Nos 11-12 Novembre-Décembre 2010

Tome 55, Novembre-Décembre 2010

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In memoriam Professor Ioan SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU (1950 – 2009)

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1. Liviu BOLUNDUT, Ionel HAIDUC, Gabriele KOCIOK-KÖHN and Kieran C. MOLLOY

Supramoleculary self-assembly in the lead(II) bis(di-iso-butylthiophosphate). 1,10-phenanthroline aduct, Pb[S2P(OBui)2]2 · Phen

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Key words: self-assembly, supramolecular self-assembly, X-ray structure, lead, dithiophosphate

2. Guoliang LI, Qian-Shu LI, Yaoming XIE, R. Bruce KING and Henry F. SCHAEFER III

Decarbonylation of P2Co2(CO)6, a binuclear cobalt carbonyl derivative of diphosphorus

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Key words: cobalt, diphosphorus, metal carbonyls, density functional theory

3. R. Bruce KING, Ioan SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU and Matei-Maria UTA

Ten-vertex clusters of germanium, tin and lead containing interstitial nickel, palladium and platinum atoms with 26 skeletal electrons: isovalent analogues of the know Pd@Bi104+

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Key words: metal clusters, group 14 elements, transition metals, density functional theory

4. Wyat A. THORNLEY and Thomas E. BITTERWOLF

Matrix photochemistry and DFT investigation of anionic (η5-C5H5)Cr(CN)3. Indirect observation of 13- S = 3/2 Cr(III)

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Key words: photochemistry, DFT caclulations, chromium

5. Rong ZOU, Nan LI, Guoliang LI, Bin PENG, Qiong LUO and Qian-Shu LI

Structures and stabilities of B9, B9+ and B9- clusters

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Key words: density functional theory, Ab initio method, boron cluster, structure, stability

6. Dragos HORVATH

Quantitative structure-activity relantionships: in silico chemistry or high tech alchemy?

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Key words: quantitative structure activity/property relationships, machine learning, in silico drug design, model over interpretations, cognitive delusions

7. Maria COROS, Dan DOMIDE, Mircea VLASSA, Albert SORAN and Cristian SILVESTRU

New N-substituted polyamines. Synthesis, characterization and crystal and molecular structure of 2-[{C6H4(CO)2NCH2CH2}2NCH2]C6H4Br

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Key words: branched polyamines, solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure

8. Carmen COMŞA, Adina CRISTEA, Richard A. VARGA and Cristian SILVESTRU

Organotin(IV) complexes of β-ketimines. Crystal and molecular structure of OC(Me)CHC(Me)NHR- 4[R=C6H3iPr2-2’,6’;C6H4Me-4’], Bu2SnCl2(L) and [{Me2SnCl}2(L)]2 [L=OC(Me)CHC(Me)NH(C6H3iPr2-2’,6’)-4]

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Key words: organotin adducts, β-ketimine ligands, solution NMR spectroscopy, molecular structure

9. Adina ROTAR, Ancuta COVACI, Alexandra POP and Anca SILVESTRU

New triarylphosphane chalcogenides. Crystal and molecular structure of [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]3P=E (E = S, Se) and [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]2PhP=S

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Key words: triarylphosphane chalcogenides, crystal and molecular structure, NMR spectroscopy

10. Valentin ZAHARIA, Manuela CURTICAPEAN, Nicolae PALIBRODA, Mircea VLASSA and Anca SILVESTRU

Heterocycles 22. Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of antimicrobial potential of some new sulfonylhydrazino-thiazoles

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Key words: sulfonylhydrazinothiazoles, acylation reaction, structural characterization, antimicrobial

11. Dan RUSU, Oana BĂBAN, Ioan HAUER, Delia GLIGOR, Leontin DAVID and Mariana RUSU

Synthesis and characterization of the potassium 11-tungstovanado(IV) phosphate

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Key words: polyoxometalate, vanadium(IV), electronic spectroscopies, vibrational spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry

12. Lidia VARVARI and Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

New method for antioxidant activity evaluation using a H2O2 amperometric sensor

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Key words: Prussian Blue, H2O2 detection, ascorbic acid, antioxidant activity

13. Codruţa VARODI, Ocsana AXUC, Sorina CIORCERI, Delia GLIGOR, Ionel Cătălin POPESCU and Liana Maria MUREŞAN

Biosensor based on ascorbate oxidase for ascorbic acid determination

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Key words: ascorbic acid, ascorbate oxidase, oxygen electrode, amperometric biosensor

14. Adrian PATRUT, Hartmut BÖGGE, Edit FORIZS, Dan RUSU, Daniel A. LOWY, Dragos MARGINEANU and Adriana NAUMESCU

Spectroscopic and crystal structure investigation of a new bismuth(III) containing polyoxometalate cluster

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Key words: polyoxometalate, metal cluster, bismuth, FTIR spectroscopy, X-ray structure

15. Cornelia MAJDIK, Silvia BURCĂ, Cerasella INDOLEAN, Andrada MĂICĂNEANU, Maria STANCA, Szende TONK and Paul MEZEY

Suspended and immobilized brewery waste biomass and commercial yeast as biosorbents for Cd(II) removal. A thermodynamic study

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Key words: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, brewery waste biomass, cadmium, biosorption, thermodynamic

16. Dan PORUMB, Tamás LOVÁSZ, Graţiana RĂCHITĂ, Castelia CRISTEA, Luiza GĂINĂ and Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU

Walking on the surface of phenothiazines: a combined experimental and theoretical approach

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Key words: 10-allyl-10Hphenothiazine, DFT B3LYP 6-31G, aza Claisen rearrangement, Cope rearrangement

17. Alexandra HILDEBRAND, Menyhárt B. SÁROSI, Peter LÖNNECKE, Luminiţa SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU and Evamarie HEY-HAWKINS

Unsymmetrical dinuclear rhodium complexes with arsanyl- and phosphanylarylthiolato ligands [Rh(μ-S-2-Eph2C6H4-k2S,E)2Rh(cod)] (E = As, P)

Key words: arsanyl- and phosphanylarylthiolato ligands, bent dinuclear rhodium complexes, d→p* interactions, DFT, NBO

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18. Radu SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU, Matei-Maria UTA and Serghei V. MAKAROV

Nitrite linkage isomerism in hemes and related complexes – modulation by metal, oxidation state, macrocycle, and medium polarity

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Key words: nitrite, linkage isomerism, DFT, phthalocyanine, heme, porphyrazine

19. Anamaria TEREC, Elena BOGDAN, Crina CISMAŞ and Ion GROSU

Selective bromination reaction of some bis(1,3-dioxan-2-yl)alkanes

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Key words: bromination, 1,3-dioxanes, selectivity, NMR spectra, X-ray structure

20. Maria ZAHARESCU, Ligia TODAN, Luminita PREDOANA, Irina ATKINSON, Adriana RUSU, Cristian ANDRONESCU, Valentin TEODORESCU and Petre OSICEANU

Binary vanadium-cerium oxide nanopowders obtained by soft chemistry

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Key words: vanadium-cerium oxide powders, chemical preparation, chelating agents, electron microscopy

21. Geta DAVID, Irina M. JABA, Bogdan TAMBA, Catalina BOHOTIN, Andrei NEAMTU, Xenia PATRAS, Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU and Ostin C. MUNGIU

Antinociceptive effect of morphiceptin loaded poly(butyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles

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Key words: morphiceptin; nanoparticles; analgesia; poly(butyl cyanoacrylate); blood-brain barrier

22. Constanţa IBĂNESCU, Maricel DANU, Alina NANU, Maria LUNGU and Bogdan C. SIMIONESCU

Stability of disperse systems estimated using rheological oscillatory shear tests

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Key words: cosmetics, viscoelastic properties, sensory perception, structure stability

23. Luminiţa CRIŞAN, Alina BORA, Ludovic KURUNCZI, Vicenţiu VLAIA and Zeno SIMON

Multiple linear regression and partial least squares QSAR modeling applied to a series of antipsychotic sertindole derivatives

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Key words: α1-adrenoceptor antagonists, MLR, PLS, sertindole, antipsychotic

24. Traian PASATOIU, Augustin M. MADALAN and Marius ANDRUH

A new example of coexistence of two different complexes in one crystal: [{CuII(acac)(phen)}2CoII(NCS)4]· 2[CuII(acac)(phen)(NCS)]

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Key words: copper(II) complexes, cobalt(II) complexes, thiocyanato complexes, π- π interactions, S-S interactions

25. Mariana-Dana DĂMĂCEANU, Radu-Dan RUSU, Maria BRUMĂ and Alexander RUSANOV

Fluorinated heterocyclic polyperyleneimides

Download Art 25 (PDF)

Key words: polyperyleneimides, 1,3,4-oxadiazole, hexafluoroisopropylidene, high thermal stability, photoluminescence

26. Tinca BURUIANĂ, Violeta MELINTE, Gabriela HITRUC and Emil C. BURUIANA

Novel polyalkenoates functionalized with photopolymerizable groups. Synthesis, characterization and testing in dental formulations

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Key words: polyacids, methacrylate moiety, photopolymerization, dental compositions, properties

27. Corneliu HAMCIUC, Elena HAMCIUC, Irina BACOŞCĂ and Lidia OKRASA

Thermal and electrical properties of some hydroxy- containing imide type polymers

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Key words: fluorinated polyimides, hydroxylic groups, good solubility, thin films, dielectric spectroscopy

28. Alexandru CECAL, Doina HUMELNICU and Karin POPA

The effect of α-radiolyis on the U(IV)/ U(VI) ratio in uranium-bearing ores

Download Art 28 (PDF)

Key words: uranium ores, radiolysis, α-irradiation, uranium species, redox processes

29. Gheorghiţă N. ZBANCIOC, Ana Maria V. ZBANCIOC, Dorina MANTU, Anca MIRON, Cătălin TĂNASE and Ionel I. MANGALAGIU

Ultrasounds-assisted synthesis of highly functionalized acetophenone derivatives in heterogeneous catalysis

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Key words: ultrasound, bromination, acetophenone, liquid phase, eco-friendly

30. Catalin-Vasile MAFTEI, Elena FODOR, Ionel I. MANGALAGIU, Peter G. JONES, Constantin-Gabriel DANILIUC, M. Heiko FRANZ and Ion NEDA

Synthesis of 3-tert-butyl-5-(4-vinylphenyl)-1,2,4- oxadiazole using two different pathways

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Key words: oxadiazoles, heterocycles, cycloadition, hydrogenation

31. Cecilia LETE, Mariana MARIN, Mihaela BADEA and Alexandru C. RAZUS

New composite materials used in the phenol electroanalysis. Part II. Poly(2-[(E)-2-azulene- 1-yl)vinyl]thiophene – Prussian blue

Download Art 31 (PDF)

Key words: composite materials, poly(2-[(E)-2-azulene-1-yl)vinyl] thiophene, cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, phenol

32. Viorica PARVULESCU, Mihaela MUREŞEANU, Aurora REISS, Ramona ENE and Soong-Hyuck SUH

Metal-organic hybrids obtained by functionalization of mesoporous silica

Download Art 32 (PDF)

Key words: metal-organic hybrid, mesoporous silica, functionalization, metal adsorption, catalytic oxidation

33. Viorel CHIHAIA, Emil SLUSANCHI, Alexandru HERISANU, Petru PALADE and Nicolae TAPUS

High performance computing infrastructure for materials science

Download Art 33 (PDF)

Key words: high performance computing, materials science, Benchmarking, GAMESS, ONETEP


Green synthetic strategies of oxide materials: polysaccharides-assisted synthesis. Part II. Starch- assisted synthesis of nanosized metal-oxides

Download Art 34 (PDF)

Key words: starch, nanosized materials, soft chemistry methods

35. Emilian GEORGESCU, Florentina GEORGESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Miron T. CĂPROIU and Florea DUMITRAŞCU

1-naphthoyl-pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinolines from quinolinium N-ylids

Download Art 35 (PDF)

Key words: quinolinium N-ylides, 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition, pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinolines

36. Lorena Ivona ŞTEFAN, Alina NICOLESCU, Simona POPA, Maria MOŢA, Eugenia KOVACS and Calin DELEANU

1H-NMR urine metabolic profiling in type 1 diabetes mellitus

Download Art 36 (PDF)

Key words: diabetes, urine, metabolites, NMR spectroscopy


Experimental and theoretical study on the photophysical properties of a pyrrolyl-isoxazole derivative

Download Art 37 (PDF)

Key words: pyrrolyl-isoxazole derivative, photophysical properties, potential energy surface

38. Dumitru TIŢA, Adriana FULIAŞ, Bogdan TIŢA, Gabriela VLASE, Titus VLASE and Nicolae DOCA

Thermal behaviour of active compounds versus pharmaceutical compounds for some benzodiazepine

Download Art 38 (PDF)

Key words: thermal behaviour, active compounds, kinetic study, benzodiazepines

39. Michaela Dina STĂNESCU, Florian HARJA, Cristina MOSOARCA and Alina D. ZAMFIR

Biogenic amines fingerprints evidenced by performant MS analysis

Download Art 39 (PDF)

Key words: biogenic amines, chip-based nanoelectrospray ionization mass spectroscopy

40. Petronela Maria PETRAR, Gabriela NEMES, Raluca SEPTELEAN, Luminita SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU and Jean ESCUDIE

Exploring the structure of arsaallene ylides – a theoretical approach

Download Art 40 (PDF)

Key words: arsa(V)allenes, arsa(V)phosphaallenes, DFT, NBO analysis

41. Index of authors

Biosensor based on ascorbate oxidase for ascorbic acid determination

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42. Index of subjects

Spectroscopic and crystal structure investigation of a new bismuth(III) containing polyoxometalate cluster

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No 10 Octobre 2010

Tome 55, No 10 Octobre 2010

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1. Prem Singh VERMA, Bhanwar Lal GORSI and Lovel P. SINGH

Estimation of the standard enthalpy of formation of alkanes in gas state by calculating size, structural and electronic parameters of the molecules

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: Kier’s molecular connectivity index(1XV), van der Waals volume (vW), electrotopological state index (R), standard enthalpy of formation (∆Hf0)

2. Hyunwoong PARK

Photolysis of aqueous perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: iodide, defluorination, hydrated electron, humic acid, perfluorinated

3. Joung-Il SHIN, Soo-Youl PARK, Seung-Rim SHIN, Kun JUN, Hye-Soo YOUN, Kyoung-Lyong AN and Young-A SON

Synthesis and characterization of heptamethine NIR absorbing cyanine dye compounds

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: cyanine dyes, NIR absorbing, heptamethine, near infrared, dye compounds

4. Nam-Suk LEE, Hoon-Kyu SHIN, Young Joo KIM, Chun-Ho KIM and Soong-Hyuck SUH

HOMO-LUMO energy gap analysis of alkyl viologen with a positively charged aromatic ring

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: alkyl viologen, HOMO-LUMO energy gap

5. Ion SAVA, Ştefan CHIŞCĂ, Maria BRUMĂ and Gabriela LISA

Aromatic polyimides containing methylene units. Thermal behaviour

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: aromatic polyimides, methylene bridges, thermal behaviour

6. Julia C. MIRZA ROSCA, Mihai V. POPA, Ecaterina VASILESCU, Paula DROB, Cora VASILESCU and Silviu I. DROB

Effects of electrochemical and thermal oxidation on the behaviour of some biomaterials in simulated body fluids

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: electrochemical and thermal treatments, titanium bioalloys, microhardness, EIS, statistical analysis

7. Viorica GĂINĂ and Constantin GĂINA

New polymers with alkylidenesuccinimide structures based on bismaleimides and biscitraconimides

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: phosphorous ylides, bismaleimides, citraconimides

8. Daniela BERGER, Cristian MATEI and Ştefania STOLERIU

Porous La0.6Sr0.4Fe0.8Co0.2O3-δ – based cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells, deposited by screen-printing method

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: IT-SOFC, LSFC, citrate-EDTA method, screen-printing

9. Ştefania RACOVIŢĂ, Silvia VASILIU and Cristina Doina VLAD

New drugs delivery systems based on polyelectrolyte complexes

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: chitosan, polybetaines, complex coacervation method, drug delivery systems

10. Diana SERBEZEANU, Tăchiţă VLAD-BUBULAC and Corneliu HAMCIUC

Synthesis and characterization of new aromatic- aliphatic poly(ester-imide)s containing phosphorus

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: poly(ester-imide)s, phosphorus-containing polymers, good solubility, thermal properties, photoluminescence

11. Irina BACOŞCĂ, Elena HAMCIUC and Maria BRUMA

Aromatic poly(amide-imide)s containing flexible linkages

Download Art 11 (PDF)

Key words: poly(amide-imide)s, nitrile groups, high thermal stability,
mechanical properties

12. Daniela BALA and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Entropy production and the redox reaction occurring at ities in open circuit conditions

Download Art 12 (PDF)

Key words: ITIES, open circuit, entropy production, redox chemical reaction

13. Monica MIHORIANU, Ionel MANGALAGIU, Peter G. JONES, Constantin-Gabriel DANILIUC, M. Heiko FRANZ and Ion NEDA

Synthesis of novel imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine derivates

Download Art 13 (PDF)

Key words: heterocycles, imidazo[1,5-a]pyridines, triphosgene, thiophosgene

14. Edit FORIZS, Agota DEBRECZENI, Adrian PATRUT, Attila-Zsolt KUN, Ionut Bogdan COZAR, Leontin DAVID and Ioan SILAGHI-DUMITRESCU

Synthesis, structure and DFT calculations on complexes of palladium(II) with theophylline

Download Art 14 (PDF)

Key words: Pd(II) complexes, theophylline, 2,2’-bipyridine, 1,10-phenantroline, single crystal structure


Green synthetic strategies of oxide materials: polysaccharides-assisted synthesis. I. Polysaccharides roles in metal oxides synthesis

Download Art 15 (PDF)

Key words: nanosized materials, solution and low-temperature methods, polysaccharides, green chemistry

16. Daniela ISTRATI, Luminitza PÂRVULESCU, Angela POPESCU, Dan MIHĂIESCU and Florin BADEA

Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of dibenzocycloheptane derivatives on zeolites catalysts. IV

Download Art 16 (PDF)

Key words: Flow-vacuum pyrolysis, dibenzocycloheptane derivatives, zeolite catalyst

17. Dr. Dumitru I. MARCHIDAN at his 80 anniversary

Download Art 17 (PDF)


No 9 Septembre 2010

Tome 55, No 9 Septembre 2010

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1. Elena HAMCIUC, Corneliu HAMCIUC and Irina BACOŞCA

Polyimides containing nitrile groups and nanocomposites based on them

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: polyimides, nanocomposites, nitrile groups, thermal stability, piezoelectric properties

2. Alexandra NISTOR, Gabriela LISA, Silvia CURTEANU , Angelica VLAD and Maria CAZACU

Neural networks used for modeling the thermal stability of polydimethylsiloxane/ silica composites containing complexed lanthanum

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: direct and inverse neural network modeling, composites, lanthanum, complex, sol-gel

3. Amit R. YAUL, Vijaya V. DHANDE and Anand S.ASWAR

Synthesis, characterization, electrical and biological studies of VO(IV), MoO2(VI), WO2(VI), Th(IV) and UO2(VI) complexes with hydrazone ligand

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: aroylhydrazones, tridentate Schiff base, complexes, biological screening

4. Dorin ŞULEA, Mihaela Violeta GHICA, Marin MICUTZ, Mădălina Georgiana ALBU, Lavinia BRĂZDARU, Teodora STAICU, Minodora LECA and Lăcrămioara POPA

Characterization and in vitro release of chlorhexidine digluconate comprised in type I collagen hydrogels

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: collagen hydrogels, chlorhexidine digluconate, FT-IR, CD, rheology hydrogels, drug delivery of chlorhexidine digluconate from noncrosslinked and glutaric aldehyde croslinked collagen hydrogels

5. Bogdan TIŢA, Adriana FULIAŞ, Geza BANDUR, Gerlinde RUSU and Dumitru TIŢA

Thermal stability of ibuprofen. Kinetic study under non-isothermal conditions

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: ibuprofen, thermal analysis, TG/DTG/DSC, kinetic analysis

6. Elena FODOR, Catalin-Vasile MAFTEI, Ionel MANGALAGIU, Peter G. JONES, Constantin-Gabriel DANILIUC, M. Heiko FRANZ and Ion NEDA

Recommandable routes to trifluoromethyl substituted pyridyl-isothiocyanate and isocyanate starting from 2,3-dichloro-5-trifluoromethyl pyridine

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: heterocycle, pyridine, isothiocyanate, isocyanate

7. Dana Elena POPA, Mihaela BULEANDRĂ, Mihaela MUREŞEANU, Marcel IONICĂ and Ion Gh. TĂNASE

Organofunctionalized mesoporous silica carbon paste electrode for voltammetric determination of Pb(II)

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: lead, modified carbon paste electrode, organofunctionalized silica, anodic stripping voltammetry

8. Marina Tamara NECHIFOR and Diana DINU

Ethanol-induced changes of the lipid profile in rat kidney

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: ethanol, lipid profile, lipid peroxidation, kidney.


Density and refractive indices of dimethyl sulfoxides + 1-hexanol system at temperatures from (298.15 to 323.15)K

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: density, refractive index, DMSO, 1-hexanol, Flory.

10. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Mihai IORDOC, Florina BRÂNZOI, Gabriela SBARCEA and Virgil MARINESCU

Surface characterization and electrochemical behavior of new biomedical Zr-based metal/ ceramic composite in fetal bovine serum

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: zirconium alloy, corrosion behavior, EIS, ICP-MS, FBS, joint replacement, zirconium oxide.

No 8 Aout 2010

Tome 55, No 8 Aout 2010

Download summary (PDF)

1. Lucretiu CISMARU and Marcel POPA

Polymeric nanoparticles with biomedical applications

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: nanoparticles, drug delivery, gene delivery, emulsion polymerization.

2. Xiao WANG, Byung Gil MIN, Won-Seok LYOO, Viorel CHIHAIA, Mariuca GARTNER, Tionica F. STOICA, Jae Young BAE and Soong-Hyuck SUH

Column study of cadmium adsorption onto polyacrylonitrile/hydroxyapatite composite bead

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: cadmium, adsorption, polyacrylonitrile, hydroxyapatite, composite.

3. Zhouyang LUO, Zhangqin Ni, Longyi ZHU and Qiwen TENG

Electronic structures and spectra of 1,3- dithiolanradialene

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: 1,3-dithiolanradialene, energy gap, red-shift, excited state, B3LYP/6-31G(d).


Novel N-O type oxazoline ligands

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: oxazolines, tetradentant, chiral, BINOL-box, xabox.

5. Béla KISS, Daniela-Saveta POPA, Daniela HANGANU, Anca POP and Felicia LOGHIN

Ultra-performance liquid chromatography method for the quantification of some phytoestrogens in plant material

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: daidzein, genistein, coumestrol, phytoestrogens, chromatography.

6. Mihail CONTINEANU, Adina-Elena STANCIU and Ana NEACŞU

Thermal annealing kinetics of radicals formed by the radiolysis in polycrystalline solid state of sodium wolframate

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: paramagnetic centres, ionizing radiation, thermal disappearance, unpaired electron.


Property prediction for binary and ternary systems with water, 1,4-dioxane and ethylene glycol. II. Refractive index

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: refractive index, prediction, ethylene glycol.

8. Adriana FULIAŞ, Gabriela VLASE, Titus VLASE, Bogdan TIŢA, Dumitru TIŢA and Nicolae DOCA

Thermal study of cefoperazone monohydrate

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: cefoperazone, thermal analysis, EGA, evolved gases, FT-IR spectra.

9. Florina BRÂNZOI, Viorel BRÂNZOI and Iulia HĂRĂBOR

New friendly environment inhibitors for anticorrosive protection of cooling water systems

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: organic inhibitors, microwaves energy, cooling water systems, electrochemical polarization and metallurgical microscopy techniques.

10. Marin MICUTZ, Teodora STAICU, Dorin ŞULEA, Minodora LECA and Corneliu GHICA

Adsorption complexes of collagenous polypeptide-ionic surfactant in aqueous medium. 2. The influence of adsorption complexes of polypeptide-ionic surfactant on thermal stability of collagen type I

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: collagen type I, collagen denaturation, ionic surfactant, circular dichroism, activation energy of viscous flow.

No 7, Juillet 2010

Tome 55, No 7 Juillet 2010

Download summary (PDF)

1. Alexei N. PANKRATOV

Reactions of diphenylamine with benzene diazonia: a quantum chemical treatment involving explicit aqueous medium account

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: benzenediazonia, azo coupling, diphenylamine, influence of aqueous medium, quantum chemical consideration.


Antimicrobial investigations of copper(II) complexes with some 1-benzylbenzimidazole derivatives

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: benzimidazole derivatives, complexes, copper(II), antimicrobial activity, in vitro studies.

3. Mihaela POPA, Emil INDREA, Petru PASCUŢA, Veronica COŞOVEANU, Ionel Catalin POPESCU and Virginia DANCIU

Fe, Ce and Cu influence on morpho-structural and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 aerogels

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: aerogel, metal doped TiO2, salicylic acid, photocatalysis.

4. Alina CRISTIAN, Emilia Elena IORGULESCU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical studies using activated glassy carbon. II. Piroxicam

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: piroxicam, anodically activated GCE, accumulation, cyclic voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry.

5. Silvia IGA and Dumitru Petru IGA

Purification of seminolipid and its cleavage to lyso-semiolipid. Interaction of seminolipid with phospholipase A2

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: seminolipid, lyso-seminolipid, phospholipase A2, mild alkaline hydrolysis.

6. Adrian BORHAN, Bogdan APETRĂCHIOAEI and Karin POPA

On the existence of cerium(IV) orthophosphate, “Ce3(PO4)4”

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: cerium (III), cerium (IV), phosphates, nonstoichiometric compounds.

7. Viorel FEROIU, Octavian PARTENIE and Dan GEANĂ

Solid-gas equilibrium in systems containing aromatic compounds and supercritical carbon dioxide

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: equation of state, solid-gas equilibrium, supercritical fluid.

8. Mihaela DULCESCU, Cristina STAN and Dana Ortansa DOROHOI

Spectral study of intermolecular interactions in water-ethanol solutions of some carbanion disubstituted pyridinium ylids

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: pyridinium ylids, hydrogen bonds, binary protic solvent, visible absorption spectra.

9. Cornelia ILIE, Gabriela STÎNGĂ, Alina IOVESCU, Violeta PURCAR, Dan F. ANGHEL and Dan DONESCU

The influence of nonionic surfactants on the Carbopol-PEG interpolymer complexes

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: interpolymer complex, Carbopol 980, PEG, Pluronic F68, ethoxylated nonylpnenol.

10. Florin BUCATARIU and Ecaterina Stela DRĂGAN

Oligopeptide brushes generated onto silica microparticles

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: oligopeptide, polyelectrolyte, silica, XPS.

11. Jaroslav SESTAK, Miroslav HOLECEK and Jiri MALEK (Editors)

Some thermodynamic, structural and behavioral aspects of materials accentuating non-crystalline states

Download Art 11 (PDF)

No 6, Juin 2010

Tome 55, No 6 Juin 2010

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1. Ewa KŁODZIŃSKA, Ştefania TĂNASE, Andra Alina TOMESCU, Marius MOGA and Bogusław BUSZEWSKI

Capillary zone electrophoresis in determination of microorganism

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Key words: electrophoresis of bacteria, medical diagnosis, detection methods.

2. Maria SPIRIDON, Marius Sebastian SECULA and Stelian PETRESCU

Wet air drying by adsorption on active carbon impregnated with calcium chloride

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Key words: air drying; adsorption; mass transfer; composite material; active carbon.

3. Ileana SANDU, Andreea LUNGU, Cristian BOSCORNEA, Ştefan TOMAS and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical study of two curcumin-like compounds on activated glassy carbon electrode

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Key words: curcumin-like compounds, activated GCE, cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry.

4. Carmellina Daniela BĂDICEANU, Constantin DRĂGHICI and Alexandru-Vasile MISSIR

Synthesis and characterization of some biological active compounds on the basis of 2-thiophene carboxylic acid with heterocyclic amines

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Key words: thiourea derivatives, thioureides, 2-thiophenecarboxylic acid derivatives.

5. Carmen LIMBAN, Alexandru-Vasile MISSIR, Ileana Cornelia CHIRIŢĂ, Rodica GUŢĂ, Doina NĂNĂU-ANDREESCU, George Mihai NIŢULESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Miron T. CĂPROIU,
Cristina DELCARU and Mariana Carmen CHIFIRIUC

Synthesis, structural characterization and microbiological assays of some new 2-methoxy-O-acyl-oximino-dibenz[b,e]oxepins

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Key words: 2-methoxy-O-acyl-oximino-dibenz[b,e]oxepins, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, Staphylococcus aureus.

6. Elena NEAGU, Gabriela PĂUN, Veronica MOROEANU and Gabriel Lucian RADU

Evaluation of antioxidant capacity of Geraniun robertianum extracts

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Key words: Geraniun robertianum extracts, membrane processes, antioxidant capacity, DPPH, ABTS.

7. Sorin I. ROŞCA, Raluca STAN, Cristina OTT and Elena PÂRLEA

Condensation reactions of planar chiral tricarbonyl-chromium-complexed benzylic alcohols and acetates with reactive arenes

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Key words: arene-tricarbonyl-chromium, planar chiral complexes, enantiomeric arene complexes.

8. Cecilia LETE, Stelian LUPU, Mariana MARIN and Mihaela BADEA

New composite materials used in the phenol electroanalysis. Part I. Poly(azulene) / Prussian blue and Prussian blue / poly(azulene) films

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Key words: composite materials, polyazulene derivatives, cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, phenol.

9. Cornelia ILIE, Dan F. ANGHEL, Marieta BALCAN, Alina IOVESCU, Gabriela STÎNGĂ and Adriana BĂRAN

The behaviour of Carbopol 980 in aqueous solutions of non ionic surfactants. II. Evidence of complex formation by electrical conductivity, steady-state fluorescence, dye solubilisation and turbidity measurements

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Key words: Pluronic F68, ethoxylated nonylphenol, Carbopol 980, interaction, complex formation, critical points.

10. Niculae I. IONESCU

Subsurface oxygen involved in kinetic of oscillatory heterogeneous catalytic reactions

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Key words: oscillations, subsurface oxygen reaction.

No 5, Mai 2010

Tome 55, No 5 Mai 2010

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1. Cornelia PANAITESCU and Georgeta PREDEANU

Petrographic research applied to carbon materials.

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Key words: optical texture, coal-tar pitch, needle petroleum coke, grafitized electrode, calcinated anthracite

2. Georgeta PREDEANU and Cornelia PANAITESCU

Optical properties of some carbons types

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: activated carbon, graphite intercalated compounds, vitreous carbon, mesophase, porosity

3. Ana Maria POPESCU, George NIPAN, Suzana MIHAIU, Virgil CONSTANTIN, Mircea OLTEANU and Nikolai SHUMILKIN

Structure and behaviour of ceramic materials based on SnO2 used as inert anodes in electrowining processes.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: aluminium electrolysis, inert anodes, SnO2-based ceramic anodes, polarization, current efficiency, corrosion, cyclic voltammetry in molten salts, solubility of SnO2

4. Alina CRISTIAN, Emilia Elena IORGULESCU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical studies using activated glassy carbon. I. Meloxicam.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: meloxicam, anodically activated GCE, accumulation, Cyclic voltametry

5. Ming-Jen CHENG, Ming-Der WU, Ih-Sheng CHEN, Ping-Shin YANG and Gwo-Fang YUAN

Secondary metabolites isolated from the fungus Monascus pilosus

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: Monascus pilosus; fungus; fermented Rice (red mold rice); 2H-pyrone derivative; monascuspyrone

6. Liliana OSTOPOVICI-HALIP, Ana BOROTA, Alexandra GRUIA, Maria MRACEC, Ramona RAD CURPAN and Mircea MRACEC

3D homology model of the α2B-adrenergic receptor subtype

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: homology; 2rh1 PDB template; GPCR; 3D-model; α2B-adrenergic receptor

7. Marian VÎRGOLICI, Irina PETROVICIU, Eugenia TEODOR, Simona LIŢESCU, Mihaela MANEA, Corneliu PONTA, Gheorghe NICULESCU, Costel SÂRBU and Andrei MEDVEDOVICI

TD/CGC/MS and FT-IR characterization of archaeological amber artefacts from Roumanian collections (Roman age)

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: archaeological amber; thermal desorbtion; GC/MS; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; principal components analysis

8. Dumitru Petru IGA, Silvia IGA, Alina NICOLESCU and Nicoleta-Aurelia CHIRA

Synthesis of a new substrate for exo- galactofuranosidases, 2-hydroxy-4-nitrobenzene 1-yl β-D-galactofuranoside

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: nitrocatechol β-D-galactofuranoside, β-D-galactofuranosepentaacetate, NMR spectra

9. Niculae I. IONESCU and Monica CĂlDĂRARU

Adsorption kinetics in the system ZnO fine powder/O2

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: adsorption, logarithmic rate law

10. Viorel BRÂNZOI, Florina BRÂNZOI, Luisa PILAN and Nicoleta DONISAN

The characterization of some nanocomposites based on conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes obtained by co-polymerization

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: nanocomposite films, polypyrrole, poly (o-phenylenediamine), polyaniline, carbon nanotubes, cyclic voltammetry, SEM, EIS

No 4 Avril 2010

Tome 55, No 4 Avril 2010

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1. Kumar Mahor DEVENDER, Kumar Upadhyay RAJESH and Chaturvedi ALOK

Study of corrosion inhibition efficiency of some Schiff’s bases on aluminium in trichloroacetic acid solution.

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Key words: inhibition efficiency, corrosion rate, reaction number, surface coverage, weight loss

2. Victor MALYSHEV, Angelina GAB, Dimitrii SHAKHNIN, Ana-Maria POPESCU, Virgil CONSTANTIN and Mircea OLTEANU

High temperature electrochemical synthesis of molybdenum, tungsten and chromium borides from halide-oxide melts

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: high temperature electrochemical synthesis, molten salts, metal borides, molybdenum borides, tungsten borides, chromium borides

3. Mihaela SCHULZ, Maria MRACEC, Eugen ŞIŞU and Mircea MRACEC

PM3 conformational analysis of the (3S,5R,6R)-6 acetylamidopenicillanic acid. II. Electronic properties.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: (3S,5R,6R)-6-acetylamidopenicillanic acid, conformational analysis, electronic properties, PM3

4. Alina CRISTIAN, Andra DOBRE, Ileana SANDU, Andreea LUNGU and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical study of epinephrine at platinum electrode.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: epinephrine, cyclic voltammetry

5. Mirela ENACHE and Elena VOLANSCHI

Spectral characterization of self-association of antitumor drug mitoxantrone.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: antitumor drug mitoxantrone, dimerization process, surfactant micelles

6. Gabriela Elena BADEA, Simona DZITAC, Camelia PORUMB, L. POPPER and Teodora BADEA

Nitrate ion effects on the nickel corrosion and passivation behaviour in 0.5 M H2SO4 solutions.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: nickel, nitrate ion, sulphuric acid, potentiostatic polarization curves, corrosion, passivity

7. Rodica NIŢOI, Gelu BOURCEANU and
Gheorghe NEMŢOI

On the Mn(II) and Ce(III) role on the I2 production in the system {IO3 ̄, H2O2, H+}

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: complex ions, cyclic voltammetry, kinetic methods, BR autonomous oscillator

8. Mariana Viorica BOGĂŢIAN, Sever SERBAN, Gheorghe BOGĂŢIAN, Anca HÎRTOPEANU, Călin DELEANU and Petru FILIP

Artificial membranes by the self-assembly of N-dodecyl and N-methyl pyridinium salts with long alkyl substituents.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: pyridinium salts, artificial membranes, DSC, DLS

9. Elisabeta-Cristina ANI, Michael George HUTCHINS, Andrzej KRASLAWSKI and Paul Serban AGACHI

Assessment of pollutant transport and river water quality using mathematical models.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: pollutant transport modelling, nutrient, accidental release, dispersion

10. Alina PRUNĂ, Viorel BRÂNZOI and Florina BRÂNZOI

Application of template-based polyaniline nanotubes synthesized in anodic porous alumina.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: polyaniline, nanotubes, electrochemical polymerization, copper, nanowires

No 3, Mars 2010

Tome 55, No 3 Mars 2010

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1. Elena IENEI, Luminiţa ISAC and Anca DUŢĂ

Synthesis of alumina thin films by spray pyrolysis.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: alumina thin films, spray pyrolysis deposition, optical properties, surface morphology, solar selective coating.

2. Maria VIŞA and Anca DUŢĂ

Adsorption behavior of cadmium and copper compounds on a mixture FA:TiO2.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: fly ash, TiO2, cadmium, cooper, advanced removal, wastewater treatment, and adsorption.

3. Constantin I. CHIRIAC, Fulga TANASA and Marioara NECHIFOR

A novel synthesis of 3,4,5-triaryl-1,2,4-4H-triazoles from 2,5-diaryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and aluminium anilides.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: novel synthesis; 3,4,5-triaryl-1,2,4-4H-triazoles; aluminium anilides.

4. Victor MALYSHEV, Angelina GAB, Alevtina IZVARINAa,b, Ana-Maria POPESCU and Virgil CONSTANTIN

Electroreduction of potassium fluorozirconate on the background of chloride and chloride-fluoride

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: potassium fluorozirconate, electro-reduction, molten salts, chloro-fluoride melts.

5. Aleksandra ZARUBICA, Paula PUTANOV and Goran BOSKOVIC

Dominant roles of total acidity and sulfates density determining sulfated zirconia catalyst efficiency.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: catalyst efficiency, density of sulfates, isomerization of n-hexane, sulfated zirconia, total acidity.

6. Catalina IONESCU, Azzam AWWAD, Véronique BARRAGAN and Jean-Louis MONTERO

A selective synthesis of protected α-D-glucofuranurono-6,3-lactone chloride using bismuth (III) chloride as catalyst.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: -6,3-lactone chloride, selective halogenation, bismuth chloride (III), methyltrichlorosilane, anomeric center.

7. Abdul W. ALLAF, Mohammed D. ZIDAN, Ali AL-ZIER, Dalal NAIMA, Ahmad ALLAHHAM and Zaki AJJI

Optical limiting action in poly(ethylacetylenecarboxylate).

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: optical limiting, different concentration, poly(ethylacetylenecarboxylate).

8. Anca LASCU, Ioana ŞIŞU, Vasile BERCEAN, Alfa Xenia LUPEA, Miron T. CĂPROIU and Eugen ŞIŞU

Mild and efficient method to obtain glycosyl sulfones of mercaptotriazole.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: S-glycoside, glycosyl sulfone, 3-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole, spectral data.

9. Dumitru OANCEA, Octavian STAICU and Valentin MUNTEANU

Kinetics of isothermal ignition of propane/air mixtures on platinum.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: catalytic ignition, induction period, platinum wire, propane-air.

10. Emilian GEORGESCU, Florea DUMITRAŞCU, Florentina GEORGESCU, Constantin DRĂGHICI and Marcel M. POPA

Pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoline derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of quinolinium N-ylides.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: multicomponent, 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition, N-ylide, pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoline.

No 2, Fevrier 2010

Tome 55, No 2 Fevrier 2010

Download summary (PDF)

1. Ciprian George PIULEAC, Silvia CURTEANU and Maria CAZACU

Stacked neural network modeling applied to the process of metal ion sorption by the functional silica xerogel.

Download Art 1 (PDF)

Key words: functionalized silica, metal uptake, azomethine, stacked neural networks, modeling.

2. Nicoleta-Gabriela MUŞAT, Valentin MUNTEANU, Mihaela PUIU, Domnina RĂZUŞ and Dumitru OANCEA

Ignition and quenching of flammable n-butane-air mixture at various initial pressures. Critical properties.

Download Art 2 (PDF)

Key words: quenching distance, minimum ignition energy, maximum experimental safe gap.

3. Niculae I. IONESCU, Nils I. JAEGER, Peter J. PLATH and Cristian HORNOIU

Ignition of catalytic oxidation of ethanol in oscillatory regime.

Download Art 3 (PDF)

Key words: ignition, oscillations, activation energy.

4. Andreea LUNGU, Ileana SANDU, Cristian BOSCORNEA, Stefan TOMAS and Constantin MIHAILCIUC

Electrochemical study of curcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin on activated glassy carbon electrode.

Download Art 4 (PDF)

Key words: curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, anodically activated GCE, cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry.

5. Gheorghiţă N. ZBANCIOC, Ana Maria V. ZBANCIOC and Ionel I. MANGALAGIU

Microwave-assisted synthesis of aromatic bisesters in liquid phase.

Download Art 5 (PDF)

Key words: microwave, mono- and bis- esters, liquid phase, eco-friendly.

6. Dana Elena POPA, Mihaela BULEANDRĂ, Mihaela MUREŞEANU, Marcel IONICĂ and Ion Gh. TĂNASE

Carbon paste electrode modified with organofunctionalized mesoporous silica for electrochemical detection and determination of copper(II) using cyclic voltammetry and anodic stripping voltammetry.

Download Art 6 (PDF)

Key words: copper, modified carbon paste electrode, organofunctionalized silica, cyclic voltammetry, anodic stripping voltammetry.

7. Daniela C. CULIŢĂ, Gabriela MARINESCU, Luminiţa PATRON and Lucian DIAMANDESCU

Synthesis and characterization of maltol modified magnetite nanoparticles.

Download Art 7 (PDF)

Key words: functionalized magnetite, superparamagnetism, FTIR, TEM, Mössbauer spectroscopy.

8. Cristina TABLET, Sorana IONESCU and Mihaela HILLEBRAND

Fluorimetric characterization of the interaction of 3-carboxy-5,6-benzocoumarinic acid with micelles.

Download Art 8 (PDF)

Key words: coumarin derivative, micelle, fluorescence, binding constants.


Effect of concentration, pH and temperature on xanthan conformation: a preliminary study before crosslinking.

Download Art 9 (PDF)

Key words: xanthan, conformation, hydrogels.

10. Dan Tiberiu COSTIN, Robert Vasile GRĂDINARU, Gheorghe NEMŢOI and Karin POPA

Insight on the 204Tl+ – Escherichia coli system.

Download Art 10 (PDF)

Key words: chemotoxicity, Escherichia coli, radiotoxicity, reduction, 204Tl+.

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