No 1 / 2021

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1. Iulia MATEI, Elena Irina POPESCU, Sorin MOCANU, Elena Nuşa HRISTEA, Florenţa SAVONEA, Rodica BĂRĂŢOIU and Gabriela IONIŢĂ

Non-covalent interactions evidenced by EPR spectroscopy in cyclodextrin complexes

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.01

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 9-23

Key words: EPR spectroscopy, spin probe, spin labelling, cyclodextrin, gel.

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2. Maria PRODAN, Emilian GHICIOI, Adrian JURCA and Dumitru OANCEA

Ignition and propagation properties of coal dust – air – methane hybrid mixtures

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.02

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 25-32

Key words: ignition; propagation; hybrid mixture; coal dust; normal burning velocity.

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3. Eleonora DENES, Mihaela VLASSA, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU

New hypercoordinated triaryltelluronium derivatives of oraganophosphorus ligands. Synthesis and structural characterization

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 33-40

Key words: triorganotelluronium cations, hypercoordination, organophosphorus ligands, structural investigation.

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4. Paul A. TARABUTA, Catalin MAXIM and Marius ANDRUH

Reactions of heteroleptic [Cu(acac)(AA)(H2O)]+ complexes with carboxylate anions (acac- = acetylacetonate, AA = 2,2’-bipyridine, 1,10-phenanthroline)

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.04

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 41-47

Key words: copper complexes; mixed-ligand complexes; carboxylato ligands; coordination polymers.

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5. Aurica PRECUPAS and Sorana IONESCU

Exploring the interaction of 5,6- benzocoumarin-3-carboxylic acid with bovine serum albumin at the molecular level: A biophysical investigation using molecular dynamics

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.05

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 49-58

Key words: molecular dynamics, 5,6- benzocoumarin-3-carboxylic acid, bovine serum albumin, hydrogen bonds.

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6. Cristina TABLET and Sorana IONESCU

Exciplex formation in the phenoxathiin-thioxanthone system

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.06

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 59-63

Key words: exciplex, phenoxathiin, thioxanthone, electron donor-acceptor systems, excited state electron transfer.

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7. Elena BACALUM, Toma GALAON, Victor DAVID and Serban C. MOLDOVEANU

Peak compression induced by large volume injection of hydrophobic alcohols in reversed-phase liquid chromatography

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.07

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 65-74

Key words: peak compression, liquid chromatography, reversed-phase mechanism, hydrophobic alcohols, large volume injection.

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8. Ana Maria TOADER and Mirela ENACHE

Quinizarin interaction with bile salts micelles as biomimetic model membranes

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.08

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 65(1), 75-80

Key words: quinizarin, bile salts, binding constant, partition coefficient.

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9. Mioara DROBOTĂ, Mihaela BARBĂLATĂ-MÂNDRU, Luiza Mădălina GRĂDINARU and Ionel ALEXA

Effect of UV irradiation on surface of collagen film

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 81-85

Key words: collagen, surface, UV-irradiation.

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10. Mihaela BARBALATA-MANDRU, Maria BERCEA, Luiza Madalina GRADINARU, Magdalena AFLORI and Radu ALBULESCU

Preparation and surface characterization of polyurethane hydrogels

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2021.66.1.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2021, 66(1), 87-93

Key words: surface, hydrogel, polyurethane.

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No 12 / 2020

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1. Alireza BOZORGIAN, Zahra Arab ABOOSADI, Abolfazl MOHAMMADI, Bizhan HONARVAR and Alireza AZIMI

Determination of CO2 gas hydrates surface tension in the presence of nonionic surfactants and TBAC

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.01

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1061-1065

Key words: gas hydrates, surface tension, surfactants, promoter, TBAC, APG.

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2. Bahman BEHZADI, Maziar NOEI, Alireza AZIMI, Masoumeh MIRZAEI and Hossein ANARAKI-ARDAKANI

Experimental evaluation of free chlorine adsorption from circulating water in cooling towers by activated carbon in a fixed bed column

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.02

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1067-1077

Key words: adsorption, free chlorine, activated carbon, cooling tower.

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3. Chunmei KAI, Fengjun ZHANG, Cui KONG and Weiqin CAI

Progress in photocatalysis of new two-dimensional layered materials MXenes

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1079-1091

Key words: MXenes, co-catalyst, photocatalyst, photocatalytic reactions.

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4. Zahed KARIMI-JABERI and Abdolaziz BAHRANI

One-pot three-component synthesis of α-aminonitriles using sodium dihydrogen phosphate as a catalyst at room temperature

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.04

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1093-1097

Key words: α-aminonitriles, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, eco-friendly conditions.

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Predicted single point mutations in ganglioside-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 S and recognition by 9-O-acetylated sialic acid and hydroxychloroquine

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.05

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1099-1109

Key words: CoViD-19, hidroxychloroquine, mutation, pandemic, SARS-CoV-2.

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6. Ioana A. DUCEAC and Fulga TANASA

Novel chitosan-hydroxyapatite macroporous composites for biomedical applications

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.06

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1111-1119

Key words: chitosan, hydroxyapatite, composites for biomedical applications, mechanical properties.

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7. Kaouthar KALLEL, Ghayth RIGANE, Hanene GHAZGHAZI and Ridha BEN SALEM

Fatty acids profile (GC-FID) and analytical evaluation of Chemlali olive oil according to a combined laboratory scale ultrasounds and microwave extraction

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.07

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1121-1131

Key words: Chemlali, fatty acid composition, microwave, phenolic compounds, ultrasound.

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8. Nasser MALEKI, Sorosh ZARINABADI, Alireza AZIMI, Amirhossein Shahbazi KOOTENAEI

Response surface historical method, simulation of CO2 absorption process by DEA in FFR using COMSOL multiphysics

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.08

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1133-1143

Key words: carbon dioxide, absorption, Reynoplds number, falling film reactor, diethanolamine.

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9. Lamia A. ALBEDAIRIron(III), gold(III), platinum(IV) and palladium(II) trimethoprim drug complexes: synthesis, spectroscopic, morphological and anticancer assessments

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1145-1152

Key words: trimethoprim, complexes, FTIR, gold(III) ion, anti-cancer.

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10. Salima DIB, Didier VILLEMIN, Bachir MOSTEFA-KARA, Amel HAMHAMI, Nathalie BAR, Mebrouka DEKHICI and Nawel CHEIKH

On the green catalytic synthesis of purpurogallin

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.12.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1153-1157

Key words: pyrogallol, purpurogallin, tetramethylethylene diamine copper complex, peroxidase, bitter turnips.

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11. Index of authors

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1159-1168

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12. Index of subjects

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(12), 1169-1173

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No 11 / 2020

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1. Fatemeh ABADAST, Arash MOURADZADEGUN and Mohammad Reza GANJALI

A new green and catalyst free strategy for synthesis of cyanodienones using task-specific ionic liquidDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.01Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 976-971

Key words: task-specific ionic liquid, ([bmim]CN, triarylpyrylium perchlorates, cyanide.

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2. Xue-Fei ZHOU, Zheng-Rong ZOU and Xiao-Jun Yang

MPSC6 binuclear complexes immobilized on graphene oxide for oxidation of lignin model compounds and lignin

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.02

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 973-982

Key words: binuclear complex, graphene oxide, lignin, oxidation.

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3. Adem ONAL, Kevser Ceren TOMBUL and Sama NACHED

Investigation of dyeing properties of different fabric species with Curcuma Longa extracts

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 983-988

Key words: Curcumin Longa rhizome, mordant, wool, cotton, fastness.

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4. Binita KHADKA and Ajaya BHATTARAI

UV-VIS studies on interaction between sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate (AOT) and methyl red

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.04

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 989-996

Key words: sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate, methanol, methyl red, UV-VIS.

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5. Idawu Yakubu SULEIMAN, Auwal KASIM, Munir Zubairu SIRAJO and Abdullahi Tanko MOHAMMED

Characterization of eco-friendly inhibitor by AAS, FT-IR and GC-MS for protection of AISI 304 in acidic environment

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.05

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 997-1007

Key words: Acacia senegalensis, eco-friendly inhibitor, phytochemicals, FT-IR, GC-MS, AAS.

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6. Fatma Zohra BENABID, Foued ZOUAI and Djafer BENACHOUR

Dielectric properties of some polymers/ metal oxide nanoparticles nanocomposites using fast technique

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.06

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 1009-1017

Key words: stearic acid, dielectrical properties, metal oxide nanoparticles, nanocomposites.

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7. Yassmina ANGAR, Sofiane DAOUDI, Salima KEBBOUCHE-GANA and Nacer-Eddine DJELALI

Electrocatalytic activity survey of some cathode materials for the reduction of nitrites and nitrates in aqueous solution

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.07

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 1019-1029

Key words: nitrites, nitrates, electrochemical reduction, cyclic voltammetry, aqueous solution, cathode materials.

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8. Sourav MONDAL, Nilanjan DE and Anita PAL

Molecular descriptors of neural networks with chemical significance

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.08

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 1031-1044

Key words: molecular graph, QSPR modelling, NM-polynomial, topological index, 3-layered probabilistic neural network, 4-layered probabilistic neural network.

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9. Prosanta SARKAR, Sourav MONDAL, Nilanjan DE and Anita PAL

(a,b)- Zagreb index of some special graph

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.11.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(11), 1045-1055

Key words: various graph invariants, (a,b)-Zagreb index, some special graphs.

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No 10 / 2020

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Prof. Dr. Ing. Gheorghe MARIA at his 65th anniversary – Excellency in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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1. Samir BAYOU, Mohammed MOUZALI, Laurence LECAMP and Philippe LEBAUDY

Photoinitiated functionalization of minerals fillers for dental composites

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.01

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 859-867

Key words: dental composite, mineral fillers, sol-gel process,functionalization.

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2. Smail TERCHI, Naziha LADJAL, Belkacem ZIDELKHEIR and Khaldoun BACHARI

Adsorption performance of anionic textile dye (Nylosan Red N-2RBL) onto raw, sodic and fractionated sodic inorganic clay material

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.02

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 869-884

Key words: inorganic materials, clays, adsorption, anionic dyes, montmorillonite.

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3. Naouel CHETTIBI, Houria BENTOUMI and Messaoud LIACHA

Ultrasound-assisted synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some novel benzoxanonyhyldrazone derivatives

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 885-891

Key words: benzoxanonyhydrazone derivatives, conventional thermal heating, FT-IR, NMR.

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4. Anca Mihaela MOCANU, Mariana DIACONU and Laura BULGARIU

Estimation of biocidal activity of some imidazoline derivatives by using pathogenic bacterial and yeast strains

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.04

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 893-898

Key words: imidazoline derivatives, antimicrobial activity, pathogenic bacterial, submerged cultivation method, biomass determination.

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5. Elif Ayşe Erdoğan ELIUZ, Erdal YABALAK and Yusuf SICAK

Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil of Citrus sinensis: interaction with ampicilin and fluconazole

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.05

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 899-907

Key words: antimicrobial checkerboard method, chemical composition, Citrus sinensis, ampicillin, fluconazole.

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6. Wenzhi ZHAO, Chuanfang ZHOU, Bing LU, Junbo YU and Yuan ZHANG

Alkali fusion co-precipitation/cation exchange/extraction enrichment for determination of trace rare earth elements in rocks by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.06

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 909-917

Key words: rare earth elements (REEs), co-precipitation; cation exchange,extraction enrichment, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

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Extraction and analysis of oleanolic acid and ursolic acid from apple processing waste materials using ultrasound-assisted extraction technique combined with high performance liquid chromatography

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.07

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 919-928

Key words: oleanolic acid, ursolic acid, ultrasound-assisted extraction technique, HPLC method.

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8. Uzma ALI, Aneela MAALIK, Muhammad Babar TAJ, Ahmad RAHEEL, Ahmad Kaleem QURESHI, Muhammad IMRAN, Muhammad SHARIF, Syed Ahmad TIRMIZI, Sadia NOOR and Heba ALSHATER

Facile synthesis, solublization studies and anti-inflammatory activity of amorphous zinc(II) centered aldimine complexes

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.08

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 929-941

Key words: aldimine derivatives, solubilization, anionic surfactants, anti-inflammatory activity

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9. Soufiane BOUDJEMAA

Preparation and characterisation of montmorillonite-Fe3+ (MMT-Fe3+) nanoclay mineral for crystal violet (CV) removal from aqueous solutions

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 943-953

Key words: montmorillonite, montmorillonite-Fe3+, crystal violet, removal, adsorption, kinetics.

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10. Li LIU, Tiantian ZHANG, Xiaoli ZHANG, Jiao WANG, Wenfang SHU, Xinyu QI, Binxia ZHAO and Binglin LI

An efficient method for determination of components in docosahexaenoic acid-phosphatidylcholine using pre-column derivatization HPLC

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.10.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(10), 955-962

Key words: DHA-PC, fatty acids, α-bromoacetophenone, triethylamine, HPLC.

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No 9 / 2020

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1. Kasetti Ashok BABU, Indrajeet SINGHVI, Nagasuri RAVINDRA and Afzal Basha SHAIK

Antimicrobial and antitubercular evaluation of some new 5-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-thiol derived Schiff bases

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.01

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 771-776

Key words: 1,3,4-thidiazole, schiff bases, antibacterial, antifungal, antitubercular.

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2. Fatma Bayrakçeken NİŞANCISynthesis and characterization of graphene oxide/ gold nanoparticles/ dibenzothiophene heterogeneous nanostructures

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.02

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 777-782

Key words: dibenzothiophene, diesel fuel, gold nanoparticles, graphene oxide.

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3. Ahmad RAHEEL, Imtiaz-Ud-DIN, Syed Hassan IFTIKHAR, Muhammad Babar TAJ, Rabia AYUB, Anham ZAFAR, Sumaira ABBAS and Mundher AL-SHAKBAN

Synthesis, antimicrobial activity, urease inhibition and molecular docking studies of new proline linked thiourea derivatives

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.03

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 783-788

Key words: antimicrobial, enzyme inhibition, molecular docking.

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4. Shengqiang WANG, Qijie XU, Yang ZHANG, Gaofeng JIN, Weiowei HE and Ning ZHANG

Fabrication of transition metal-doping TiO2 composite and its photocatalytic degradation performance toward the ammonia nitrogen compounds in farm wastewater

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.04

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 789-794

Key words: TiO2, farm wastewater, photocatalytic, ammonia nitrogen compounds.

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5. Hamed ASADI, Hossein ANARAKI-ARDAKANI, Parviz TORABI and Narghes TAHERI

An efficient and green protocol for the one-pot synthesis of 3-amido-alkyl-4-hydroxycoumarin derivatives by choline chloride/urea as a deep eutectic solvent

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.05

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 795-800

Key words: deep eutectic solvents, green chemistry, multi-component reaction, choline chloride/urea.

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6. ANAMICA and Poorn Prakash PANDE

Synthesis and characterization of a novel sugar based cross-linker

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.06

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 801-806

Key words: D-mannitol, allyl chloride, allyl mannitol, sugar-based cross-linker.

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7. Meltem B. SAĞLAM and Zekeriya BIYIKLIOĞLU

Synthesis, characterization, aggregation and electrochemical properties of peripheral octa-2-{[4-(2-benzylphenoxy]benzyl]thio} ethoxy group substituted cobalt(II) phthalocyanine

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.07

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 807-814

Key words: 2-benzylphenol, peripheral, electrochemical, aggregation, cyclic voltammetry.

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8. Florina BRANZOI

Electrochemical synthesis and characterizations of new nanocomposite electrodeposition on Co67Cr29W4 alloy substrate

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.08

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 815-823

Key words: composite, conducting polymer, alloy, electrodeposition, cyclic voltammetry, EIS, SEM.

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9. Radjaa EL AHMAR, Charef HARRATS, Djillali BASSOU and Soufi Kacimi

Heterogeneous transesterification of castor oil for biodiesel production by Al2O3, Al2O3-NiO and Al2O3-CoO modified bentonite as catalyst

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 825-837

Key words: bentonite, pillared clays, castor oil, ethanol, transesterification, biodiesel.

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10. Brahim BOURAS, Tayeb HOCINE, Kamel Ismet BENABADJI, Lahcene TENNOUGA and Ali MANSRI

Synthesis condition effects on the anti-polyelectrolyte behaviour of poly(acrylamide-co-(4-vinylpyridine)) (AM/4VP)copolymers in aqueous media

DOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.9.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(9), 839-846

Key words: copolymerization, acrylamide, 4-vinylpyridine, viscosity, anti-polyelectrolyte behaviour.

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No 1 / 2020

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1. Mircea D. GHEORGHIU

MARGARETA AVRAM (1920–1984):

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Aminimides: RCON(CH3)2CH2CH(OH)CH3 (R = C6H5 and CF3CF2) natural bond orbital and topological analysis of electron density distributions. Part 3

Key words: aminimides, diasteromer, DFT, NRT, X-ray.

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3. Allen YE, Bernadette EROKWU, Michael TWIEG, Chris A. FLASK and Gheorghe D. MATEESCU

New in vivo glucose test by localized dynamic deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance

Key words: in vivo, bioenergetics, dynamic deuterium MR.

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4. Mariana Carmela HORJA, Daniela ISTRATI, Ioan CALINESCU, Dan Eduard MIHAIESCU, Anca Liana MARTON, Alexandru IONESCU and Gheorghe UNGUREANU

Correlation of isoconcentration profiles resolution of water parameters with on-site sampling methodology

Key words: isoconcentration profiles; CTD; AUV; conservation state; protected areas.

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5. Cristian SIMION, Yoshiharu MITOMA, Yumi KATAYAMA and Alina Marieta SIMION

Reduction of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds and 1,3-diketones in aqueous media, using a Raney Ni-Al alloy

Key words: ,-unsaturated ketones, 1,3-diketones, aqueous reduction, Raney Ni-Al alloy.

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6. Aurelia BRATU, Cristina OTT, Brindusa BALANUCA, Nicoleta BADEA and Ioana LACATUSU

The association effect of cocoa butter with vegetable oils on the obtaining of lipid nanocarriers loaded with antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs

Key words: cocoa butter, sesame oil, lipid nanocarriers, amitriptyline, risperidone.

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7. Cristina TODASCA, Dragos GUDOVAN, Mihaela TOCIU, Roxana TRUSCA, Adrian Ionut NICOARA, Bogdan Nicolae MANOLESCU and Fulvia MANOLACHE

Wine industry waste valorisation as repellent support

Key words: wine industry, natural volatile oils, insect repellent, HS-GC-MS, SEM.

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8. Simona CAPRARESCU, Violeta PURCAR and Cristina MODROGAN 

Commercial aqueous additives as used eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in natural seawater

Key words: carbon steel, commercial aqueous additives, corrosion rate.

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9. Eugenia Andreea DRAGU and Alexandru C. RAZUS

Ring size effect in McMurry cyclization of 1,ω-di((azulen-1-yl)-carbonyl) alkanes

Key words: α,ω-(diazulen-1-yl)-α,ω-diketones, McMurry cyclization, 1,2-di(azulen-1-yl)cycloalkenes.

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10. Horia PETRIDE, Cristina FLOREA, Anca HÎRTOPEANU and Cristina STAVARACHE RuO4 – mediated oxidation of tertiary amines. Stereoelectronic effectsDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2020.65.1.10

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2020, 65(1), 89-96

Key words: tertiary amines, oxidation, stereoelectronic effects.

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11. Emilian GEORGESCU, Florentina GEORGESCU, Florea DUMITRASCU, Constantin DRAGHICI, Alina NICOLESCU, Daniela MARINESCU and Calin DELEANU

Microwave-assisted multicomponent synthesis of benzo[f]pyrrolo

Key words: pyrroloquinolines, 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions, microwave, NMR.

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12. Augustin M. MĂDĂLAN, Mihaela MATACHE and Petre IONITA

Synthesis and structural analysis of some nitroderivatives of a dopamine analog

Key words: picryl chloride, NBD-chloride, chromophore, synthesis, fluorescence.

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13. Anca G. COMAN, Anca PAUN, Codruța C. POPESCU, Niculina D. HADADE, Anamaria HANGANU, Augustin M. MĂDĂLAN and Mihaela MATACHE

Examination of structure-activity relationship of new N-acylhydrazones

Key words: N-acylhydrazone, substituent effect, fluorescence, switch.

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No 10 / 2019

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1. 4th International Conference on Analytical Chemistry RO’ICAC 2018

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2. Catalina CIOATES NEGUT, Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU

Fluorimetric determination of nitrate in water catchments using a fluorescence tracer dye

Key words: fluorimetric method, Rhodamine B, nitrate.

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3. Ioana M. C. IENAŞCU, Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Mihai-Cosmin PASCARIU,
Iuliana M. POPESCU, Adina CĂTA and Raluca POP

Complexation of [2-(2- bromophenylcarbamoyl)phenoxy]acetic acid ethyl ester with β-cyclodextrin

Key words: ethyl ester/β-CYD inclusion complex, molecular modelling, apparent formation constant, Benesi-Hildebrand equation, 1H-NMR.

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Development of reverse phase liquid chromatographic method by using core shell particles column for determination of montelukast and levocetirizine from pharmaceutical capsule dosage forms 

Key words: drug analysis, HPLC, levocetirizine, montelukast, validation.

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5. Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU

Modified graphite/graphene dot microsensors for the assay of trace amounts of lead and cadmium in water catchments areas using differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(10), 867-877

Key words: graphite/graphene dot microsensors, lead, cadmium, water catchments areas.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

6. Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Ramona GEORGESCU STATE

Determination of tryptophan in pharmaceutical formulations and beer by enhancement of tryptophan-fluorescence response with fluorescein and potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)

Key words: tryptophan, tryptophan-fluorescence response enhancement, fluorescein, potassium hexacyanoferrate(III).

Download Art 6 (PDF)

7. Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU and Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN

Phtalacyanine modified electrodes based on reduced graphene oxide for determination of lead in different types of water

Key words: phtalocyanine, electrode, voltammetry, ICP-OES, sensors.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

8. Adina CĂTA, Ioana M. C. IENAŞCU, Cristian TĂNASIE and Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ

Thermal degradation of anthocyanin pigments in bilberry, blackberry and black mulberry extracts in the presence of some added food antioxidants

Key words: anthocyanins, stability, thermal degradation, ascorbic acid, antioxidant activity.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

9. Hadi DEBIH, Oualid DILMI and Smail TERCHI

Organic pollutants adsorption onto granular activated carbon

Key words: granulated activated carbon, adsorption kinetics, porosity,affinity, competitiveness.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

10. Elena NEAGU, Gabriela PĂUN, Veronica MOROEANU, Oana UNGUREANU and Gabriel Lucian RADU

Antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of polyphenolic-rich extracts of Apium graveolens and Agropyrum repens

Key words: -amylase inhibitory activity, -glucosidase inhibitory, Apium graveolens, Agropyrum repens, membranare processes.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

11. Diana Felicia LOGHIN, Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN and Marcela MIHAI

Comparative chemical modification of starches as a function of their origin: synthesis and analysis

Key words: starch, acrylonitrile, grafting reaction, hydrolyzed copolymers.

Download Art 11 (PDF)

No 9 / 2019

Download summary (PDF)

1. Naouel BABAKHOUYA, Mohamed ABDOUNI and  Krim LOUHABElectrochemical chromium(VI) recovery process by conducting composite, olive pomace/PANIDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.01Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 747-753

Key words: olive pomace, polyaniline, conductive polymeric, composite, adsorption, electrosorption, chrome hexavalent, heavy metals

Download Art 1 (PDF)

2. Fereshteh MOTIEE and Zohreh GHAZI TABATABAEIEvaluating optimum conditions for fatigue life of NR-based rubber compounds using the Taguchi methodDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.02Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 755-761

Key words: natural rubber, fatigue life, Taguchi method, ozone resistance.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

3. Bin JIANG, Mengyu LU and Minghua XUAmperometric sensing of organophosphorus pesticides based on covalently attached multilayer assemblies of diazo-resin, prussian blue single-walled carbon nanotubes, and acetylcholinesteraseDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.03Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 763-774

Key words: acetylcholinesterase, prussian blue single-walled carbon nanotubes, diazo-resin, layer-by-layer assembly, covalently attached multilayer assemblies.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

4. Sabrina HEMSAS and Messaoud HACHEMIAdsorption of Methylene Blue Dye by Stipa tenacissima L (Alfa fibers) in aqueous solution: equilibrium, thermodynamics, kinetic mechanismDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.04Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 775-784

Key words: adsorption, equilibrium, kinetic, Methylene Blue, Stipa tenacissima L, thermodynamic.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

5. Zaki AJJI, Mohammad S. AL-MASRI, Ibrahim OTHMAN, Hayat TABEIKH and Yusr AMINThe removal of 210Po and 210Pb from aqueous solution using sulphonated polystyrene wasteDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.05Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 785-790

Key words: radionuclide; removal; polystyrene waste; sulphonation; sorption

Download Art 5 (PDF)

6. Arezoo GHAEMI, Haman TAVAKKOLI, Fatemeh Hasan GHAHVAROKHISelective measurement of europium(III) in solutions using a sensor with polymeric membraneDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.06Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 791-799

Key words: europium (III), polymeric membrane, Kryptofix 21, potentiometry.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

7. Koray CAKIR, Cem ERKMEN, Bengi USLU and Nilgun GUNDEN GOGERQuantitative determination of paracetamol, caffeine and codeine phosphate in pharmaceutical dosage forms by using capillary electrophoresis methodDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.07Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 801-808

Key words: caffeine, capillary electrophoresis, codeine phosphate, optimization, paracetamol.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

8. Hui GAO, Qingqing HU, Wei MA, Yanming WANG, Wenting CHEN and Dengming SUNDetermination of Kojic acid based on a poly(L-arginine) electrochemically reduced graphene oxide modified electrodeDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.08Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 809-815

Key words: L-arginine, reduced graphene, kojic acid, modified electrode.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

9. Ahmed ALHADHRAMI, Abdel Majid A. ADAM, Abdulraheem S. A. ALMAKI and Moamen S. REFATSynthesis of iron(III) oxide nanoparticles via simple and cheap procedures for adsorption of environmentally harmful toxic heavy metalsDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.09Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 817-828

Key words: iron(III) complex, urea, thermal decomposition, nanoparticles, heavy metals.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

10. Azime Berna ÖZÇELIK, Fatma GÜMÜŞ, Aysun Kılıç SÜLOĞLU and Güldeniz SELMANOĞLUCytotoxic activity studies of some platinum(II) complexes with 2-substituted benzimidazole ligandsDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.9.10Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(9), 829-834

Key words: benzimidazole, platinum complexes, cytotoxic activity, HeLa cell line, MCF-7 cell line.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

No 8 / 2019

Download summary (PDF)


Environment-friendly green approaches for an efficient synthesis of 2H-indazolo[2,1-b] phthalazine-1,6,11(13H)- triones catalyzed by tannic acid

Key words: ecofriendly catalyst, tannic acid, synthesis, phthalazine-triones.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

2. Bhuvanendra SINGH, Rajeev SINGH, Rayees Ahmad BHAT, Vasundhara SINGH and Dilip KUMAR

Crystal structure and computational study of a fluorine-containing thiosemicarbazoneDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.8.02

Key words: crystal structure, computational study, electron localization function, Hirshfeld surface, natural population analysis.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

3. Xu-Yan ZHANG and Tao-Tao PANG

Supramolecular p-sulfonated Calix[4]arene for tyrosine detection

Key words: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, molecular modeling calculation, cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

4. İbrahim TEGIN, Erdal YABALAK, Betül SADIK and Mehmet FIDAN

Evaluation of chemical content and radical scavenging activity of Allium vineale L. extract and its elemental analysis

Key words: Allium vineale, subcritical water extraction, DPPH, chemical composition.

Download Art 4 (PDF)


Biogenic amines content in the serum of patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Key words: Biogenic amines, LC/DAD, serum, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

6. Yin-Ling WANG, Shi-Jia ZHAO, Yi LIU and Zhi XU

Design, synthesis and in vitro anti-bacterial activities of benzofuran-isatin hybrids

Key words: benzofuran-isatin hybrids, anti-bacterial, drug-resistant, structure-activity relationship.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

7. Lu PAN

Preparation and enhanced electrocatalytic performances of Co3O4 composites nanosheets loaded with double precious metals

Key words: AgxAuy/Co3O4 composites, double precious metals, electrocatalysis, p-nitrophenol.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

8. Nesrin KARAALI, Rıdvan ATIK, Nimet BALTAS, Selami SASMAZ and Bahittin KAHVECİ

Synthesis, inhibitory properties on the metabolic enzymes and antioxidant activity of a new series benzimidazole derivatives

Key words: benzimidazole, Schiff base, antioxidant, anti-urease, anti-xanthineoxidase.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

9. Andreia-Cristina SOARE, Toma GALAON, Serban C. MOLDOVEANU and Victor DAVID

The influence of column temperature on the extrapolated values of the retention factor in reversed-phase liquid chromatography for water as mobile phase

Key words: extrapolated retention factor, column temperature, reversed-phase liquid chromatography, thermodynamic.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

10. Moufida A. OUESLATI, Justin RENAUD, Ghayth RIGANE, Aynur GUNENC, Ridha Ben SALEM, Sadok BOUKHCHINA, Farah HUSSAINIAN and Paul M. MAYER

LC-MS and ESI-MS QTOF-MS analysis of glycerophospholipid and triacylglycerol species in developing wild artichoke achenes

Key words: phospholipids, triacylglycerols, Onopordum acanthium oil, seed/achenes development, electrospray ionization.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

No 7 / 2019

Download summary (PDF)

1. Siyamak SHAHAB, Liudmila FILIPPOVICH, Masoome SHEIKHI, Maria AHARODNIKOVA and Rakesh KUMAR

Spectroscopic and thermophysical investigations of new synthesized azo dye and its application in polarizing film

Key words: polarizer film, dichroic dye, thermal conductivity, polarization efficiency.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

2. Larissa SASSYKOVA, Ulzhan OTZHAN and Anargul KURMANSITOVA

Investigation of selective hydrogenation of aromatic nitrocompounds and hydrocarbons

Key words: catalyst, aromatic nitro compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogenation.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

3. Ali RAMAZANI, Vahid AZIZKHANI and Sang Woo JOO

Heteropolyacids: as efficient catalysts for the nitration of 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaacetyl-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazaisowurtzitane

Key words: CL-20, heteropolyacids, clean nitrating agents, nitration, HAIW.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

4. Osman ISMAIL

Modelling of AAm-co-alginate hydrogels swelling kinetics

Key words: acrylamide, alginate, hydrogel, swelling, modelling.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

5. Hitesh MAHAJAN, Babita JAMWAL and Satya PAUL

Biginelli reaction via bis-ureide intermediate in low melting mixture

Key words: Biginelli reaction, reaction mechanism, bis-ureide intermediate, one-pot synthesis, low melting mixture.

Download Art 5 (PDF)


Synthesis and antimicrobial study of new Pt(IV) and Ru(III) complexes of fluorenylspirohydantoins

Key words: (9’-fluorene)-spiro-5-hydantoin, (9’-fluorene)-spiro-5-(2-thiohydantoin), complex, antimicrobial effect.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

7. Fariza KHEMMARI and Khaled BENRACHEDI

Peach stones valorizated to high efficient biosorbent for hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution: adsorption kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies

Key words: raw peach stones, hexavalent chromium, biosorption, desorption, kinetics.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

8. Seyma CELIKBILEK CELIK, Husamettin VATANSEV and Ziya Erdem KOC

Benzimidazole Schiff bases microwave assisted synthesis and the effect on leukemia cells with flow cytometry

Key words: benzimidazole, Schiff base, cytotoxicity, flow cytometry, blastic cells.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

9. Farzana AHMAD, Kim EUN JEE, Muhammad JAMIL and Young JAE JEONPluronic polymer crosslinked with thiolene in polymer dispersed liquid crystal filmsDOI: 10.33224/rrch.2019.64.7.09

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(7), 625-631

Key words: Pluronic polymer, thiol-ene monomer, electro-optical properties, PIPS method, SEM.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

10. Daniela GHEORGHE and Ana NEACSU

Heat of some plant biomass species for biofuels production

Key words: biomass, combustion, heating value, biofuel, pellets.

Download Art 10 (PDF)