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Use of D2EHPA-mediated liquid membranes for heavy metal ions separation: A review

Key words: heavy metal ions, liquid membranes, di-2-ethylhexyl phosphoric acid.

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Characterisation of conservative liquids based on liquid rubber, the salts of the natural petroleum acids and nitro compounds – C14H28

Key words: conservative liquids, corrosion, liquid rubber, natural petroleum acids.

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3. Samah IKHLEF, Sorya NEKKAA and Nacerddine HADDAOUIEffects of silane crosslinking on thermal and morphological properties of Spartium junceum flour/high density polyethylene compositesDoi: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.2.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(2), 133-141

Key words: biocomposites, crosslinking, high density polyethylene, natural filler, vinyltrimethoxy silane.

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4. Mohammad Hasan ROUSTA and Nahid GHASEMI

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a mountain plant extract

Key words: Artemisia Sieberi Besser, SEM, XRD, TEM, silver nanoparticles.

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5. Farid AOUDJIT, Ouiza CHERIFI and Djamilla HALLICHE

Equilibrium and kinetic studies of anionic surfactant removal by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation using hydrotalcite-like compounds and their calcined products

Key words: hydrotalcite, photocatalyst, removal, surfactant, treatment.

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6. Mehmet KAYA

Investigation of a hybrid material and photophysical properties of rhodamine B in aqueous suspensions of cellulosic particles

Key words: Rhodamine B, rice husk, aggregation, hybrid material, cellulose.

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7. Nikita YUSHIN, Inga ZINICOVSCAIA, Liliana CEPOI, Tatiana CHIRIAC and Tatiana MITINA

Study of chemistry of Cr(IV)/Cr(III) biosorption from batch solutions and electroplating industrial effluent using cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis

Key words: biosorption, chromium (III), chromium(VI), Spirulina platensis.

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8. Bahare OSAGHI and Fariba SAFA

QSPR study on the boiling points of aliphatic esters using the atom-type-based AI topological indices

Key words: quantitative structure–property relationship, modelling, atom-type-based AI topological indices, normal boiling point.

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9. Cristina FLOREA, Anca HÎRTOPEANU, Cristina STAVARACHE and Horia PETRIDE

Unusual mechanism of the methanolysis of 1-cyanoformamidines

Key words: 1-cyanoformamidines, methanolysis, cyanamides, carbamimidates, kinetics.

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10. Yin-Ling WANG, Shi-Jia ZHAO, Jia-Lun Deng, Zao-Sheng LV and Zhi XU

Tetraethylene glycol tethered homonuclear and heteronuclear isatin dimers and their in vitro anti-mycobacterial activities

Key words: isatin, dimmer, tetraethylene glycol, homonuclear, heteronuclear, anti-mycobacterial.

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