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1. 4th International Conference on Analytical Chemistry RO’ICAC 2018

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2. Catalina CIOATES NEGUT, Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU

Fluorimetric determination of nitrate in water catchments using a fluorescence tracer dye

Key words: fluorimetric method, Rhodamine B, nitrate.

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3. Ioana M. C. IENAŞCU, Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ, Mihai-Cosmin PASCARIU,
Iuliana M. POPESCU, Adina CĂTA and Raluca POP

Complexation of [2-(2- bromophenylcarbamoyl)phenoxy]acetic acid ethyl ester with β-cyclodextrin

Key words: ethyl ester/β-CYD inclusion complex, molecular modelling, apparent formation constant, Benesi-Hildebrand equation, 1H-NMR.

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Development of reverse phase liquid chromatographic method by using core shell particles column for determination of montelukast and levocetirizine from pharmaceutical capsule dosage forms 

Key words: drug analysis, HPLC, levocetirizine, montelukast, validation.

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5. Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU

Modified graphite/graphene dot microsensors for the assay of trace amounts of lead and cadmium in water catchments areas using differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry

Rev. Roum. Chim., 2019, 64(10), 867-877

Key words: graphite/graphene dot microsensors, lead, cadmium, water catchments areas.

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6. Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN and Ramona GEORGESCU STATE

Determination of tryptophan in pharmaceutical formulations and beer by enhancement of tryptophan-fluorescence response with fluorescein and potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)

Key words: tryptophan, tryptophan-fluorescence response enhancement, fluorescein, potassium hexacyanoferrate(III).

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7. Georgiana-Luiza ARNOLD TATU and Jacobus Frederick VAN STADEN

Phtalacyanine modified electrodes based on reduced graphene oxide for determination of lead in different types of water

Key words: phtalocyanine, electrode, voltammetry, ICP-OES, sensors.

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8. Adina CĂTA, Ioana M. C. IENAŞCU, Cristian TĂNASIE and Mariana N. ŞTEFĂNUŢ

Thermal degradation of anthocyanin pigments in bilberry, blackberry and black mulberry extracts in the presence of some added food antioxidants

Key words: anthocyanins, stability, thermal degradation, ascorbic acid, antioxidant activity.

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9. Hadi DEBIH, Oualid DILMI and Smail TERCHI

Organic pollutants adsorption onto granular activated carbon

Key words: granulated activated carbon, adsorption kinetics, porosity,affinity, competitiveness.

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10. Elena NEAGU, Gabriela PĂUN, Veronica MOROEANU, Oana UNGUREANU and Gabriel Lucian RADU

Antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of polyphenolic-rich extracts of Apium graveolens and Agropyrum repens

Key words: -amylase inhibitory activity, -glucosidase inhibitory, Apium graveolens, Agropyrum repens, membranare processes.

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11. Diana Felicia LOGHIN, Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN and Marcela MIHAI

Comparative chemical modification of starches as a function of their origin: synthesis and analysis

Key words: starch, acrylonitrile, grafting reaction, hydrolyzed copolymers.

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