No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2013

Tome 58, No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2013

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1. Irina STAMBOLOVA, Vladimir BLASKOV and Ognian DIMITROV


Influence of different process parameters upon microstructure of ZnO films preparared by spray pyrolysis

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Key words: ZnO, thin films, spray pyrolysis, morphology, oriented growth.

2. Zsigmond PAPP


Recent results in food analysis with carbon paste electrodes: Organic constituents, additives and contaminants

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: food analysis, organic compounds, carbon paste electrodes, modified electrodes, biosensors.

3. Andreea D. NEACŞU, Ana NEACŞU, Iulia CONTINEANU, Gabriel MUNTEANU and Speranţa TĂNĂSESCU


Solid state study of the inclusion compounds of alpha-, beta- cyclodextrin with D-,L-tryptophan isomers

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: cyclodextrin, tryptophan, complex, bonds, energy

4. Ioana Raluca PREPELITA, Narcisa VRINCEANU, Roxana CHIRITA, Romeo Petru DOBRIN, Ovidiu Eugen ALEXINSCHI, Florin BRINZA, Bogdan Alexandru HAGIU and Mirela Petruta SUCHEA


New approach on the role of a polymer matrix in the strong texturation of ZnO nanopowders

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Key words:  ZnO, nanoparticles, monochlorotriazinyl-β-cyclodextrin, sol-gel method, lamellar structure.

5. Liliana CSEH and Georg MEHL


Structure–properties relationships in liquid crystal thiols

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Key words:  liquid crystals, thiols, nematic phase, smectic phases.

6. Hayat TABEIKH, M. Hassan Al KURDI and Zaki AJJI


Effect of metal ions on the chemical recycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in sulfuric acid

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Key words:  recycling, poly(ethylene terephthalate), sulfuric acid, hydrolysis, metal ions.

7. Gabriela PAUN, Saadia ZRIRA, Amale BOUTAKIOUT, Oana UNGUREANU, Demetra SIMION, Ciprian CHELARU and Gabriel Lucian RADU


Chemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of essential oils from Morrocan aromatic herbs

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Key words:  Lippia citriodora, Cedrus atlantica, antioxidant activity, antibacterial activity.

8. Nadia Ahmed ABDALLA, Mohamed Tawfek EL-HATY, Farok Abd-Elkarim ADAM and Fatma Wafdy HASSAN


Complex of Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Zn(II), Zr(IV), Ce(III), La(III) and UO2(II) with arylazo pyriimidine derivatives

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: coordination, aryl azo pyrimidine, transition rare, metals, spectra.

9. In memoriam Acad. Eugen SEGAL

10. In memoriam Dr. Dumitru MARCHIDAN

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11. Index of authors

12. Index of subjects



No 9-10 Septembre-Octobre 2013

Tome 58, No 9-10 Septembre-Octobre 2013

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1. Graziella Liana TURDEAN


Amperometric detection of glucose by electrocatalytic reduction at a copper-modified electrode

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Key words: copper oxide, hydrogen peroxide, glucose, amperometric detection

2. Florina BRÂNZOI and Viorel BRÂNZOI


Electrochemical methods for obtaining and characterization of polymeric films POPD and composite films POPD/CNTS with different additives on metallic substrate

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: ortophenylediamine, carbon nanotubes, sodium dodecyl sulphate, 2,9-dimethyl 1,10-phenanthrolin, sodium diethyldithiocarbamat, cyclic voltammetry, electropolymerization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, SEM

3. Florina BRÂNZOI and Viorel BRÂNZOI


Effect of some new organic polymers as green corrosion inhibitors for brass in cooling water system

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: organic inhibitor, brass, cooling water, potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and FT-IR.

4. Raluca Oana IONESCU, Yolande PERES-LUCCHESE, Séverine CAMY, Thierry TASSAING, Jean-François BLANCO, Gilles ANNE-ARCHARD, David RIBOUL and Jean-Stéphane CONDORET


Activation of CH3OH and CO2 by metallophthalocyanine complexes: potential route to dimethyl carbonate

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  carbon dioxide – dimethylcarbonate – metallophthalocyanine complexes – methanol.



Green one-pot syntheses of 1H- and 4H-chromenes derivatives using SiO2-Pr-SO3H as catalyst

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  1H- and 4H-Chromenes derivatives, SiO2-Pr-SO3H, green synthesis, heterogeneous catalysts.



A fast one-pot multi-component synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones in the presence of magnesium oxide as a highly effective heterogeneous base catalyst

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones, three-component reaction, Biginelli reaction, magnesium oxide (MgO).

7. Cristina POPA, Stefan BANITA, Mihai PATACHIA and Dan C. DUMITRAS


Spectroscopic study of ammonia at subjects with kidney failure: a case control study

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  ammonia, urea, photoacoustic spectroscopy technique, kidney diseases, breath test.

8. Denisa DUMITRESCU, Marcel Mirel POPA, Florentina GEORGESCU, Emilian GEORGESCU, Loredana BARBU and FloreaDUMITRASCU


New substituted pyrroles obtained in searching for pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinazoline framework

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: N-arylpyrroles, one-pot synthesis, heterocycles, pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinazoline, N-ylides.

9. Elena NEAGU, Gabriela PAUN, Andreia ALECU and Gabriel Lucian RADU


Chitosan-polyvinilpyrrolidone/ ellagic acid based membranes with controlled antioxidant properties

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: membrane, chitosan, ellagic acid, FTIR, entrapping, antioxidant.

10. Ying JING, Hui LIU, Yang YU, Xiaojun TAN, Hailong WANG, Fang WANG, Xinglou DU and Yungang CHEN


Theoretical study on the addition reaction mechanism between propadienylidene and formaldehyde: an alternative approach to the formation of furan

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: propadienylidene, formaldehyde, reaction mechanism, MP2 method.

11. Georgiana TRUICĂ (BADEA), Eugenia Dumitra TEODOR and Gabriel Lucian RADU


Organic acids assesments in medicinal plants by capillary electrophoresis

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: medicinal plants, short-chain organic acids, capillary electrophoresis (CE), diode array detection (DAD).

12. Laura BAJENARU, Silviu NASTASE, Cristian MATEI and Daniela BERGER


Effect of aluminium content from MCM-41-type silica materials on the irinotecan adsorption and its in-vitro release

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: drug delivery systems, irinotecan, aluminosilicates, MCM-41, mesoporous materials.

13. Elena VULPE and Augustin M. MADALAN

Synthesis and crystal structures of a tripodal ligand derived from 4,4’-dihydroxybiphenyl and its gadolinium(III) mononuclear complex

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: tripodal ligands, gadolinium(III) complexes, molecular structure.

14. Augustin M. MADALAN


A new exo-tridentate tris-pyridine ligand derived from 3-oxa-1,5-diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane and its dinuclear Cu(II) complex. Synthesis and crystal structures

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: tridentate ligands, copper(II) complexes, polynuclear complexes, molecular structure.

15. International Conference of Physical Chemistry (Romphyschem 15)


No 7-8 Juillet-Août 2013

Tome 58, No 7-8 Juillet-Août 2013

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International conference on analytical chemistry (RO-ICAC 2012)

Download presentation

1. Tatjana VERBIĆ, Zsanett DORKÓ and George HORVAI 


Selectivity in analytical chemistry

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: analytical chemistry, selectivity, specificity, interferences

2. Peter SCHÖN, Maria GOSA and G. Julius VANCSO 

Nanoscale mechanical properties of single biomolecules by AFM

Key words: atomic force microscopy, nanoscale mechanical properties, multifrequency AFM, pulsed force, elastic modulus.

3. Imran ALI, Afzal HUSSAIN, Kishwar SALEEM and Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN 

Separation and identification of antidepressant drugs in human plasma by SPE-TLC method

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: fluvoxamine maleate, paroxetine, sertraline, TLC, SPE, plasma, bioanalysis.

4. Gheorghe NECHIFOR, Daniela Elena PASCU, Mihaela PASCU (NEAGU), Gina Alina TRAISTARU, Andrei A. BUNACIU and Hassan Y. ABOUL-ENEIN 


Study of adsorption kinetics and zeta potential of phosphate and nitrate ions on a cellulosic membrane

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  phosphate anion, nitrate anion, cellulosic membrane, zeta potential, adsorption kinetics.



Characterization of some therapeutic muds collected at different sites in Roumania

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  therapeutic muds, thermal analysis, ATR-FTIR, INAA, EDXRF.

6. Laur MANEA and Daniela Cristiana ALEXANDRESCU 


Studies on the content of metals and pesticides in fruit growing areas and their ecotoxicological impact

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  pesticides, bioaccumulation, metals, anthropogenic enrichment factors (FAI), agroecosystems.

7. Iuliana MANEA 

Evolution of bioactive compounds in fruit juices during preservation by refrigeration

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  bioactive compounds, elder, beetroot, red grapes, refrigeration.

8. Carmen Cristina ELEKES 


Influence of soil chemistry on the phytoremediation process

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: perennial grasses, heavy metals, bioaccumulation, soil chemistry

9. Carmen Cristina ELEKES and Gabriela BUSUIOC 


Influence of chemical composition of soil on metal accumulation in edible mushroom species of Russula genus

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: edible mushrooms, trace elements, bioaccumulation, chemical composition of soil.

10. Nurgul KARADAS and Ahmet AKBAŞ 


Inhibition effect of berberine on the corrosion of copper in acidic medium

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: corrosion inhibitors, copper, potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).



Electrochemical approach for the sensitive determination of anticancer drug epirubicin in pharmaceuticals in the presence of anionic surfactant

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: epirubicin, boron-doped diamond electrode, voltammetry, surfactant, oxidation mechanism.

12. Raluca-Ioana STEFAN-VAN STADEN, R’afat M. NEJEM and Jacobus F. VAN STADEN 


Enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes based on cyclodextrins for the assay of glyceric acid in urine and serum samples

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes; L(D)-glyceric acid; α-, β-, γ-cyclodextrins; 2-hydroxy-3-trimethylammoniopropyl-β-cyclodextrin.

13. Raluca-Ioana STEFAN-VAN STADEN and Luxolo HOLO 

Vancomycin and teicoplanin based enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes for the assay of

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: thermodynamics, van’t Hoff plots, pesticides, liquid chromatography, silica-based stationary phase. 

14. Mariana Nela ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Zoltan ŰRMÖSI, Adina CĂTA, Paula SFÎRLOAGĂ and Cristian TĂNASIE 


Studies for gold and silver recovery from waste electronic equipment

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: electronic wastes, precious metals, AAS, SEM, electrodeposition.

15. Mehmet GUMUSTAS, Nurgul KARADAS and Sibel A. OZKAN


Validated electroanalytical and RP-LC assay of ertapenem in its pharmaceutical dosage form

Download Art 15 (PDF)

Key words: ertapenem, boron doped diamond, voltammetry, chromatography, pharmaceutical dosage form.

16. Jens E.T. ANDERSEN and Haedar S.H. ALFALOJE

 Pooled calibrations and retainment of outliers improved chemical analysis

Key words: quality assurance, ICP-MS, validation, uncertainty, metrology.

17. Ioana Anamaria SIMA, Rodica Domnica NAŞCU-BRICIU and Costel SÂRBU

Simultaneous determination of levodopa and carbidopa in pharmaceuticals by principal component regression

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: levodopa, carbidopa, experimental design, multivariate analysis, PCR, UV spectroscopy.

18. Camelia DRAGHICI, Domnica COMAN, Mihaela SICA and Carmen DIMA


Method validation and uncertainty estimation for anionic surfactants determination from municipal wastewaters

Download Art 18 (PDF)

Key words: method validation, uncertainty estimation, anionic surfactants, municipal wastewaters.

19. Ştefania IORDACHE and Daniel DUNEA


Multivariate analysis applied to physicochemical parameters of treated wastewater effluents discharged in Teleajen River

Download Art 19 (PDF)

Key words: wastewater effluent, physicochemical parameters, multivariate analysis.

No 6 Juin 2013

Tome 58, No 6 Juin 2013

Download summary (PDF)

 Dr. Niculae I. IONESCU

Download presentation

1. Cristian C. GAVĂT, Constantin V. UGLEA and Costinela Valerica GEORGESCU  


Biological activity of the oxidized polysaccharides

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: natural polysaccharides, benzocaine, Didox, antiviral activity, antitumor activity. 



DABCO as a mild and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of tetrahydropyrimidines

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: tetrahydropyrimidines, DABCO, catalyst, Biginelli. 



Reactions of substituted gem- dichlorocyclopropanes with phenols

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words:  gem-dichlorocyclopropanes, O-alkylation, phase transfer catalysis, vinilketals, dimethylsulfoxide. 

4. Laura HABASESCU, Gheorghita ZBANCIOC, Robert GRADINARU, Manuela MURARIU, László FERENCZ and Gabi DROCHIOIU 


Copper binding to SG and EE peptides as a function of pH. Implication for understanding amyloidogenesis

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  copper binding, peptides, serylglycine, glutamylglutamate, spectroscopy. 

5. Bahittin KAHVECI, Nesibe SOSAN, Emre MENTEŞE and Fatih YILMAZ 


Microwave-assisted synthesis of some novel benzimidazole compounds containing oxadiazole moiety

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  benzimidazole, iminoester hydrochloride, microwave synthesis, oxadiazole. 


Thermokinetic study of the thermo-oxidative degradation of a composite epoxy resin material

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  composite epoxy resin material, thermo-oxidative degradation, non-isothermal kinetics.


Optimization of barley husks acid hydrolysis process using the response surface methodology

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  barley, husks, hydrolysis, response surface methodology, optimization. 

8. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Gheorghe BOGĂŢIAN, Anca HÎRTOPEANU, Călin DELEANU, Alina NICOLESCU, Maria MAGANU and Petru FILIP 


Reaction of pyrylium perchlorates having long alkyl substituted with aminoacids

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: pyrylium and pyridinium perchlorates, aminoacids. 

9. Snežana S. MITIĆ, Branka T. STOJANOVIĆ, Aleksandra N. PAVLOVIĆ, Milan N. MITIĆ and Milan B. STOJKOVIĆ 


The phenol content, antioxidant activity and metal composition of the Serbian vineyard peach

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: vineyard peach, polyphenolic content, antioxidant activity, metals. 

10. Mircea NICULESCU, Dan ROŞU, Ionuţ LEDEŢI, Marius MILEA and Petru BUDRUGEAC  


Thermal and spectroscopic studies of Ni(II)-Fe(III) heteropolynuclear coordination compound obtained through the reaction of 1,2-ethanediol with metallic nitrates

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: 1,2-ethanediol, metallic nitrates, heteropolynuclear coordination compound, glyoxylate, thermal analysis. 

11. Anca Amalia UDRISTE, Vasilica STAN, Martin TABLER and Gabriel Lucian RADU 


Identification of an EXOIII domain of a putative plant ERI-1 homologue

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: Nicotiana tabacum; ERI-1; 3’-5’exonuclease domain (EXOIII). 


No 4-5 Avril-Mai 2013

Tome 58, No 4-5 Avril-Mai 2013

Download summary (PDF)

Professor Eugen Segal

Download presentation

1. Ovidiu OPREA, Marioara BEM, Miron T. CAPROIU, Constantin DRAGHICI, Rodica D. BARATOIU-CARPEN, Ana C. RADUTIU, Adrian BETERINGHE, Cristian ENACHE, Gabriela IONITA, Titus CONSTANTINESCU and Alexandru T. BALABAN 


Synthesis and properties of new 2-benzothiazole and 2-benzoxazole-nitroaryl-sulfides

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Download Art 1 Supplementary (PDF)

Key words: mercaptobenzothiazole and mercaptobenzoxazole derivatives, DSC and DTG, electronic absorption spectra, fluorescence, RP-TLC, X-ray-crystallography. 

2. Susana MIHAIU, János MADARÁSZ, György POKOL, Imre Miklós SZILÁGYI, Tímea KASZÁS, Oana Cătălina MOCIOIU, Irina ATKINSON, Alexandra TOADER, Cornel MUNTEANU, Virgil Emanuel MARINESCU and Maria ZAHARESCU 


Thermal behavior of ZnO precursor powders obtained from aqueous solutions

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: ZnO formation, wet chemical routes, structure, morphology. 

3. Maria-Cristina POPESCU and Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU 


Transition temperatures and molecular interactions of polytetrahydrofuran/colesteril palmitate blends by principal component analysis

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words:  transition temperature, principal component analysis, polytetrahydrofuran/colesteril palmitate blends. 

4. Silviu NASTASE, Catalin MAXIM, Carine DUHAYON, Jean-Pascal SUTTER and Marius ANDRUH 

Synthesis and crystal structure of two new cyanido- bridged [MnIII5MoIV] and [MnIII2AuI] heterometallic complexes

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  manganese(III) complexes, Schiff bases, gold(I) complexes, molybdenum(IV) complexes. 

5. Anca VASILE, Cristian HORNOIU, Veronica BRATAN, Daniela NEGOESCU, Monica CALDARARU, Niculae I. IONESCU, Tatiana YUZHAKOVA and Ákos RÉDEY 


In situ electrical conductivity of propene interaction with SnO2-CeO2 mixed oxides

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  tin-cerium mixed oxide catalysts, electrical conductivity. 



Thermokinetic study of the thermo-oxidative degradation of a composite epoxy resin material

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  composite epoxy resin material, thermo-oxidative degradation, non-isothermal kinetics. 

7. Mircea NICULESCU and Petru BUDRUGEAC 

Structural characterization of nickel oxide obtained by thermal decomposition of polynuclear coordination compound [Ni2(OH)2(H3CCH(OH)COO-)2(H2O)2·


Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  nickel oxide, crystalline structure, surface morphology. 

8. Mircea NICULESCU, Petru BUDRUGEAC, Ionuţ LEDEŢI,Vasile PODE and Mihail BÎRZESCU 


Synthesis and characterization of the polynuclear coordination compound obtained through the reaction of 1,3-propanediol with Cu(NO3)2.3H2O

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: 1,3-propanediol; nitrate; polynuclear coordination compound; 3-hydroxy-propionate; copper oxide. 

9. Anett TOTH, Alina LUPAN, Ciprian I. RAŢ, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU 


New group 12 metal complexes with anionic [{OP(OEt)2}(SePPh2)N] ̄ ligands

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: organophosphorus ligands, group 12 metal complexes, structure elucidation. 

10. Cassiana Cristina ANDREI, Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC  


Electrochemical study of 2,2-diphenyl-1-(2,4- dinitrophenyl)hydrazine and 2,2-diphenyl-1-(3,5-dinitropyridin-2-yl) hydrazine

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: CV, DPV, hydrazine derivatives. 

11. Iulia MATEI, Sorana IONESCU and Mihaela HILLEBRAND 


Induced chirality of genistein upon binding to albumin: circular dichroism and TDDFT study

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: isoflovone, human serum albumin, induced circular dichroism, time-dependent density functional theory. 

12. Ana Maria TOADER, Mihaela ŢONE and Elena VOLANSCHI 


Hemin in vitro interaction with the anticancer drug doxorubicin: absorption and emission monitoring

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: doxorubicin, hemin, fluorescence, absorption spectroscopy. 

13. Jana PETRE, Vasile IANCU and Victor DAVID  


Thermodynamic study of the liquid chromatography retention process for some pesticides on C8 and C18 silica-based stationary phases

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: thermodynamics, van’t Hoff plots, pesticides, liquid chromatography, silica-based stationary phase. 

14. Florin SOPONAR, Dumitru STANILOAE, Georgeta MOISE, Balazs SZANISZLO and Victor DAVID 


Simultaneous determination of paracetamol, propyphenazone and caffeine from pharmaceutical preparations in the presence of related substances using a validated HPLC-DAD method

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: paracetamol, propyphenazone, caffeine, HPLC, pharmaceutical preparations, related impurities. 

15. Ionuţ LEDEŢI, Adriana FULIAŞ, Gabriela VLASE, Titus VLASE and Nicolae DOCA 


Novel triazolic copper(II) complex: synthesis, thermal behaviour and kinetic study

Download Art 15 (PDF)

Key words: alkylated triazole, copper complex, thermal analysis, kinetic study. 

16. Viorel SASCA, Orsina VERDEŞ, Livia AVRAM and Alexandru POPA 


Thermal decomposition of Pd doped 12-tungstophosphoric acid and some of its cesium salts

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: non-isothermal kinetic study, Pd doped 12-tungstophosphoric acid, Pd doped cesium tungstophosphates, kinetics of constitutional water loss. 

17. Daniela IVAN, Simona FUNAR-TIMOFEI, Mihai MEDELEANU, Maria MRACEC and Mircea MRACEC  


Formation enthalphy for conformers of (3S,5S,6S)- 6-acetylamidopenicillanic acid calculated by the PM6 and PM7 semiempirical MO methods

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Download Art 17 Supplementary (PDF)

Key words: (3S,5S,6S)-6-acetylamidopenicillanic acid, formation enthalpies, PM6, PM7, MOPAC12. 


No 2 Février-Mars 2013

Tome 58, No 2 Février-Mars 2013

Download summary (PDF)

Professor Bogdan C. Simionescu

Download file

1. Marilena BARTIC, Liviu SACARESCU and Valeria HARABAGIU 


Optical and electrical properties of TiO2 thin films deposited by sol-gel method

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: TiO2, sol-gel, optical properties, electrical properties. 

2. Ana Maria CATARGIU, Teofilia IVAN, Loredana VACAREANU and Mircea GRIGORAS 


Synthesis and photophysical properties of two branched carbazole-based polymers

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: branched oligomers, self-Ullmann and Heck polycondensation, carbazole derivatives, vinyl carbazole branched oligomers, photophysical properties. 

3. Maria BRUMA, Mariana-Dana DAMACEANU, Catalin-Paul CONSTANTIN and Nataliya M. BELOMOINA 


Study of fluorinated polyimides containing fused aromatic rings

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words:  polyimides, naphthalene, perylene, trifluoromethyl, thin films, blue light emission. 

4. Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Manuela T. NISTOR, Loredana E. NITA and Iordana NEAMTU 

Poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide-co-3,9-divinyl- 2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane) synthesis as matrix ensuring intramolecular strategies for further coupling applications

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  N, N-dimethylacrylamide; 3, 9-divinyl-2, 4, 8, 10-tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane; radical polymerization; smart macromolecular systems. 

5. Loredana E. NITA, Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Manuela T. NISTOR and Iordana NEAMTU 

Hydrogel based on poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide- co-3,9-divinyl-2,4,8,10- tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane) with dual sensitive behavior. Synthesis and characterisation

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  hydrogel, N, N-dimethylacrylamide; 3, 9-divinyl-2, 4, 8, 10-tetraoxaspiro (5.5) undecane; thermosensitive. 

6. Simona MORARIU and Maria BERCEA 

Thixotropy and yield stress evaluation for clay aqueous dispersions

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  smectite, viscoelastic properties, thixotropy, yield stress, clay dispersion. 

7. Anca-Dana BENDREA, Luminita CIANGA and Ioan CIANGA 


Poly(ethylene glycol) – functionalized, water self-dispersible α-terthiophenes

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  α-terthiophenes, polyethylene glycol, amphiphilic structures, fluorescent nanoparticles. 

8. Marioara NECHIFOR, Constantin I. CHIRIAC and Fulga TANASA 


Sodium tetraborate/benzyltriethylammonium chloride-mediated synthesis of substituted cinnamic acids from aromatic aldehydes and aliphatic carboxylic acids

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: cinnamic acid, one-pot synthesis, sodium tetraborate, benzyltriethylammonium chloride. 

9. Violeta MELINTE, Tinca BURUIANĂ and Emil C. BURUIANĂ 


Hybrid polymer composite coatings based on photopolymerizable piperazine derivatives microfilled with TiO2

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: piperazine dimethacrylates, photopolymerization, TiO2 microparticles/polymer composites, properties. 

10. Mihaela BALAN, Alina NICOLESCU, Cristina STAVARACHE, Mihaela CIOBANU and Calin DELEANU 


Fast NMR juice identification based on sugars and other plant metabolites from fruits

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: sugars, metabolites, fruits, NMR spectroscopy. 

11. Cristina-Eliza BRUNCHI and Luminita GHIMICI 


PEG in aqueous salt solutions. Viscosity and separation ability in a TiO2 suspension

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: viscosity, separation, poly(ethylene glycol), titanium dioxide. 

12. Maria BERCEA, Raluca Nicoleta DARIE and Simona MORARIU 


Rheological investigation of xanthan/pluronic F127 hydrogels

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: hydrogels, xanthan, Pluronic F127, viscoelasticity, yield stress. 

13. Andreea STEFANACHE, Iuliana STOICA, Ana-Maria RESMARITA and Aurica FARCAS 


Some photophysical and morphological properties of polyrotaxane based on fluorene derivatives

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: Host-Guest Complexes, polyfluorenes, random copolymers, blue-emission, roughness. 

14. Mioara DROBOTA, Magdalena AFLORI, Iuliana STOICA and Florica DOROFTEI 


Surface characterization of amine functionalized PET films after collagen immobilization

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: PET, plasma, aminolysis, collagen immobilization. 

15. Alina SOROCEANU, Maria CAZACU, Alexandra NISTOR and Sergiu SHOVA  


Ni(II) and Zn(II) complexes with a salen-type ligand derived from 1,3-bis (3-aminopropyl)tetramethylsiloxane

Download Art 15 (PDF)

Key words: salen, metal complex, siloxane, X-ray single crystal diffraction. 

16. Anamaria DURDUREANU-ANGHELUTA, Simona BACAITA, Viviana RADU, Maricel AGOP, Leonard IGNAT, Cristina Mariana URITU, Stelian Sergiu MAIER and Mariana PINTEALA 

Mathematical modelling of the release profile of anthraquinone-derived drugs encapsulated on magnetite nanoparticles

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: magnetite particles, rhein, heparin, fractal dimension, Weibull law. 

17. Gabriela CIOBANU, Simona ILISEI and Constantin LUCA 


Ag-loaded hydroxyapatite coatings on polyurethane surfaces by biomimetic deposition

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: polyurethane scaffold, hydroxyapatite, silver, coatings. 

18. Daniela IVANOV and Andrei NEAMTU  


Molecular dynamics evaluation of hyaluronan interactions with dimethylsilanediol in aqueous solution

Download Art 18 (PDF)

Key words: molecular dynamics simulations, sodium hyaluronate, hydrogen bonds, aquous solution, dimethylsilanol. 

19. Luminita PREDOANA, Mariuca GARTNER, Valentin Serban TEODORESCU, Madalina NICOLESCU, Mihai ANASTASESCU and Maria ZAHARESCU 


Sol-gel hybrid nanocomposites with oxide nanoparticles

Download Art 19 (PDF)

Key words: sol-gel, hybrid films, spectroellipsometry, oxide nanoparticles embedment. 

20. Niculae I. IONESCU 

 Role of time scales in heterogeneous catalytic oscillatory reactions

Download Art 20 (PDF)

Key words: oscillations, different time scales. 

21. Vlad IUCHA, Ruxandra GHEORGHE, Augustin M. MADALAN and Marius ANDRUH 


Supramolecular homometallic Cr(III) systems resulting from second coordination sphere interactions

Download Art 21 (PDF)

Key words: chromium(III) complexes, crystal structures, hydrogen-bonded assemblies, bicompartmental Schiff-base ligands. 

22. Raluca MITEA, Ancuta COVACI, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU 


Cobalt(II) complexes with hypervalent triarylphosphanes

Download Art 22 (PDF)

Key words: hypervalent triarylphosphanes, cobalt(II) complexes, spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure. 

23. Sandu PERETZ, Manuela FLOREA-SPIROIU, Dan F. ANGHEL, Cristina STOIAN and Gheorghe ZGHEREA 


Chitosan microparticulate systems prepared by polymer-surfactant interaction

Download Art 23 (PDF)

Key words: chitosan, microparticulate system, polymer, surfactant. 

24. Violeta PURCAR, Simona CAPRARESCU, Catalin Ilie SPATARU, Marius GHIUREA, Valentin RADITOIU, Cristian PETCU, Raluca SOMOGHI, Mihai Cosmin COROBEA and Dan DONESCU 


Preparation of hydrophobic and antireflective hybrid films by sol-gel process using perfluoroalkylsilane and tetraethoxysilane

Download Art 24 (PDF)

Key words: sol-gel process, perfluoroalkylsilane, water contact angle, thin films. 


No 1 Janvier 2013

Tome 58, No 1 Janvier 2013

Download summary (PDF)

1. Ernő E. KISS and Goran C. BOSKOVIC 


Influence of the alumina origin on the reducibility of NiO catalyst

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: nickel oxide, catalyst, alumina, interaction, reducibility 

2. Manuela ROMAŞ, Daniel MARECI, Silvia CURTEANU and Daniel SUTIMAN 


Influence of caffeine on the passivity of cobalt- chromium-molybdenum alloy in artificial saliva

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: CoCrMo alloys, caffeine, corrosion inhibition, polarization curves, EIS

3. Silvia BURCĂ, Maria STANCA, Cerasella INDOLEAN, Cornelia MAJDIK and Andrada MĂICĂNEANU 

Fe-Zn-ZVT catalyst used in advanced oxidation processes of organic pollutants from wastewaters

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words:  organic pollutants, phenol, heterogeneous Fenton, Fe-Zn-ZVT catalyst. 



Preparation, characterization and use of vanadatesulfuric acid as a new and eco-benign nanocatalyst for the synthesis of 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j] xanthenes under solvent-free conditions

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  nanorod vanadatesulfuric acid, 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j] xanthenes, solvent-free. 

5. Violeta PURCAR, Dan DONESCU, Ilie Catalin SPATARU, Marius GHIUREA, Simona CAPRARESCU, Cristian PETCU and Cristina Lavinia NISTOR 


Surface modification of sol-gel hybrid films using fluorinated silica nanoparticles

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  sol-gel process, fluorinated silica nanoparticles, water contact angle, morphology, FTIR. 

6. Samadani Langeroodi NARGES 


Study of the adsorption of acetic acid on silica gel in aqueous solution

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  silica gel, adsorption isotherms, thermodynamics, kinetics. 

7. Florina BRÂNZOI, Viorel BRÂNZOI and Zoia PAHOM 


Monolayer and bilayer conducting polymer coatings for corrosion protection of copper in 0.5 M H SO solutions

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  conducting polymer, corrosion protection, copper, electropolymerization, coatings. 

8. Iuliana RAUT, Mariana CALIN, Florin OANCEA, Melania Liliana ARSENE and Luiza JECU 


Isolation and identification of microbial strains involved in industrial systems materials corrosion in aquatic environment

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: 

microbial induced or influenced corrosion, MIC, microorganism, biofilm, bacteria.

9. Zsigmond PAPP and Ildikó KOVÁCS 


Surface analysis of a modern silver coin: SEM/ EDS measurements

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectrometry, surface analysis, microchemistry, silver coin. 

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