No 2, Février 2008

Tome 53, No 2, Février 2008

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Synthesis of nanostructured materials by means of thermal plasma. Modelling of the processes.

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Key words: catalysis, kinetics, deactivation, reaction mechanism

2. Achour TERBOUCHE, Safia DJEBBAR, Ouassini BANALI-BAITICH, Mustayeen KHAN and Gilles BOUET

Stability and molecular modelling of cobalt(II) and nickel(II) with polydentate Schiff base

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Key words: polydentate ligand, complexes, potentiometry, stability constants, molecular modelling

3. Maria Elena GRAD, Georgeta Maria SIMU, Alfa Xenia LUPEA, Ştefan TOMAS and Aurelia PASCARIU

Synthesis and colour assessment of some new stilbene azo dyes.

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Key words: azo-stilbene dyes, colour analysis

4. Cristina TABLET, Magda FIFIRIG and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

An alternative approach on electron transfer mechanism of the fluorescence quenching of 3-carboxy-5,6-benzocoumarin by some aromatic amines

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Key words: coumarin derivative, fluorescence quenching, electron transfer models

5. Vasile COMAN, Liana M. MUREŞAN, Silvia LOZOVANU, Luminiţa SILAGHIDUMITRESCU and Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

Meso-tetraferrocenyl-tetramethylcalix[4]pyrrolemodified graphite electrode with anion recognition properties

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Key words: ferrocene-calix[4]pyrrole, anions electrochemical recognition

6. Vasile Cristian GRIGORAŞ and Virgil BĂRBOIU

Characteristics of compatible binary polymer blends deduced from DSC thermograms. 1. A study on polyvinyl alcohol-polyvinyl pyrrolidone mixtures

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Key words: miscibility, interactions, glass transition, DSC method

7. Alina Catrinel ION and Ion ION

Observations on some polar organic compounds in rural aerosols

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Key words: atmospheric aerosols, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, organic carbon

8. Laura BULGARIU and Dumitru BULGARIU

The influence of phase-forming salts on Cd(II) extraction in aqueous PEG-based two-phase systems

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Key words: aqueous two-phase system, phase-forming salt, polyethylene glycol, Cd(II) extraction, iodide ions

9. Mihaela SCRIPCARIU, Ion Gh. TĂNASE, Şerban FLESCHIN and Vasile MAGEARU

The determination of manganese in pharmaceutical products of veterinary use

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Key words: manganese analysis, quantitative determination, validation parameters

10. Mihaela OLTEANU, Diana ACHIMESCU, Zina VULUGA and Viorica TRANDAFIR

Measurement and interpretation of wetting properties of new collagen-silicate biomaterial

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Key words: collagen-silicate biomaterials, wettability, nanocomposites

No 1, Janvier 2008

Tome 53, No 1, Janvier 2008

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1. Maria BRUMĂ

Polyphenylquinoxalines containing hexafluoroisopropylidene groups

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Key words: phenylquinoxaline rings, hexafluoroisopropylidene groups, thin films, high thermal stability, low dielectric constant

2. Gabriela BLĂNIŢĂ, Monica BUCŞA, Maria COROŞ and Mircea VLASSA

Synthesis of new functionalized macropolycyclic ligands based on triazacyclononane and

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Key words: aza-crown ethers, macropolycyclic ligand

3. Rodica DINICĂ, Bianca FURDUI, Gabriela BAHRIM et Martine DEMEUNYNCK

Précurseurs de nouveaux hétérocycles d’intéret biologique
New heterocycles precursors with biologic interest

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Key words: 4,4’-bipyridine, propriétés antimicrobiennes, microorganismes

4. Gelu BOURCEANU, Jean François LE MARÉCHAL Lavinia ONEL et Militina BOURCEANU

Thermodynamique des reactions reversibles, renversables et irreversibles
Thermodynamic of reversible, invertible and irreversible reactions

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Key words: réversibilité, renversibilité, irréversibilité, énergie libre

5. Cristina-Eliza BRUNCHI, Simona MORARIU and Maria BERCEA

Influence of temperature on dynamic behavior of polyacrylonitrile in dimethylformamide

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Key words: polyacrylonitrile, dynamic properties, gelation

6. Cătălina ITICESCU, Geta CÂRÂC, Olga MITOŞERIU and Thomas LAMPKE

Electrochemical deposition of composite coatings in copper matrix with TiO2 nanoperticles

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Key words: composite coatings, copper matrix, nano-TiO2 particles, electrochemical codeposited, mechanism

7. Ioana FECHETE, Eric GAUTRON, Emil DUMITRIU, Doina LUTIC, Philippe CAULLET and Henri KESSLER

Studies on the acitidy and the stability of Fe3+ ions in the framework of (Si, Fe)-MCM-22 zeolite.
Selective para-xylene production by toluene disproportionation

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Key words: (Si,Fe)-MCM-22 zeolite; isomorphous substitution; toluene disproportionation; p-xylene

8. Ioana FECHETE, Angelique SIMON-MASSERON, Emil DUMITRIU, Doina LUTIC, Philippe CAULLET and Henri KESSLER

The role of acidity of CeH-EMT-type zeolite for catalyzing toluene alkylation with methanol to xylenes

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Key words: CeH-EMT-type zeolite; acidity; xylenes

9. Mihaela MANEA, Gheorghe BREBEANU et Lazar AVRAM

Étude relative à l’utilisation de minéraux argileux pour la separation des composes asphaltiques du pétrole
Study relative to the use of clay minerals for the separation of asphaltic compounds from crude oil

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Key words: minéraux argileux, resins, résidus pétroliers, SAAF, FTIR

10. Alexandru CECAL, Anca Irena BALAN, Nicoleta MELNICIUC-PUICA and Karin POPA

Radiochemical method based on the backscattered β-rays for the study of nucleation process

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Key words: β-rays backscattering, crystal growth, double sulfates, nucleation process, oxalates