No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2014

Tome 59, No 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2014

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Professor Candin LITEANU – In memoriam

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1. Ionel HAIDUC

Inorganic (carbon-free) cyclic structures. Covalent rings and cyclic supermolecules

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Key words: inorganic rings, homo and heterocycles, chelate rings, cyclic supermolecules

2. Irina STANCIU, Luminita PREDOANA, Crina ANASTASESCU, Daniela C. CULITA, Silviu PREDA, Jeanina PANDELE CUSU, Cornel MUNTEANU, Adriana RUSU, Ioan BALINT and Maria ZAHARESCU

Structure and properties of vanadium doped TiO2 powders prepared by sol-gel method

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Key words: diorganotin(IV), solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure, intermolecular interaction

3. Adrian-Alexandru SOMEŞAN, Richard A. VARGA and Cristian SILVESTRU

[2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]SnMeCl2 and its hydrolysis product, [{2(Me2NCH2)C6H4}SnMe(OH)(OH2)]22+·2Br− – solution and solid state characterization

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Key words: diorganotin(IV), solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure, intermolecular interaction.

4. Gabriela MARINESCU, Augustin M. MADALAN and Marius ANDRUH

Polynuclear zinc(II) complexes with adamantane- dicarboxylato-bridges. Crystal structure and luminescence properties

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Key words: zinc(II) complexes, adamantane-1,3-dicarboxylato bridges, polynuclear complexes, crystal structures, luminescence properties

5. Balazs BREM, Emese GAL, Luiza GAINA, Castelia CRISTEA and Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU

Synthesis of novel (phenothiazinyl)dipyrrolylmethanes

Close-lying pKa value of kaempferol determinated by second-derivative synchronous fluorescence

Key words: N-alkyl-phenothiazine, meso-aryl-dipyrromethane, borondifluorodipyrromethene BODIPY.


New triphenyltelluronium salts of organophosphorus ligands

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Key words: triorganotellurium(IV) compounds, organophosphorus ligands, NMR spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure.

7. Tiberiu FRENTIU, Michaela PONTA, Sergiu CADAR and Maria FRENTIU

Excitation mechanism of atomic and ionic species in the argon capacitively coupled plasma in annular-coaxial geometry with single and two ring electrodes

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Key words: capacitively coupled plasma, optical emission spectrometry, plasma-chemical model, excitation mechanism.

8. Ioana Anamaria SIMA, Dorina CASONI and Costel SÂRBU

Rapid screening method for the diagnosis of adrenal tumors

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Key words: normetanephrine, metanephrine, 3-methoxytyramine, pheochromocytoma, HPTLC/DPPH· detection.

9. Rodica Domnica NAŞCU-BRICIU, Ioana Anamaria SIMA and Costel SÂRBU

The lipophilicity of some drugs with tricyclic structure estimated by thin-layer chromatography and computed by various methods

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Key words: antidepressants, phenothiazines, lipophilicity, TLC, pH influence, pKa.

10. Carmen MÂNZATU, Boldizsár NAGY, Anamaria TÖRÖK, Cerasella INDOLEAN and Cornelia MAJDIK

Biosorption of Cd(II) on untreated fir cone powder: kinetic and equilibrium isotherm studies

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Key words: biosorption, cadmium, fir cone powder, kinetics, isotherms.

11. Monica M. VENTER, Firuţa GOGA, Vasile N. BERCEAN, Mircea NASUI and Gheorghe BORODI

Spectroscopic and thermal studies on the iron(III) mercapto-thiadiazol-thiosuccinate precursor for iron(III) oxides

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Key words: iron(III) carboxylate, thermal decomposition, hematite.

12. Raluca ŞEPTELEAN, Gabriela NEMEŞ and Petronela M. PETRAR

Synthesis of novel functionalized dibenzostannepine derivatives

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Key words: (phosphaalkenyl)stannepine, dihalostannepine, phosphastannapropenes.

13. Ioan BRATU, Constantin MARUTOIU, Laura TROSAN, Zaharie MOLDOVAN, Irina KACSO and Daniela TOADER

Complex investigation of component materials of triptych Icon “Mother of God” from the patrimony of Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: wooden icon, FTIR and EI-MS spectroscopy, DSC thermal analysis.

14. Veronica AVRAM, Cezara VOICA, Anamaria HOSU, Claudia CIMPOIU and Constantin MĂRUŢOIU

ICP-MS characterization of some Roumanian white wines by their mineral content

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: white wine, metal content, 206Pb/207Pb and 206Pb/208Pb, 87Sr/86Sr, ICP-Q-MS.

15. Mihail Simion BELDEAN-GALEA, Virginia COMAN, Florina COPACIU, Didier THIÉBAUT and Jérôme VIAL

Simultaneous identification of Fenton degradation by-products of diclofenac, ibuprofen and ketoprofen in aquatic media by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

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Key words: Fenton oxidative process, diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, GC×GC-qMS.

16. Andreea DRĂGUŞ, Mihail Simion BELDEAN-GALEA and Virginia COMAN

Determination of triazine herbicides in soil samples by ultrasound-assisted extraction followed by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic droplet and HPLC-UV analysis

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: triazine herbicides, soil samples, ultrasound-assisted-extraction, dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction, solidification of floating organic droplet, high performance liquid chromatography.

17. Florin SOPONAR, Mihaela SANDRU and Victor DAVID

Quantitative evaluation of aripiprazole and its five related chemical impurities from pharmaceuticals using a HPLC-DAD method

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: aripiprazole, HPLC-DAD, pharmaceutical preparations, related impurities, validation.

18. Elena Emilia IORGULESCU, Florin ALBU, Florentin TACHE and Andrei MEDVEDOVICI

On the HPLC/MS-MS assay of ephedrines in urine: an experimental appraisal

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Key words: ephedrines, urine matrix, LC/MS-MS, method validation, method’s comparison.

19. Aurica P. CHIRIAC, Manuela T. NISTOR and Loredana E. NITA

An investigation on multi-layered hydrogels based on poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide-co-3,9-divinyl- 2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro(5.5)undecane)

Download Art 19 (PDF)

Key words: poly(N, N-dimethylacrylamide – co – 3, 9-divinyl-2, 4, 8, 10-tetraoxaspiro (5.5) undecane), multi-layer hydrogel, imprinting effect.

20. Ana-Maria CATARGIU and Mircea GRIGORAS

A comparative study of optical and electronic properties of arylenevinylene and aryleneethynylene polymers containing 2,7 and 3,6 substituted carbazole units

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Key words: poly(arylene vinylene), poly(arylene ethynylene), optical properties, redox behaviour.

21. Mihai MEDELEANU, Maria MRACEC, Oana Raluca POP, Liviu MOCANU and Mircea MRACEC

Aromatic λ3-heterocycles. 19. Thermodynamic stability of alternant conjugated heterocycles (λ3-X- λ3-Y)3 (X,Y = CH, N, P, As, Sb, Bi) calculated by semiempirical MO, ab initio and DFT methods

Download Art 21 (PDF)

Key words: aromatic λ3-hetrocycles, PM3, PM6, ab initio, DFT.

22. Claudia COBZARU, Corina CERNATESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Modified clinoptilolite used for removing azomethines from wastewaters. II. Adsorption
of azomethines from wastewaters on clinoptilolite

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Key words: dealuminated clinoptilolite, adsorption process, azomethine dyes, wastewater purification.

Index of Authors

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Index of Subjects

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No 10 Octobre 2014

Tome 59, No 10 Octobre 2014

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Addition of alcohols and acids to olefins in presence of zeolite catalyst H-Beta

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: zeolite, catalyst H-Beta, olefins, alkylation, isomerization

2. Silvia BURCĂ, Andrada MĂICĂNEANU and Cerasella INDOLEAN

Methylene Blue (MB) synthetic wastewater decolourization using Roumanian fir tree sawdust – thermodynamics, equilibrium and kinetics

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: fir tree sawdust, methylene blue, thermodynamics, isotherms, kinetics.

3. Lotfi SHIRI, Davood SHEIKH and Masoome SHEIKHI

Mild, efficient oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes and ketones with periodic acid catalyzed by sym-collidinium chlorochromate (S-COCC)
and DTF studies, HOMO-LUMO and MEPs mappings of products

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: oxidation, alcohols, periodic acid, S-COCC, theoretical calculations.

4. Cristina-Cassiana ANDREI, Daniela BALA, Anton Alexandru CIUCU, Ana CIUREA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical determination of L-dopa in pharmaceutical samples using metallophtalocyanines modified carbon nanotubes paste electrodes

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: levodopa, carbon nanotubes paste electrode, iron-phthalocyanine, cobalt-phthalocyanine, voltammetry, Madopar.

5. Constantin I. TĂNASE and Constantin DRĂGHICI

Transformation of δ-lactone in γ-lactone in the Corey route for synthesis of prostaglandins

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: δ-lactone, γ-lactone, halogenoesters, selective protection of diols, ester methanolysis.

6. Rimma M. SULTANOVA, Simon S. ZLOTSKY and Vladimir А. DOKICHEV

Effect of the imidazolium salts on the catalytic interaction of methyl diazoacetate with cinnamaldehyde ethylene acetal in the presence of Cu- and Rh- containing catalysts

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: cinnamaldehyde ethylene acetal, methyl diazoacetate, imidazolium salts, cyclopropanation, insertion into C-O bond.

7. Shipra BALUJA and Mehul BHATT

Solubility of a series of pyrimidine derivatives in methanol at 293.15 to 313.15 K

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: pyrimidine derivatives, methanol, dissolution enthalpy, Gibbs’ free energy, entropy.


Glutathione-based silver nanoparticles with dual biomedical activity

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: silver nanoparticles, glutathione; Escherichia coli, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, biological activity.

9. Virgil BADESCU

Contribution to the interpretation of mass spectrum of tetraethoxysilane (TEOS). Part I. The molecular ion. Primary events

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: tetraethoxysilane, mass spectrum, molecular ion, linked scans, primary events.

10. Hanieh ALAVI, Reza GHIASI, Dadkhoda GHAZANFARI and Mohammed Reza AKHGAR

Interaction of Fe(CO)4 with C20 cage in gas and solution phases: a theoretical study

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: C20 cage, C20…Fe(CO)4 complex, solvent effect, interaction energy, hyperpolarizability.

11. Ivo LEITO, Wolfgang BUCHBERGER and Paul J. WORSFOLD

European Analytical Column number 43

Download Art 10 (PDF)


No 9 Septembre 2014

Tome 59, No 9 Septembre 2014

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1. Laurian VLASE, Dana MUNTEAN, Simona Codruta COBZAC and Lorena FILIP

Development and validation of an HPLC-UV method for determination of synthetic food colorants

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: synthetic food colorants, liquid chromatography, method validation.

2. Maria MITU, Valentin MUNTEANU, Domnina RAZUS and Dumitru OANCEA

Kinetics of isothemal catalytic ignition and combustion of LPG-air mixtures on platinum wire

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: catalytic combustion, ignition, LPG-air.

3. László FERENCZ and Daniela Lucia MUNTEAN

Potential inhibitors for bacterial dihydropteroate synthase. The results of a comprehensive screening based on structural similarity with p-amino-benzoic acid and docking simulation on the surface of enzyme

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: para-aminobenzoic acid, substitutes, structural similarity, screening, docking.

4. Toni Andor GICU, Cristina-Delia NECHIFOR, Valeriu SUNEL, Dana-Ortansa DOROHOI and Corina CHEPTEA

Optimization reaction for obtaining new hydrazidones with biological action

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: hydrazidones, optimization reaction, antitumor activity, NMR and FTIR spectra.

5. Reza GHIASI, Hossein GHIASI and Mahsan AFZALI TABAR

Computational study of molecular structure, 1H NMR, electronic spectra, solvent effect and properties of platinabenzene

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: platinabenzene, NBO analysis, solvent effect, density of states (DOS), temperature dependence.

6. Masoome SHEIKHI and Davood SHEIKH

Quantum chemical investigations on phenyl-7,8- dihydro-[1,3]-dioxolo[4,5-G] quinolin-6(5H)-one

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: DFT, thermodynamic parameter, NBO analysis, HOMO-LUMO energy gap energy gap.

7. Soufiane BOUDJEMAA and Brahim DJELLOULI

Characterization of organomontmorillonite (organo-MMT) and study of its effects upon the formation of poly(methyl methacrylate)/organo- MMT nanocomposites prepared by in-situ solutions polymerisation

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: nanocomposite, montmorillonite, poly (methyl methacrylate), in situ solution polymerisation, thermal stability, mechanical and theological properties.

8. Ana-Maria ARICIU, Gabriela IONITA and Petre IONITA

An EPR spin-trapping study of free radicals in cigarette smoke

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: cigarette smoke, spin-trapping, DMPO, PBN.

9. Dan ROŞU, Mihail BÎRZESCU, Marius-Silviu MILEA, Mihai-Cosmin PASCARIU, Viorel SASCA and Mircea NICULESCU

Synthesis-structure relantionship in the aqueous ethylene glycol-iron(III) nitrate system

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: ethylene glycol, homopolynuclear coordination compound, iron(III) polyoxalate, electronic spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

10. Florentina GATEA, Alina O. MATEI, Eugenia Dumitra TEODOR and Gabriel L. RADU

Accurate quantitation of 17 polyphenols from propolis extracts by reversed-phase liquid chromatography with diode array detection

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: polyphenols, HPLC-DAD, validation, Roumanian propolis extracts.

No 8 August 2014

Tome 59, No 8 Août 2014

Download summary (PDF)

1. Amina BEN BOUABDALLAH and Nacer-Eddine DJELALI

Synthesis of polypyrrole’s support adsorbed on bentonite. Applications in wastewater treatment

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: composites, polypyrrole, adsorption, bentonite, wastewater.

2. Simona CAPRARESCU, Violeta PURCAR, Andrei SÂRBU, Anita-Laura RADU, Marius GHIUREA and Ioana MAIOR

The use of electrodialysis for Cu2+ removal from wastewater

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: electrodialysis, copper ions, wastewater, environmental protection, flow rate.

3. Cassiana Cristina ANDREI, Laura SĂRDAN, Sorana IONESCU, Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Comparative electrochemical study of 2,2-diphenyl-1-(2,6-dinitro-4- trifluoromethylphenyl)hydrazine and 2,2-di-p-tolyl-1-(2,4,6-trinitrophenyl)hydrazine

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: CV, DPV, hydrazine derivatives.

4. Adriana MARINOIU, Claudia COBZARU, Elena CARCADEA, Mircea RACEANU, Irina PETREANU and Mihai VARLAM

Study about glycerol hydrogenolysis using copper chromite catalysts mixed with bases

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  mathematical modeling, hydrogenolysis, propylene glycol, copper chromite catalysts.

5. Otilia Ana CULICOV, Inga ZINICOVSCAIA, Tanta SETNESCU, Radu SETNESCU and Marina Vladimirovna FRONTASYEVA

Elemental content of edible oils studied by neutron activation analysis

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: elemental content, heavy metals, neutron activation analysis, olive oil, sunflower oil.

6. Anca Ruxandra LEONTIES, Adina RADUCAN, Mihaela PUIU and Dumitru OANCEA

Extension of isoconversional approach to enzyme inactivation for some uncommon systems

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: enzyme inactivation, phenol oxidation, isoconversional method.

7. Fulga TANASĂ, Mădălina ZĂNOAGĂ and Marioara NECHIFOR

Effect of an organically modified nanoclay on the properties of some compatibilized PP-wood composites

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: polymer-clay-wood nanocomposites, properties, exfoliation/intercalation.

8. Mariana DUCA, Iulia MATEI and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Photophysical properties of two derivatives in the phenoxathiin-10,10-dioxide class

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: phenoxathiinsulphone derivatives, solvatochromic effects in the emission spectrum, Kamlet-Taft analysis, TDDFT calculations.

9. Violet KASABRI, Fatma U. AFIFI, Rana ABU-DAHAB, Nizar MHAIDAT, Yasser K. BUSTANJI, Ismail M. ABAZA and Sundus MASHALLAH

In vitro modulation of metabolic syndrome enzymes and proliferation of obesity related-colorectal cancer cell line panel by Salvia species from Jordan

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: Salvia species (Lamiaceae), pancreatic lipase, α-amylase and α- glucosidase, colorectal cancer, Jordan.

10. Maria Victoria NEACSU, Florentina ISRAEL ROMING, Aleksandar BIJELIC and Gabriela IONITA

The ozone effects on the chloroplasts extracted from Rumex patienta – an EPR investigation

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: EPR spectroscopy, ozone, oxidative stress, chloroplasts.



No 6-7 Juin-Juilliet 2014

Tome 59, No 6-7 Juin-Juilliet 2014

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Professor Eugen SEGAL – In memoriam

Download Art 0 (PDF)

1. Victor FRUTH, Georgeta TANASE, Irina ATKINSON, Jeanina PANDELE CUSU, Gheorghe ALDICA and Maria ZAHARESCU

Synthesis and characterization of glass-ceramic superconductors in (Pb, B)-doped Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: (Pb, B)-doped BSCCO, glass-ceramic, superconductors.

2. Daniela AILINCAI, Andrei BEJAN, Irina TITORENCU, Mioara DROBOTA and Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU

Imino-chitosan derivatives. Synthetic pathway and properties

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: chitosan, Schiff base, spectroscopy, cell viability.

3. Dorel OLTEAN, Cristian SILVESTRU and Anca SILVESTRU

New multidentate potential ligands derived from acetylacetone

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: multidentate ligands, NMR spectroscopy, crystal and molecular structure, tautomerism.

4. Iulia MATEI, Cristina TABLET, Sorana IONESCU and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Close-lying pKa value of kaempferol determinated by second-derivative synchronous fluorescence

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  flavonoid, pKa, synchronous fluorescence, second-derivative spectroscopy.

5. Domnina RAZUS, Venera GIURCAN, Maria MITU and Dumitru OANCEA

Physico-chemical parameters of C2 hydrocarbon-air flames resulted from computed and measured laminar burning velocities

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: flame, hydrocarbon, laminar burning velocity, flame thickness, heat release rate.

6. Niculae I. IONESCU

Grain boundary controlled electron transfer in oxide/gas system

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: thermionic emission, logarithmic law.

7. Andreea LUNGU, Anton Alexandru CIUCU, Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Investigations of hydroquinone oxidation inside the reaction layer of banana tissue with scanning electrochemical microscopy and double pulse amperometry

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: SECM, DPA, bananotrode, reaction layer tissue.

8. Cristina CARŞOTE, Petru BUDRUGEAC, Roumiana DECHEVA, Nikifor Stefanov HARALAMPIEV, Lucreţia MIU and Elena BADEA

Characterization of a Byzantine manuscript by infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: parchment and leather, FTIR, DSC, MHT, heritage conservation.

9. Medeea RADULESCU and Victor DAVID

Retention study for some neurotransmitters under ion-pairing liquid chromatographic mechanism

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: neurotransmitters, ion-pairing, liquid chromatography, partition model, electrostatic model, mobile phase composition.

10. Margarita GABROVSKA, Dorel CRIŞAN, Nicolae STĂNICĂ, Dimitrinka NIKOLOVA, Lyubima BILYARSKA, Maria CRIŞAN and Rumeana EDREVA-KARDJIEVA

Co-Al layered double hydroxides as precursors of ceramic pigment CoAl2O4. Part I: Phase composition

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: Co-Al layered double hydroxides, X-ray diffraction, phase composition, spinel-like Co-Al mixed oxides, CoAl2O4 spinel.

11. Margarita GABROVSKA, Nicolae STĂNICĂ, Dorel CRIŞAN, Dimitrinka NIKOLOVA, Lyubima BILYARSKA, Maria CRIŞAN and Rumeana EDREVA-KARDJIEVA

Co-Al layered double hydroxides as precursors of ceramic pigment CoAl2O4. Part II: Magnetic and tint properties

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: Co-Al mixed oxides, magnetic measurements, Co ions coordination symmetry, coloration of the calcined products, CoAl2O4 blue pigment.

12. Ana-Maria RESMERITA and Aurica FARCAS

Polyrotaxane based on polydimethylsiloxane and lower rim modified calix[8]arene derivatives

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: octaallyloxy-para-tertbutylcalix[8]arene, polydimethylsiloxane, inclusion complexes, main-chain polyrotaxanes.

13. Carmen RACLES and Vasile COZAN

New siloxane copolymers with pendant azomethine mesogenic units

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: polysiloxane, azomethine, liquid crystal, thermotropic, side-chain.

14. Alina-Mirela IPATE, Corneliu HAMCIUC, Maria BRUMA, Inga A. RONOVA and Mikail I. BUZIN

Influence of conformational rigidity on physical properties of some poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether)s containing trifluoromethyl groups

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether)s, trifluoromethyl group, Kuhn segment, free volume.

15. Oana Iuliana NEGRU and Mircea GRIGORAS

Oligostyrene grafted poly(4,4’-triphenylamine vinylene)s obtained by combination of ATRP and Suzuki-Heck reactions

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: poly(arylene vinylene)s, atom transfer radical polymerization, Suzuki-Heck polycondensation, graft copolymers, optical properties.


Rheological characterization of several cyan ethylated ketone resins

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: adhesives, amplitude sweep, dynamic moduli, frequency sweep, ketone-based resins.

17. Valentina Elena MUSTEATA, Vasile Cristian GRIGORAS and Virgil BARBOIU

Correlation of dielectric and calorimetric characteristics for an amorphous donor-acceptor copolymer

Download Art 17 (PDF)

Key words: donor-acceptor interactions, glass transition, α relaxation.

18. Mioara DROBOTA, Irena GRIEROSU, Iulian RADU and Cipriana STEFANESCU

Modification of protein conformation can be monitored by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in oncological patients

Download Art 18 (PDF)

Key words: albumin serum, radiotracers, FTIR spectroscopy.

19. Andreea Irina BARZIC

Temperature implications on the rheological percolation threshold in poly(4- vinylpyridine)/barium titanate nanocomposites

Download Art 19 (PDF)

Key words: polymer nanocomposites, rheological percolation, barium titanate nanoparticles.

20. Magdalena AFLORI

Surface characterization of peritoneal dialysis catheter containing silver nanoparticles

Download Art 20 (PDF)

Key words: peritoneal dialysis catheter, helium plasma, silver nitrate, antimicrobial.

21. Raluca Maria HLIHOR, Laura BULGARIU, Dana Luminita SOBARIU, Mariana DIACONU, Teresa TAVARES and Maria GAVRILESCU

Recent advances in biosorption of heavy metals: support tools for biosorption equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism

Download Art 21 (PDF)

Key words: biosorption, desorption, mechanism, modeling and simulation, thermodynamics.

22. Constantin GĂINĂ, Viorica GĂINĂ and Cristian Dragos VARGANICI

Copoly(ester-urethane) networks containing thermoreversible bonds

Download Art 22 (PDF)

Key words: thermoreversible networks, thermal properties, retro-Diels-Alder reaction.

23. Mădălina ZĂNOAGĂ, Yevgen MAMUNYA and Fulga TANASĂ

Conductive properties of some ternary thermoplastic nanocomposites filled with dispersed powders. A comparative study

Download Art 23 (PDF)

Key words: thermoplastic nanocomposites, polyamide, polypropylene, metal, carbon nanotubes.

24. Mihail BÎRZESCU, Marius MILEA, Dan ROŞU, Ionuţ LEDEŢI, Madian RAFAILĂ, Viorel SASCA and Mircea NICULESCU

Synthesis and thermal analysis of the nickel(II) oxalate obtained through the reaction of ethylene glycol with Ni(NO3)2·6H2O

Download Art 24 (PDF)

Key words: ethylene glycol, homopolynuclear coordination compound, nickel(II) oxalate, thermal analysis, nickel oxide.

25. Ana Irina COCÂRŢĂ and Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN

Composite microspheres based on chitosan and poly(vinyl amine)

Download Art 25 (PDF)

Key words: chitosan, composites, adsorption, heavy metal.

26. Angelica VLAD, Mirela-Fernanda ZALTARIOV, Maria CAZACU, Loredana VACAREANU, Sergiu SHOVA and Constantin TURTA

Hydrogen-bonded supramolecular structure built on the basis of ferrocenecarboxylic acid and 4,4’- azopyridine

Download Art 26 (PDF)

Key words: supramolecular structure, ferrocene, azopyridine.

27. Ion SAVA and Thomas KÖPNICK

Synthesis and characterization of new diamines containing side substituted azobenzene groups

Download Art 27 (PDF)

Key words: Williamson reaction, diamine, side azobenzene.

28. Maria IGNAT, Vera MEYNEN, Pegie COOL and Valeria HARABAGIU

Surface chemistry – the key-property of templated mesoporous carbons for sorption

Download Art 28 (PDF)

Key words: templated carbon, surface chemistry, sorption property.

29. Claudia COBZARU, Corina CERNATESCU and Adriana MARINOIU

Modified clinoptilolite used for removing azomethines from wastewaters. I. The effect of the time of nitric acid treatment on clinoptilolite properties

Download Art 29 (PDF)

Key words: nitric acid treatment, clinoptilolite, removing azomethines from wastewaters.

30. Alexandra GRUIA, Ramona CURPAN, Ana BOROTA, Liliana HALIP, Maria MRACEC and Mircea MRACEC

Phenyl and imidazole ring rotation in neutral and protonated dexmedetomidine. A semiempirical and ab initio study

Download Art 30 (PDF)

Key words: AM1, PM3, HF/6-31G**, 1D energy profiles, α2-adrenergic receptors.

31. Georgeta Maria MARES, Adrian NICOARĂ, Graziella Liana TURDEAN and 2.0 Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

Electrochemical characterization of Au/L-cysteine/hemin modified electrode

Download Art 31 (PDF)

Key words: hemin, l-cysteine, self-assembled structures on gold electrodes, cyclic voltammetry, square-wave voltametry.



No 5 Mai 2014

Tome 59, No 5 Mai 2014

Download summary (PDF)

1. Zohra GHEBACHE, Nacer-Eddine DJELALI and Safidine ZITOUNI

Elaboration and characterization of conducting nanocomposite inorganic/ organic

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: PANI/Zeolite, TiO2, nanocomposite, conducting polymers, characterization.

2. Mitica SAVA

Thermal, mechanical and dielectric properties of some polyaspartimides

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: bismaleimide compounds, mechanical and dielectric properties.

3. Florina BRANZOI and Viorel BRANZOI

Adsorption and inhibitive corrosion properties of nicotinamide on carbon steel in cooling water systems

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: organic inhibitor, carbon steel, cooling water, potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and FT-IR.

4. Berk TOKER, Engin ER and Nevin ERK

Development of voltammetric techniques for the determination of silodosin in pharmaceutical formulation at glassy carbon electrode

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  silodosin, voltammetry, glassy carbon electrode, first derivate spectrophotmetry.

5. Govind Kumar GUPTA, Ajay SINGH and S.P.S. JADON

Microbiological and spectrometric studies of dichloro Ni(II) tetra seleniazide complex

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: Se4N3Br, hexagonal packing, geometry, magnetic susceptibility.

6. Preethi Kumari P., Prakash Shetty, Suma A Rao and Dhanya Sunil

Corrosion inhibition and adsorption behaviour of (2E)-2-(3-hydroxy-2-methoxybenzilidene) hydrazinecarbothiamide on mild steel in 1 M HCl

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: mild steel, mixed inhibitor, EIS, SEM, Langmuir’s adsorption.

7. Veronica BRĂTAN, Cornel MUNTEANU, Paul CHESLER, Daniela NEGOESCU and Niculae I. IONESCU

Electrical characterization and the catalytic properties of SnO2/TiO2 catalysts and their Pd-supported equivalents

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: electrical conductivity, SnO2/TiO2, Pd/SnO2/TiO2, propene oxidation.

8. Daniela BALA, Petronia DASU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Hydrophilic/ lipophylic balance influence on middle phase microemulsion electrochemistry

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: middle phase microemulsion, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry, pentacyano(L)ferrate(III) complexes, hydrophilicity – lipophilicity balance.

9. Melinda CZIKÓ, Erzsébet Sára BOGYA, Mircea Vasile DIUDEA and Réka BARABÁS

Research on hydroxypatite based composite materials

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: hydroxyapatite, composites, silicon, biopolymers.

10. Nicoleta PUICA MELNICIUC, Valentina CLOSCA, Cristina-Delia NECHIFOR and Dana Ortansa DOROHOI

Anisotropy of ternary solutions containing 1,2,4-triazoli-1-um phenacylids, studied by spectral means

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: ternary solution; triazolium ylids; solvation shell; excess function.



No 3-4 Mars-Avril 2014

Tome 59, No 3-4 Mars-Avril 2014

Download summary (PDF)

1. Zuzana MELICHOVÁ, Ladislav HROMADA and Andrea LUPTÁKOVÁ

Removal of Pb2+ ions from aqueous solutions by Slovak bentonites

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: adsorption, bentonite, lead.

2. Sanda-Maria DONCEA and Rodica-Mariana ION

FTIR (DRIFT) analysis of some printing inks from the 19th and 20th centuries

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: FTIR (DRIFT), inks, paper documents, 19th-20th centuries.

3. Aurelia VISA, Bianca MARANESCU, Mircea MRACEC

Electronic properties of Cu2+ vinylphosphonate estimated by PM3 semiempirical method

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: metal organic frameworks, PM3 semi-empirical, vinylphosphonates, structural properties, electric properties.


Template structure selection for comparative modeling of orphan G-protein coupled receptors

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  GPCRs, homology modeling, template selection.


Approaches to G-protein coupled receptors deorphanization: the GPR32 case study

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: GPR32, orphan GPCR, resolvins.

6. Irina FIERASCU, Rodica Mariana ION, Mihai RADU, Stefan Ovidiu DIMA, Ioana Raluca BUNGHEZ, Sorin Marius AVRAMESCU and Radu Claudiu FIERASCU

Comparative study of antifungal effect of natural extracts and essential oils of Ocimum basilicum on selected artefacts

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: Ocimum basilicum, essential oil, antifungal effect, artefacts.

7. Radu Claudiu FIERASCU, Ioana Raluca BUNGHEZ, Raluca SOMOGHI, Irina FIERASCU and Rodica Mariana ION

Characterization of silver nanoparticles obtained by using Rosmarinus officinalis extract and their antioxidant activity

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: green synthesis, silver nanoparticles, Rosmarinus officinalis, antioxidant activity.

8. Maya SHOPSKA, Georgi KADINOV and Iskra SHTEREVA

Determination of metal dispersion in cobalt-palladium catalysts

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: metal dispersion of Co-Pd catalysts, hydrogen chemisorption, temperature-programmed reduction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, diffuse-reflectance infrared spectroscopy.

9. Selvihan CITAK, Zuleyha OZER SAGIR, Sema CARIKCI, Turgut KILIC and Akın AZIZOGLU

Experimental and theoretical study on linearol isolated from Sideritis species

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: diterpene, DFT, ab-initio, NMR.

10. Kledi XHAXHIU, Teodor KOTA, Arjan XHELAJ and Hans-Jörg DEISEROTH

Thermal behavior and decomposition of mixed valence solids In5Ch5Cl (Ch = S, Se)

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: thermal behaviour, XRD, DTA, isostructural compounds.

11. Adelaida ANDONI

High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy for studying planar model catalyst: a test of NO on Rh(100)

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy, NO adsorption, Rh catalyst.

12. Silviya TODOROVA, Plamen STEFANOV, Anton NAYDENOV and Hristo KOLEV

Catalytic oxidation of methane over Pd-MeOx (Me = Mn, Co, Ni, Ce) catalysts – influence of metal oxides

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: methane combustion, palladium, Co-Ce, Co-Mn mixed oxides, nickel oxides, cobalt oxide, promotion effect.


Cobalt-manganese supported oxides as catalysts for complete n-hexane and methane oxidation: relationship between structure and catalytic activity

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: complete oxidation, n-hexane, methane, Co – Mn oxides, supported catalysts.

14. Oana Catalina MOCIOIU, Irina ATKINSON, Jeanina PANDELE, Lucica BOROICA, Bogdan SAVA, Ana Maria MOCIOIU and Maria ZAHARESCU

Protective coatings for the silicate glasses containing Fe2O3

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: historical glasses preservation, sol-gel film, structure, morphology, water stability test.

15. Natalia GORINCHOY

Jahn-Teller and pseudo Jahn-Teller origin of structural distortions of coordinated molecules

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: Jahn-Teller effects, weak coordinated systems, stereochemistry, formaldehyde, allene.



No 2 Fevrier 2014

Tome 59, No 2 Fevrier 2014

Download summary (PDF)

1. Mircea MIHALACHE, Leonard ILIE and Roxana MADJAR

Translocation of heavy metals from sewage sludge amended soil to plant

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: soil, heavy metals, sewage sludge, translocation, plant.

2. Georgiana BOLAT, Carmen PADURARU, Sorin Claudiu IACOB STRUGARU, Corneliu MUNTEANU and Daniel MARE

Stability of NiCr dental alloy after 15 years of service

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: NiCr dental alloy, potentiodynamic polarization, corrosion current, EIS, scanning electron microscopy.

3. Simona NEAGU, Silviu PREDA, Crina ANASTASESCU, Maria ZAHARESCU, Mădălin ENACHE and Roxana COJOC

The functionalization of silica and titanate nanostructures with halotolerant proteases

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: halotolerant proteases, titanate nanostructures, silica nanostructures, halophilic microorganisms.

4. Alexandru CECAL, Maria IGNAT and Nicoleta MELNICIUC PUICA

Adsorption of Co(II) and V(IV) species on zeolites

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  adsorption, isotherms, kinetics, microelements, zeolites.

5. Dan Eduard MIHAIESCU, Dragos GUDOVAN and Anca MARTON

Controlled release profiles of Eugenia caryophyllata, Artemisia annua and Carum Carvi volatile oils from organic functionalized MCM-41 support

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: organic functionalized, release profile, MCM-41, volatile oils.

6. Hassan Abazied SHINDY

Synthesis of different classes of six membered heterocyclic cyanine dyes

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: cyanine dyes, synthesis, six membered cyanine dyes, carbocyanine dyes, styryl cyanine dyes, mero cyanine dyes, bridged cyanine dye.

7. Tiberiu DASCALESCU, Ligia TODAN, Adriana RUSU, Silviu PREDA, Cristian ANDRONESCU, Daniela C. CULITA, Cornel MUNTEANU and Maria ZAHARESCU

Nanosized Al2O3-TiO2 oxide powder with enchanced porosity obtained by sol-gel method

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: Al2O3-TiO2 nanopowders, sol-gel preparation, microstructure, specific surface area, pore size distribution.

8. Fatiha BELALIA and Nacer-Eddine DJELALI

Rheological properties of sodium alginate solutions

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: rheology, biopolymer, sodium alginate, viscosity, storage moduli, loss moduli.

9. Emre MENTEŞE and Bahittin KAHVECI

Microwave-assisted synthesis of some 2-substituted quinazolin-4(3H)-one derivatives from iminoesters hydrochlorides

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: quinazolinone, microwave synthesis, iminoester hydrochloride, methyl anthranilate.


Formation by laser ablation in liquid (LAL) and characterization of citric acid-coated iron oxide nanoparticles

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: pulsed laser ablation, iron oxides, magnetic nanoparticles, liquid media.


No 1 Janvier 2014

Tome 59, No 1 Janvier 2014

Download summary (PDF)

1. Azime Berna ÖZÇELİK, Mahmut ÜLGER, Gönül ASLAN, Gürol EMEKDAŞ and Tuncel ÖZDEN

Studies on in vitro antimycobacterial activities of some 2-substitutedimidazo[4,5-b] and [4,5-c] pyridine derivatives

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine, imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine, antimycobacterial activity

2. Ali AL-ZIER, Hussam ALLAHAM, Kholoud LATIFI and Abdul W. ALLAF

FTIR spectroscopic efficiency of Eugenol methylether additive as free radical scavenger agent to sunflower cooking oil at high temperature and different concentrations

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: FTIR, edible oil, hydroperoxide, Eugenol methylether, antioxidant.

3. Amit R. YAUL, Gaurav B. PETHE and Anand S. ASWAR

Synthesis, characterization and catalytic studies ofsomeoxovanadium(IV)complexesof tetradentate Schiff base ligands

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words:  Schiff bases, vanadium complexes, thermal behaviour, EPR, styrene oxidation.

4. Haroon UR RASHID, Khalid KHAN, Muhammad YASEEN, Waseem HASSAN and Muhammad NAVEED UMAR

Synthesis and relaxivity measurement of cyclen based magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words:  cyclen, relaxivity, contrast agent, synthesis, chelate

5. Florentina HUTANU, Maria MARCU and Gheorghe GUTT

Nanostructured GOD/TiO2/SCPE electrode for amperometric glucose biosensors

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words:  TiO2, immobilization glucose oxidase, sensors.

6. Aurelia Magdalena DIANU and Mirela OLTEANU

Tritium evaluation in graphite radioactive waste by microwave acid digestion

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words:  tritium recover, irradiated graphite, microwave acid digestion, liquid scintillation counting.

7. Georgiana BOLAT, Adrian CAILEAN, Daniel SUTIMAN and Daniel MARECI

Electrochemical behaviour of austenitic stainless steel in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution in the presence of caffeine environmental friendly corrosion inhibitor

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words:  austenitic stainless steel, caffeine, EIS, SEM, inhibition efficiency.

8. Ali Reza KIASAT, Hossein ALMASI and Seyyed Jafar SAGHANEZHAD

One-pot synthesis of Hantzsch esters and polyhydroquinoline derivatives catalysed by γ-Al2O3 –nanoparticles under solvent-free thermal conditions

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles, 1,4-dihydropyridines, polyhydroquinoline, heterogeneous catalyst, Hantzsch reaction, solvent-free.

9. Gabriela Liliana AILIESEI and Virgil BARBOIU

A 1H-NMR study of mechanism and kinetics on reactions of acrylic acid with pyridine imidazole compounds

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: 1H-NMR, carboxybetaine synthesis, reaction mechanism, kinetics.



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