No 12, Décembre 2007

Tome 52, No 12, Décembre 2007

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1. Rodica-Mariana ION

Photodynamic therapy (PDT): a photochemical concept with medical applications

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Key words: porphyrins, photodynamic therapy, singlet oxygen, porphyrins photodegradation, clinical applications

2. Gheorghe ROMAN, Costel AGACHE, Ileana MANCIULEA, Eugenia COMANIŢĂ and Lucia DUMITRESCU

Synthesis of new Mannich bases derived from 5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione and investigation of the conformational isomers of dimethyl 5-(5-phenyl-2-thioxo-1,3,4-oxadiazole-3-methylamino)isophthalate

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Key words: oxadiazolethione, aminomethylation, Mannish base, computational chemistry, conformational isomers

3. Simona MUNTEAN, Ludovic KURUNCZI, Valentin CAREJA and Zeno SIMON

Dissociation energies in water solution for saline bonds implied in interactions mediated by peptidoglicans. AB initio – PCM computations

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Key words: peptidoglycans, intercellular interaction, saline bond, hydration energy, dissociation energy

4. Valeria RĂDULESCU, Mariana PAVEL and Eliza OPREA

Capillary GC-MS analysis of volatile and semivolatile compounds of Thymus glabrescens willd.

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Key words: Thymus glabrescens, essential oil, infusion, solid phase extraction, GD/MS

5. Gabriela Elena BADEA, Ioana MAIOR, Anca COJOCARU and Ion CORBU

The cathodic evolution of hydrogen on nickel in artificial seawater

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Key words: composite materials, polypyrrole deposition

6. Tanţa SPĂTARU, Maria MARCU and Nicolae SPĂTARU

Composite electrode material with catalytic activity obtained by electrochemical deposition of polypyrrole and platinum on titanium substrates

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Key words: composite materials, polypyrrole deposition

7. Stelian LUPU and Anton FICAI

Layer by layer deposition of redox polymers/enzyme assemblies onto electrodes surfaces for nitrate electrochemical sensing

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Key words: amperometric biosensors, layer-by-layer deposition, nitrate reductase, redox polymers

8. Silvia PAŢACHIA and Claudia BACIU FLOREA

Poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels interactions with electrolytes in aqueous solution

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Key words: poly(vinyl alcohol), cryogels, electrolytes, swelling, shrinking

9. Daniela-Cristina MOMETE, Enrica VERNE, Chiara VITALE BROVARONE, Giulio MALUCELLI and

Polymeric composites for dentistry. II. Physical investigations on new dental composites

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Key words: dental composites, glass, silanization, mechanical properties

10. Vasile Mircea CRISTEA, Letiţia TOMA and Paul Şerban AGACHI

Simulation and model predictive control of the fluid catalytic cracking unit using artificial neural networks

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Key words: artificial neural networks, model predictive control, FCCU

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No 11, Novembre 2007

Tome 52, No 11, Novembre 2007

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1. Ileana DRĂGUŢAN, Valerian DRĂGUŢAN, Lionel DELAUDE, Albert DEMONCEANU and Alfred F. NOELS

N-heterocyclic carbene ruthenium complexes: synthesis and catalytic properties

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Key words: ruthenium complexes, N-heterocyclic carbenes, homogeneous precatalysts, olefin metathesis, cyclopropanation

2. Nenad Dj. LAZAROV, Vojislav SPASOJEVIĆ, Vladimir M. MATIĆ, Vladan KUSIGERSKI and

Magnetic properties of asymmetric Co(II) dimer at low temperatures

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Key words: transition metal complex, exchange and superexchange, ising model, high field magnetization

3. Elena-Mihaela SEFTEL, Eveline POPOVICI, Vasile PODE and Geza BANDUR

Synthesis, characterization and thermal behavior of hydrotalcite-type MgxZnxAl

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Key words: hydrotalcite-type MgxZnyAl; XRD patterns; FTIR spectra; UV DR spectra; thermal analysis

4. Mihaela PUIU, Adina RĂDUCAN and Dumitru OANCEA

Kinetics of copper(II) catalyzed oxidation of 2-aminophenol in a continuous stirred tank reactor

Download Art 4 (PDF) hydrogels by simultaneous polymerization/crosslinking

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Key words: acrylamide, crosslinking polymer, simultaneous polymerization/crosslinking, swelling degree

10. Liviu Cosmin COTEŢ, Virginia DANCIU, Veronica COŞOVEANU, Ionel Cătălin POPESCU, Anna ROIG and Elies MOLINS

Synthesis of meso- and macroporous carbon aerogels

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Key words: carbon aerogels, sol-gel processing, meso-macrostructures

11. Beatrice VLAD-OROS, Monica DRAGOMIRESCU, Gabriela PREDA, Francisc PETER and Adrian CHIRIAC

Characterization of silica-based biomaterials containing microbial amylases

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Key words: microbial amylases, sol-gel, tetrathoxysilane, methyltriethoxysilane, phenyltriethoxysilane

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No 3, Mars 2006

Tome 51, No 3, Mars 2006

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1. Valeriu ATANASIU, Irina STOIAN, Cornelia CERCASOV and Bogdan MANOLESCU

α-tocopherol transfer protein: molecular aspects of specific recognition of α-tocopherol

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Key words: α-tocopherol, tocopherol binding protein, AVED, oxidative stress

2. Cornelia G. PALIVAN, Elena BÂCU, Simona ANTONESCU, Cornelia GURAN and Georg GESCHEIDT

Biologically active Cu(II) and Fe(III) complexes of a phenothiazine derivative with an extended coordination sphere. Solution structures

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Key words: copper and iron complexes of N-[α- benzoyl-amino-β-(10-methyl


Physical-chemistry studies on geothermal waters and scale formations

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Key words: deposition control, Watch simulation program, chalcedony geothermometer

4. Gianina DOBRESCU, Mihai ANASTASESCU and Niculae I. IONESCU

Analyzing STM images of Cu(110) in dilute hydrochloric acid using the dynamic scaling method

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Key words: STM, fractal dimension, dynamic scaling approach, Cu(110)

5. Alexandra BANU, Maria MARCU, Octavian RADOVICI, Cristian PIRVU and Marius VASILESCU

Electrodissolution studies of three aluminum alloys in acid, neutral and alkaline solutions

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Key words: aluminium alloys, corrosion behaviour, EIS

6. Raluca CIUBĂR, Valentina MITRAN, Anişoara CÎMPEAN, Dana IORDĂCHESCU

In vitro effects of nickel on human embrionary lung fibroblasts

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Key words: apoptosis, fibroblasts, oxidative stress, nickel

7. Gheorghe IVAN, Maria GIURGINCA, Nicoleta IFTIMIE and Aurelia MEGHEA

Natural antioxidants for thermo-oxidative stabilization of elastomers

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Key words: natural antioxidants, elastomers, FT-IR spectroscopy, chemiluminescence

8. Alexandru POPA, Viorel SASCA, Radmila MARINKOVIĆ-NEDUČIN and Erne E. KIŠ

Catalytic properties of titania-supported heteropolyacids for ethanol oxidation

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Key words: heteropolyacids, titania, ethanol conversion, reaction

9. Romulus DIMA, Gheorghe SOARE, Grigore BOGZA and Valentin PLEŞU

Gas-liquid hydrodynamics in counter-current columns with KATAPAK®-S and BX structured packing

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: structured packing, gas-liquid flow, pressure drop, liquid hold-up, residence times

10. Ion TRANDAFIR and Radu Z. TUDOSE

The study of the extraction columns with cylindrical rotor – the hold-up

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: extraction liquid-liquid, hold-up, equation

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