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1. Mircea D. GHEORGHIU

MARGARETA AVRAM (1920–1984):

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Aminimides: RCON(CH3)2CH2CH(OH)CH3 (R = C6H5 and CF3CF2) natural bond orbital and topological analysis of electron density distributions. Part 3

Key words: aminimides, diasteromer, DFT, NRT, X-ray.

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3. Allen YE, Bernadette EROKWU, Michael TWIEG, Chris A. FLASK and Gheorghe D. MATEESCU

New in vivo glucose test by localized dynamic deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance

Key words: in vivo, bioenergetics, dynamic deuterium MR.

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4. Mariana Carmela HORJA, Daniela ISTRATI, Ioan CALINESCU, Dan Eduard MIHAIESCU, Anca Liana MARTON, Alexandru IONESCU and Gheorghe UNGUREANU

Correlation of isoconcentration profiles resolution of water parameters with on-site sampling methodology

Key words: isoconcentration profiles; CTD; AUV; conservation state; protected areas.

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5. Cristian SIMION, Yoshiharu MITOMA, Yumi KATAYAMA and Alina Marieta SIMION

Reduction of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds and 1,3-diketones in aqueous media, using a Raney Ni-Al alloy

Key words: ,-unsaturated ketones, 1,3-diketones, aqueous reduction, Raney Ni-Al alloy.

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6. Aurelia BRATU, Cristina OTT, Brindusa BALANUCA, Nicoleta BADEA and Ioana LACATUSU

The association effect of cocoa butter with vegetable oils on the obtaining of lipid nanocarriers loaded with antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs

Key words: cocoa butter, sesame oil, lipid nanocarriers, amitriptyline, risperidone.

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7. Cristina TODASCA, Dragos GUDOVAN, Mihaela TOCIU, Roxana TRUSCA, Adrian Ionut NICOARA, Bogdan Nicolae MANOLESCU and Fulvia MANOLACHE

Wine industry waste valorisation as repellent support

Key words: wine industry, natural volatile oils, insect repellent, HS-GC-MS, SEM.

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8. Simona CAPRARESCU, Violeta PURCAR and Cristina MODROGAN 

Commercial aqueous additives as used eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in natural seawater

Key words: carbon steel, commercial aqueous additives, corrosion rate.

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9. Eugenia Andreea DRAGU and Alexandru C. RAZUS

Ring size effect in McMurry cyclization of 1,ω-di((azulen-1-yl)-carbonyl) alkanes

Key words: α,ω-(diazulen-1-yl)-α,ω-diketones, McMurry cyclization, 1,2-di(azulen-1-yl)cycloalkenes.

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10. Horia PETRIDE, Cristina FLOREA, Anca HÎRTOPEANU and Cristina STAVARACHE RuO4 – mediated oxidation of tertiary amines. Stereoelectronic effectsDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.1.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(1), 89-96

Key words: tertiary amines, oxidation, stereoelectronic effects.

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11. Emilian GEORGESCU, Florentina GEORGESCU, Florea DUMITRASCU, Constantin DRAGHICI, Alina NICOLESCU, Daniela MARINESCU and Calin DELEANU

Microwave-assisted multicomponent synthesis of benzo[f]pyrrolo

Key words: pyrroloquinolines, 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions, microwave, NMR.

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12. Augustin M. MĂDĂLAN, Mihaela MATACHE and Petre IONITA

Synthesis and structural analysis of some nitroderivatives of a dopamine analog

Key words: picryl chloride, NBD-chloride, chromophore, synthesis, fluorescence.

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13. Anca G. COMAN, Anca PAUN, Codruța C. POPESCU, Niculina D. HADADE, Anamaria HANGANU, Augustin M. MĂDĂLAN and Mihaela MATACHE

Examination of structure-activity relationship of new N-acylhydrazones

Key words: N-acylhydrazone, substituent effect, fluorescence, switch.

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