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1. Agadadash ALIYEV, Agil SAFAROV and Zumrud SHABANOVA

Oxidative conversion of isopropyl alcohol

Key words: isopropyl alcohol, acetone, mechanism, natural mordenite, kinetic model.

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2. Khuram Shahzad AHMAD

Adsorption of Rimsulfuron in selected soils and its removal via activated carbon

Key words: sorption, herbicide, activated carbon, removal.

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3. Xu LIU, Hui GAO, Dengming SUN, Yanming WANG and Wei MA

Determination of trace of iodide at a poly-L-methionine modified glassy carbon electrode

Key words: iodide, poly-L-methionine, modified, glassy carbon electrode.

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4. Liang JUNXI, Bai JUN, Su QIONG and Zhang HUBIN

Theoretical study on reactions mechanism of CH3Cl with ClO– and ClHeO–: a prediction of inert-atom effect

Key words: oxygen containing anion, mechanism, density functional theory (DFT).

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5. Aysel KOÇ DEMİR

Development and characterization of gelatin/chitosan/montmorillonite composite scaffold enriched with magnesium

Key words: bone tissue engineering, composite material, montmorillonite, natural polymers, magnesium.

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6. Jianfei KONG, Jun CHEN and Jinquan LIU

Synthesis, photophysical, electrochemical and DNA binding properties of a novel ruthenium(II) N^N complexDoi: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.4.06

Key words: ruthenium(II) complex, N^N, DNA binding, photophysics, electrochemistry.

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7. Xiu-Guang YI, Xiao-Niu FANG, Xiao-Ying ZHOU, Yong-Xiu LI and Yan-Zhu LIU

In situ syntheses and characterization of two phases of a copper complex: structural difference leading to different properties

Key words: crystal structure, phase, photoluminescence, semiconductor, supermolecule.

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8. Xuan-Ming ZHANG, Li-Wen HAN, Wen-Long SHENG, Xiao-Bin LI, Shan-Shan ZHANG, Qing XIA, Guan-E YANG and Ke-Chun LIU

Two novel holostane-type glycosides from the viscera of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus with antitumor activities

Key words: Apostichopus japonicus, viscera, holostane-type glycosides, spectroscopic analysis, antitumor.

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9. Cihan KANTAR

Phthalocyanines containing resorcinarene cavitants; synthesis and heavy metal ion extraction properties

Key words: phthalocyanine, resorcinarene, heavy metal ion extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, cavitand.

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10. Edvin CAIALI and Victor DAVID

Key words: aromatic hydrocarbons, phenyl-silica, reversed-phase HPLC, water solubility, octanol/water partition.

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11. Cristina POPA, Ana Maria BRATU and Mioara PETRUS

Chemical compounds from human respiration

Key words: exhaled chemical compounds, spectroscopy, human respiration.

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