazole

Key words: bismuth (III) oxide, methimazole, square wave voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry.

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9. Irina POPESCU, Dana Mihaela SUFLET, Irina Mihaela PELIN and Ana-Maria TRUNFIO-SFARGHIU

Corsslinked maleic anhydride copolymers microspheres for dye adsorption

Key words: maleic anhydride copolymers, microspheres, dye removal, isotherms, kinetics.

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10. Ildikó LUNG, Maria-Loredana SORAN, Manuela STAN, Ocsana OPRIȘ, Florina COPACIU, Maria ȘTEFAN, Mihaela Diana LAZĂR, Cristian LEOȘTEAN and Alin Sebastian PORAV

Green synthesized Fe3O4 nanoparticles for Lanasyn Red azo dye removal from aqueous solutions

Key words: green synthesis, magnetite nanoparticles, Lanasyn Red, adsorption, decontamination.

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11. Wolfgang BUCHBERGER, Sibel A. OZKAN and Slavica RAZIC

European Analytical Column Number 46 (EAC 46)

Key words:

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