No 3, Mars 2007

Tome 52, No 3, Mars 2007

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1. Vasile DINOIU

Chemical fluorination of organic compounds

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Key words: fluorine, fluorinating reagents, fluorination, organofluorine compounds

2. Alexandru L. LET, David MAINWAING, Colin RIX and Pandiyan MURUGARAJ

Synthesis and optical properties of TiS2 nanoclusters

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Key words: Quantum, titanium sulfide, chalcogenide, reverse micelle, fluorescence

3. Dorel RADU and Claudiu MAZILU

Implications of the acid-base character for some fixed viscosity points, for oxide vitreous systems

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Key words: glass, basicity, viscosity, correlations

4. Elena BÂCU, Dalila BELEI, Axel COUTURE et Pierre GRANDCLAUDON

Synthèse de nouveaux dérivés N-acylphénothiaziniques potentielment actifs en chimiothérapie
Synthesis of new N-acylphenothiazinic derivatives with potential activity in chemotherapy

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Key words: phenothiazine, 3-methylisoquinoline, pyrrolopyridine, triazole, cycloadditions

5. Silvia IMRE, Laurian VLASE and Sorin LEUCUŢA

HPLC method for quantification of nizatidine and its N-desmethylmetabolite in human plasma

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Key words: nizatidine, N-desmethylnizatine, plasma, HPLC, bioequivalence

6. Marcela MIHAI and Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN

Formation and colloidal stability of some polyelectrolyte complex dispersion based on random copolymers of AMPS

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No 10, Octobre 2006

Tome 51, No 10, Octobre 2006

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1. Mălina RĂILEANU

The use of sol-gel method for biomaterials preparation

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Key words: sol-gel method, entrapped enzymes, glucose oxidase, proteases, biomaterials

2. Seok Han KIM, Jeong Seok NOH, Jong-Pyo KIM, Soong-Hyuck SUH and Nam Ho HEO

Synthesis and crystal structure of Na-A with occluded AgI and Ag4I4 nanoclusters

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Key words: zeolite, silver iodide, quantum dot, nanocluster, crystal structure

3. Carmen MÎŢĂ, Nicoleta CORNEI and Mihail-Liviu CRAUS

Phase composition and properties of YbMnO3-La0.67Sr0.33-1.67xK1.67xMnO3 system

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Key words: two phase perovskite system, lattice constants, cation-anion distances, Curie temperatures, specific magnetization

4. Mircea GRIGORAŞ and Daniel Gheorghe CONDURUŢĂ

Pseudopolyrotaxanes based on polyaniline and cucurbituril

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Key words: pseudorotaxane architecture, macrocyclic compounds, chemical oxidative polymerization

5. Wang-Geun SHIM, Hee MOON, Sang-Chai KIM, Chang-Ha LEE, Soong-Hyuck SUH and Jae-Wook LEE

Heterogeneity analysis based on liquid-phase adsorption of chlorophenols on activated carbon and polymer resins

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Key words: heterogeneity, adsorption, chlorophenols, generalized nonlinear regularization method

6. Doina MACOCINSCHI, Anca ŢĂRANU, Camelia HULUBEI and Silvia IOAN

Solution properties of poly(amic acid)s and polyimides

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Key words: poly(amic acid), polyimides, solution properties, perturbed dimension, unperturbed

7. Marinela CATRINCIUC, Olga IULIAN, Ligia Maria OMOTA and Irina NIŢĂ

Experimental and calculated properties in binary and ternary systems with water 1,4-dioxane and diethylene glycol at 298.15 K

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