No 10, Octobre 2007

Tome 52, No 10, Octobre 2007

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1. Valerian DRĂGUŢAN, Ileana DRĂGUŢAN, Renata DROZDZAK and Francis VERPOORT

Synthetic approach to ruthenium vinylidene complexes and their applications in metathesis

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Key words: alkene metathesis, ruthenium vinylidene, alkylidene complexes, α,ω-dienes, ring-closing metathesis

2. Ioana JITARU, Ovidiu OPREA, Florentina MANDEA, Maria Gabriela ALEXANDRU, Michaela Dina STĂNESCU and Nicolae STĂNICĂ

Titanates from oxime-containing complex precursors

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Key words: oxime, complexes, semiclathrochelates, titanates

3. Constantin I. CHIRIAC, Fulga TANASA and Mariora NECHIFOR

A new synthesis of cinnamic acids from aromatic aldehydes and N,N-dimethylacetamide hydrochloride

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Key words: cinnamic acids, N,N-dimethylacetamidehydrochloride, synthesis

4. Cemil İBİŞ and Nihal YILMAZ ONUL

The new S- and N,S-substituted nitrodienes from bromochloro-2-nitrodiene

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Key words: thioethers, bromochloro-2-nitro-1,3-butadiene, piperazine, piperidine

5. Cemil İBİŞ and Zeliha GÖKMEN

The reactions of naphthyl and ethyl thio substituted 2-nitrodiene with amines

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Key words: thioethers, N,S-substituted-2-nitro-1,3-dienes

6. Tatiana ONCESCU and Simona RĂDULESCU

The binding of violamycin B1 to DNA

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Key words: violamycin B1, DNA, , intercalated complex, binding parameters

7. Monica FLORESCU and Cristopher M. A. BRETT

Evaluation of cobalt hexacyanoferrate modified carbon film electrodes for electrochemical glucose biosensors

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Key words: carbon film electrodes, cobalt hexacyanoferrate film, glucose biosensors

8. Lyuba ILIEVA, Giuseppe PANTALEO, Gabriel MUNTEANU, Anna Maria VENEZIA and Donka ANDREEVA

Temperature programmed desorption of CO and NO over gold/ceria catalysts for NOx reduction

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Key words: Gold, Ceria, TPD, CO, NO

9. Vasile PODE, Eveline POPOVICI, Rodica PODE and Violeta GEORGESCU

Magnetic properties of an adsorbent based on modified natural zeolite

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Key words: adsorbent,ecology, magnetic properties, zeolite, X-ray structure determination

10. Vlastimil MATAJEC, Milos HAYER, Jan MRAZEK, Ivan KASIK, Ondrej PODRAZKY and Marie POSPISILOVA

Performance of sol-gel method for the preparation of optical fibers

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Key words: sol-gel method, optical fibre, lasers, sensors

11. Marian TOTOLIN and Mircea GRIGORAŞ

Plasma induced pyrrole polymerization

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Key words: plasma, pyrrole, polymerization, polypyrrole, radical

12. In memoriam – Professor Cristofor I. Simionescu

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No 5, Mai 2006

Tome 51, No 5, Mai 2006

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1. Violeta TUDOR, Geanina MARIN, Victor KRAVTSOV, Yurii A. SIMONOV, Miguel JULVE, Francesc LLORET and Marius ANDRUH

Supramolecular copper(II) dimers resulted from hydrogen bond interactions: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties

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Key words: copper complexes, 2-aminoethanol, hydrogen bonds, thiocyanato complexes, crystal structure, magnetic properties

2. Andrei ROTARU, Bogdan JURCA, Anca MOANŢĂ, Ion SĂLĂGEANU and Eugen SEGAL

Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of some aromatic ortho-chlorinated azomonoethers. 1.
Decomposition of 4-[(2-chlorobenzyl)oxi]-4’-triflouromethyl-azobenzene

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Key words: non-isothermal kinetics, “model-free” kinetic methods, azomonoether thermal decomposition

3. Valentin CAREJA, Mircea MRACEC, Ludovic SAYTI, Eugen SISU, Ramona TUDOSE and Zeno SIMON

Comparative study of some ionic bridges implying calcium and magnesium cations by computational

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Key words: ionic bridges, glycan-glycan interactions, dissociation energies, geometry, ab initio 6-31G*

4. Camelia SUCIU, Luminiţa PATRON, Ioana MÎNDRU and Oana CARP

Nickel aluminate spinel by thermal decomposition of polynuclear malate complexes

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Key words: polynuclear malate compound, thermal decomposition, nickel aluminate, nanoparticles, XRD

5. Tudor ROŞU, Maria NEGOIU and Viorel CÂRCU

Mixed-ligand complexes. Ternary copper(II) complexes with aminoacids

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Key words: ternary complexes, amino acids, mixed ligand complexes

6. Laura BANCU, Polina BOUROSH, Ioana JITARU, Yurii A. SIMONOV and Janusz LIPKOWSKI

Synthesis and structural characterization of a new cadmium complex with cytosine

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Key words: cadmium complexes, cytosine cation, X-ray diffraction, tautomeric forms, hydrogen bonds

7. Alexandru CECAL, Anca Irena BALAN, Nicoleta MELNICIUC-PUICA and Karin POPA

Use of β-rays backscattering to study the crystallization process of simple salts from solutions

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Key words: β-ray backscattering, crystal growth, kinetic parameters

8. Michaela Dina STĂNESCU, Adina RUS, Maria GIURGINCA and Cornelia GURAN

New dibenzobicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivatives

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Key words: dibenzobicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivatives, coordinative complex

9. Horia PETRIDE, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Cristina FLOREA, Maria MAGANU and Silvia UDREA

E/Z isomerism of some diformamides

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Key words: formamides, restricted rotation, NMR spectroscopy

10. Camelia HULUBEI and Simona MORARIU

Alternating copolymers from N-(4-formylphenoxy-4’-carbonylphenil)maleimide. A comparative study

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Key words: malimide copolymers, liquid crystalline behavior

11. Simona MORARIU and Maria BERCEA

Gels based poly(ethylene oxide)-laponite mixtures

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Key words: laponite, poly(ethylene oxide), gel, viscoelastic properties

12. Irinel Adriana BADEA, Luminiţa VLĂDESCU and Arabela PATRICHI

Simultaneous determination of vitamin E and vitamin H1 by first derivative spectrometry in an ointment preparation

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Key words: α-tocopheryl acetate, para-aminobenzoic acid, first derivative UV spectrometry

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